Doc: Platoon Medic

Daniel Evans Jr. - 2002
    TO SURVIVEDan Evans arrived in Vietnam on October 7, 1968, a 21- year-old Army medic who couldn't stand the sight of blood. Thrust into the cauldron of combat, he soon became a seasoned veteran of emergency medicine and the brutal realties of war. Before his time was up, he would master the skills of a surgeon, acquire the patience of a saint, and demonstrate the courage of a lion... Here, in his own words, is the gripping true story of Dan Evans, the highly decorated soldier whom the men of First Platoon, Bravo Company, called the "fighting medic." Experience the rage, the sorrow and the remarkable spirit of Dan Evans - the PLATOON MEDIC who became a true American hero.

Cowboy Strong (Cowboy Up, #5)

Allison Merritt - 2017
    Love a man who is Cowboy Strong.... The Cowboy’s Secret by Allison Merritt Can an all-around cowboy make peace with his past and find love with a spunky cowgirl who steals his family’s heart? Not the End, Cowboy by Autumn Piper Hitting humanity with a pandemic isn’t enough for Fate—she’ll make you survive it with the one person you never want to see again. Bidding for the Cowboy's Heart by Melissa Keir Going once, going twice, sold. Can a New York socialite find love with a Colorado bull rider she won at auction? Saving Cowboy by Leslie Garcia Betrayal embittered them both—can love heal their hurt and help them save a horse named Cowboy? Welcome Home, Cowboy by Sara Walter Ellwood Who says you can’t ever go home? Lorelei Kent fears she’ll never find love again. Back on her ranch isn’t where playboy bull rider Tucker O’Connell wants to be. Will she welcome him home? Or will his secret promise to her ex destroy any chance they might have had? Her Taylor Made Cowboy by D’Ann Lindun As a successful model, Taylor Griffin hated being judged for her looks unless Waylon Wainwright can prove he sees the woman, and not just her beauty.

Alone I Fly: A Wellington Pilot’s Desert War

Bill Bailey - 2009
    Within hours of his arrival he is sent on his first bombing mission as second pilot in a 104 Squadron Wellington. The aircraft was hit by enemy gunfire and suffered continual loss of altitude as it struggled to return to base. In thick cloud over a vast expanse of barren desert the aircraft hit a rock outcrop and disintegrated. Bill came to lying alone on a precipitous ledge and soon realized that he was the sole survivor. If he was to live he had to find help.To walk in temperatures of over 100 degrees proved impossible, so he trudged over seemingly endless dunes at dusk and dawn, his energy gradually fading. On the point of near collapse he found what he thought was a small cave in which to shelter from the searing sun. His luck now changed as he realized that his shelter was in fact an abandoned German reconnaissance truck. He found water and a little food, but no radio. He gradually resigned himself to death as he was incapable of moving any further, but then with a last desperate inspiration he realized that it may be possible to attract attention by heliograph. He found enough equipment in the truck and rigged a mast with the mirror at the top and commenced signaling and was eventually rescued by a Long Range Desert Patrol. After recuperation he rejoined his squadron and was given a new crew with whom he completed his tour. He was then sent to Malta where much to his amazement he was made ground controller of a satellite fighter airfield. He eventually was repatriated to the UK suffering with Malaria.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Cowboys, Volume 2

Susette Williams - 2017
     Jeremiah Scott was returning to Weatherton, Wyoming after a six-year absence While in Cheyenne, arranging business deals and outfitting his ranch, he decided to find an impromptu bride. But when the bride was more than he bargained for, will it destroy his plans for marriage?" TO LOVE AND TO HONOR By Heather Blanton Joel Chapman feels like a failure. Losing a leg in battle, he failed to fulfill his duty as a captain. According to his wife, without two good legs, he’s failed as a husband and provider. Along with his self-respect, his spirit is dying a slow, painful death. Angela Fairbanks is the daughter of a tyrant—a cattle baron known for his iron fist and cold heart. She has no doubt once he learns she is carrying an illegitimate child, he will banish her from the ranch. Compassion and honor overtaking his good sense, Joel offers a noble lie to protect Angela and secure a home for her and the baby: one day as her husband, and then he’ll “abandon” her. Will the noble lie become simple deceit? Or is he man enough to resist his heart and keep his vows? A GROOM FOR CHRISTMAS By Tina Dee Addie Langford is desperate. Christmas is just around the corner and she’d love nothing more than a holiday break from the constant meddling of her family and their determination to find her a husband. Just when she thinks she’d gotten rid of one poor fellow, she lands right on top of another—literally. When he looks past her physical imperfection, will she also learn to look past it and find love? Rhett Marshall just wants to make his way in the world. He’s looking for a job as a ranch hand, but after a shotgun wedding he finds he’s gained a wife instead. The problem is that Addie was so much more than what she seemed, like no girl he’d ever met. After getting to know her, the big question is whether he’ll stay or go when the choice finally arrives. THE COWBOY’S CHRISTMAS PRAYERS By Laura J. Marshall 1905, South Dakota Stone Tyler Wayne, the man with three first names is just a simple cowboy. He has little to show for his hard-working ways other than the calluses on his hands, yet he folds these hands in consistent prayer to the One who sees his heart. Nan Kinsey is the boss’ daughter. Her father plans to marry her off to the ranch owner’s son next door. The problem is, she is drawn instead to Stone. Will their Christmas prayers be answered? MISTLETOE MISTAKE By Lynette Sowell Matthew Thomas cooked up the idea of helping the crumbling town of Angel Vale, Wyoming by arranging for mail order brides from the East--including a bride for himself until his feet get colder than a Wyoming blizzard. Widowed Sophia Webster tries to make a new start in Wyoming by staying true to her word and helping Matthew establish his newspaper, but come spring, it’ll be back East for her--unless Matthew’s change of heart can convince her otherwise. HUSBAND OF THE BRIDE By USA TODAY BESTSELLING Susette Williams Widowed for years, Ma has been the matriarch of the family, facing the challenges of raising four boys who are now men. With the arrival of her first grandchild imminent, Ma finds herself face-to-face with the town doctor who has very differing views than her own.

Needles and Delaney: Angry, Unreasonable & Implacable

Todd Dorsey - 2021

Gunsmithing - The Ar-15

Patrick Sweeney - 2010
    Written by master gunsmith and best-selling firearms author Patrick Sweeney, Gunsmithing the AR-15 is your one-stop guide to repairing, maintaining and modifying America's favorite rifle. It's all here!Hundreds of detailed photosMaintenanceRepairAccessories and modificationsTips, tools and techniquesAnd more!Whether you're interested in simple tasks, such as disassembling and maintaining your AR rifle, or if you're ready to tackle more complex projects, such as rebarreling or converting your AR to a piston design, Gunsmithing the AR-15 tells you everything you need to know. Protect your investment and avoid costly mistakes, with Gunsmithing the AR-15!

The Wellington and Napoleon Quartet: Young Bloods, The Generals, Fire and Sword, Fields of Death

Simon Scarrow - 2015
     Arthur, Duke of Wellington, and Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte were adversaries on an epic scale. Across Europe and beyond, the armies of Great Britain and France clashed, from the Iberian Peninsula to India, from Austerlitz to the final confrontation at Waterloo. What drove the two clever, ambitious, determined men who masterminded these military campaigns? How did the underdog from Corsica develop the strategic military skills and the political cunning that gave him power over swathes of Europe? And how did Wellington, born to be a leader, hone his talents and drive an army to victory after victory?From an outstanding historian and novelist come four epic novels, now available in one volume for the first time, which tell the full story of both these men, from their very early days till the momentous battle at Waterloo which decided the future of Europe.INCLUDES MAPS

Lessons from Armed America

Mark Walters - 2009
    Read it the way Kathy and Mark wrote it, that is, don't just look at it, but study it for its lessons! -Massad Ayoob Founder, Lethal Force Institute Author of "In the Gravest Extreme- These are serious words from Massad, the Master of self defense! Don't rely on others to protect yourself and your loved ones. "Lessons from Armed America" is the essential primer for self defense. Kathy and Mark are the experts that answer all your questions on stalking, real-life firefights, prevention and awareness, as well as carjacking and use of nonlethal force. They tell it like it is with candor and compassion, speaking through both experience and well-thought-out-research. If you're serious about protecting your family, this is the one book you MUST read!

A Sniper in the Arizona: 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines in the Arizona Territory, 1967

John J. Culbertson - 1999
    The first was that we were still alive. . . ."In 1967, death was the constant companion of the Marines of Hotel Company, 2/5, as they patrolled the paddy dikes, mud, and mountains of the Arizona Territory southwest of Da Nang. But John Culbertson and most of the rest of Hotel Company were the same lean, fighting Marines who had survived the carnage of Operation Tuscaloosa. Hotel's grunts walked over the enemy, not around him. In graphic terms, John Culbertson describes the daily, dangerous life of a soldier fighting in a country where the enemy was frequently indistinguishable from the allies, fought tenaciously, and thought nothing of using civilians as a shield. Though he was one of the top marksmen in 1st Marine Division Sniper School in Da Nang in March 1967--a class of just eighteen, chosen from the division's twenty thousand Marines--Culbertson knew that against the VC and the NVA, good training and experience could carry you just so far. But his company's mission was to find and engage the enemy, whatever the price. This riveting, bloody first-person account offers a stark testimony to the stuff U.S. Marines are made of.

The Perfect Pistol Shot: By a Former U.S. Marine Corps Firearms Instructor

Albert H. League III - 2011
    But whether you want to shoot squirrels, punch holes in paper targets, or defend your home, there is only one path to achieving consistent accuracy with a handgun: mastering the fundamentals of marksmanship. Written by a former U.S. Marine Corps firearms instructor who has taught more than a thousand law enforcement, military, and security personnel, The Perfect Pistol Shot uses succinct lessons, uncommon exercises, and real-world stories to provide a fresh look at a vital topic for all gunmen. It includes: The single most important "trick" to perfecting handgun marksmanship A simple concept for learning how to shoot a gun twice as fast A series of unique "Prove It" exercises that allow you to test the concepts offered without the pressure of actual shooting An entertaining chapter on guns, gun magazines, and gun gurus that will help you make wiser choices about your training Knowing how to engage targets is valuable for the defensive shooter, but if "engaging" doesn't translate into "hitting," what's the point? You must have a solid foundation on which to build tactical skills. Your reward will be conversion from just another hapless shooter into an independent marksman.

The Archers Story: Books I, II. III, IV, V, and VI

Martin Archer - 2015
    This is great new saga about an archer and his family who fought for gold and treasure in an effort to rise in cruel and difficult feudal times - and how they did it. It will appeal to the fans of Bernard Cornwell, Jeffrey Archer, C.S. Forester. De Melo, Griff Hosker, Peter Darman, and Jerry Auteri. This is British and English action & adventure of the medieval war & military historical fiction variety at its action-packed best.

Tom Dugan Series: Books 1-3

R.E. McDermott - 2015
    Over 1,200 pages of pulse-pounding action and excitement, nail-biting espionage, and elaborate political intrigue.Meet Tom Dugan A globe-trotting marine consultant and very part-time CIA asset, Dugan was only supposed to take a few pictures in Chinese shipyards now and again, and provide discreet courier service under the cover of regular business travel. That is, until the Company needed a scapegoat, and it all went terribly wrong. Deadly Straits (Book 1) Falsely implicated in a hijacking, Dugan's offered a chance to clear himself by helping the CIA snare their real prey, his best friend, London ship owner Alex Kairouz. Reluctantly, Dugan agrees to go undercover in Alex's company, despite doubts about his friend's guilt. Once undercover, Dugan's steadfast refusal to accept Alex's guilt puts him at odds not only with his CIA superiors, but also with a beautiful British agent with whom he's romantically involved. Deadly Straits is a non-stop thrill ride, from London streets, to the dry docks of Singapore, to the decks of the tankers that feed the world's thirst for oil, with stops along the way in Panama, Langley, Virginia, and Teheran. Richly spiced with detail from the author's 30 years sailing, building, and repairing ships worldwide. Deadly Coast (Book 2) Tom Dugan has barely put his life back together and started to enjoy his newly formed business partnership with Alex Kairouz, when one of their ships is captured by murderous Somali pirates. When a possible link between piracy and terrorism comes in to play, the US and British governments halt all negotiations for captives, and a frustrated Dugan defies the authorities to take matters into his own hands. But his cobbled together rescue operation stumbles across something far more sinister than piracy — a rogue salvage operation for a long lost weapon of mass destruction. Dugan and his hastily assembled little band of volunteers find themselves the last line of defense between the world and a terrifying bio-weapon. Weaving historical fact with speculative fiction, Deadly Coast takes the reader from London board rooms into the very real world of modern day pirates — and their victims. Deadly Crossing (Book 3) Six months have passed, and back home once more, life is good for Tom Dugan by any measure as he rolls through the London night, the woman he loves in the taxi beside him. Then his phone rings, alerting him to the arrival of two old Russian friends with a very big problem.

Lower Deck: Life Aboard a British Destroyer in World War II

John Davies - 1945
    Sikh (due to wartime restrictions, the ship's name in the book is the H.M.S. Skye); the ship is stationed in the eastern Mediterranean in the defense of Malta. Centering on the lives of the crewmen who are part of a gun crew, the book portrays the ship's almost daily encounters with German and Italian ships and planes (as the author states: “...Daylight each morning brings with it almost complete certainty of attack...the comparatively confined waters, the proximity and strategic excellence of Axis air bases, means that to avoid discovery and attack is virtually impossible.”) Eventually, the Skye's luck runs out and on September 14, 1942, she is sunk by German artillery with the loss of 115 men, with more men taken prisoner, and others rescued by nearby friendly ships. Includes a Glossary of naval terms used in the book.

Unforgettable Heroes - Unforgettable Passion (The Unforgettables Book 2)

Donna Fasano - 2017
    Fall in love with our Unforgettable Heroes and fantasize about them for months. They don’t come along very often, but when they do, they can turn your world upside down and rip the heart out of every woman who dares to love them. The variety of stories we’ve chosen to add to this collection are meant to entertain you. We present the Unforgettable Heroes... Eight romances by eight award-winning authors with heroes who will live in your heart forever. Donna Fasano guides you on how to 'Take Love in Stride,' Patrice Wilton cooks up a 'Catered Affair,' Mona Risk shares what a wonder it is to get 'Babies in the Bargain,' Mimi Barbour asks you to help her 'Find Me a Home,' Traci Hall gives a lesson on love in 'Dancing By the Sea,' Susan Jean Ricci tempts everyone with 'Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems,' Nikki Lynn Barrett crowns the 'Queen of My Heart,' and Leanne Banks instructs readers how to become ‘The Five-Minute Bride’.

Galactic Empire Wars: The Beginning Books 1-3

Raymond L. Weil - 2016
    Weil comes a chilling story of the future.To the Kleese, the Earth is nothing more than a planet full of conscripts to be used to fight in their numerous wars of aggression against other planets. The Kleese are one of several large Galactic Empires that control the majority of the galaxy. To them, Earth is a dangerous planet due to the aggressiveness of the humanoid species that inhabits it. This is a species that cannot be allowed to spread out into the galaxy. Once they have taken their handful of conscripts, the planet will be destroyed.Unknown to the Kleese, their attack against the human homeworld will ignite a war that will spread across the known galaxy. Billions will die in their quest to free themselves from the heartless alien race. Can the human race rise up and lead the few worlds willing to fight against the Kleese? Find out in the Galactic Empire Wars.