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Big Wolf on Campus by Tabitha Wildmoor


Beast of Shadows

Krista Street - 2020
    I don’t always succeed, which means the Supernatural Forces are out to euthanize me.But then I see Brianna…She calls to something deep inside me. Something I thought I'd lost.Even though my beast craves her death, my heart aches for her to save my soul, so I take her for my own. Brianna For weeks, something’s been … off. I can’t explain it, but it’s as if I’m being watched.Suddenly, I’m snatched off the street and thrown in a trunk by a terrifying man who shifts into a wolf.Even though I fight Collin at every turn, something pulls me to his broken soul. We’re drawn to each other, and my touch may be enough to heal his beast’s psychotic mind, but the Supernatural Forces doesn’t believe in second chances, and the SF always catches the rogue werewolves.When they do, if I can’t stop them ... they’ll kill him.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •Beast of Shadows—a sizzling standalone wolf shifter romance.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Tormenting Her Mate

Erzabet Bishop - 2019
    His eyes haunted her. When Astrid is given the choice to offer up her body for one month in exchange for her brother’s life, she doesn’t even hesitate. It’s dangerous, this dance, and she can’t look away. He could snap her in two with one bite of his jaws but she couldn’t help falling into his trap. Astrid just hopes she can survive it.She was his.Astrid stood there trembling in the dark, wounded, and that’s when Marcus knew he had to have her. A fox among his wolves. He would protect her, from their families and even from himself. But when fate handed her back to him on a silver platter, he couldn’t let her go. Her place was in his bed. All he had to do was survive a pack war long enough to keep her.

Westin Pack (Books 1-5): A Paranormal Romance Boxset

Julie Trettel - 2020
    You're about to embark on a brand new journey into a whole new shifter world*** One True Mate Kelsey Adams is alone, and has been since childhood. Running away is all she knows and necessary to preserve her deepest, darkest secret. She can not afford for anyone to get close, or know about the monster within. But when she lands a lucrative job as an administrative assistant to Kyle Westin, CEO of the Westin Foundation, her life changes and everything's at stake. Can she conceal her growing feelings and her true self from this enigmatic, strong willed man, or will her world fall apart? Kyle Westin, an alpha male who always gets what he wants, has watched and waited for the little she-wolf he knows is his perfect mate to show any signs of recognition. For two years he endures her unnecessary formality and daily rejections with a patience he did not know he possessed. But even Kyle has his limits.... Can he make Kelsey notice him as someone other than her boss and break down the walls she built around her heart? Or will Kelsey do what she has always done --- run? Fighting Destiny What happens when you choose not to accept fate? Elise Westin is obsessed with one thing. Avoid Patrick O'Connell at all costs. She knows the handsome foreigner is her one true mate. She knows they are destined to be together. Knowing it doesn't stop her from fighting it the only way she knows how.... run and hide. But hiding from him can only last so long. Fate, with the help of her family, forces her to come face to face with him. Will she be able to confront her own fears and accept love? Or will she lose it all by fighting her own destiny? Forever Mine What do you do when you're confronted with the ghost of the only girl you ever loved? Liam Westin has carried a secret crush on his twin sister's best friend for most of his life. When she goes missing and is presumed dead as a teen, it nearly destroys him. Now the newest and youngest CEO of the Westin Foundation, his life is finally on track, until he comes face to face with the woman he's always loved. She has a lot of secrets and isn't the same as he remembers. Can his love mend her wounds? Or are there too many obstacles between them now? Confusing Hearts A forbidden love. Unlikely mates. A secret romance. Chase Westin always knew he’d find his one true mate…someday. He never expected that someday to be now. When he returns to college, it’s the last thing on his mind but the arrival of an exotic beauty stuns him. She captivates him. She drives him insane. Chase knows these feelings are impossible. Dogs don’t fall for cats. Now he just needs to convince his heart of that too. Can't Be Love Lily Westin has waited her entire life to find her one true mate. She has big dreams and expectations of what her perfect man will be like. A dreamer and a lover, Lily patiently waits as each of her siblings finds their mate, just waiting for the day she feels the tingle run down her spine and her happily ever after finally begins. But what happens when reality doesn’t live up to expectations?

Fated Bears: Complete Series Box Set

Jasmine Wylder - 2018
    Unless the neighbor is the extremely hot, mysterious billionaire Isaias Durant with his rock-hard body that Rebecca can’t take her eyes off of. There is no way that this piece of art is attracted to her…the shy virgin. Or is there? Book Two: The Bear Shifter's Second Chance She doesn’t need that sort of relationship in her life, right? It's hard to keep that in mind when Adela Choi sees Marcus Haught drive up on his motorcycle, his tattoos rippling over his hard muscles. So utterly mouth-watering that she can hardly think around him. Not to mention his animal side, that used to make Adela howl. But she has to stay strong, for her and her little toddler. People just don't change, and she isn't about to be hurt again. Book Three: The Bear Shifter's Nanny It's not easy being a shifter without a clan. But finally, Jasmine Rowland has a job at least. Well, being a nanny is not what she had dreamed of, but it pays the bills. Also, there are worse places to be than around that handsome Doctor Alava with his tight clothes, showing every vein and muscle of his body. But something is definitely wrong with him. What is he hiding? Book Four: The Bear Shifter's Baby Lori Rowlands is done with the loser boyfriends she’s always picked; the kind that would play for a while and then leave her high and dry. She wants something sweet but passionate, where they can count on one another in a crisis. And that means her new boss, the rich, delicious lawyer Clifford Boone, is off limits. Or, isn’t he? A little play can’t hurt anybody, right? Book Five: The Bear Shifter's Mate Serena Boone always knew it. Being the new matriarch of her bear shifter clan comes with big responsibility. Nothing she couldn’t handle alone, but now she has to be protected during the transition of power. But why does her protector have to be one hot and sexy masterpiece? He can’t be her mate. Mates are chosen in traditional fights. AUTHOR´S NOTE: This is a collection of paranormal romances with HEA, so no cliff-hangers! The collection contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18+ readers only.

Cats of Connecticut: A Paranormal Romance Boxset

Dee Bridgnorth - 2019
    The job at my family’s funeral home is to die for and working with the souls of the dead is like performing therapy for the recently deceased. At least until this one night when a run of the mill séance goes to pieces. The problem is that the deceased claims that he was murdered. Now it’s up to me, the dead guy, and the dead guy’s best friend Logan Pierce to dig up the truth. The problem is that I’m kind of falling for Logan and it’s starting to get a little awkward since his dead buddy is determined to make a love triangle that pretty much defies the laws of nature. PART II Being the oldest in a family like mine means forever reminding my younger siblings that they need to at least pretend to be serious about their job no matter how ridiculous it might seem. Yes. Decker's talk to the dead and turn into cats, but that does not reduce the need for professionalism. I’m Agnes. I’m the one stuck with helping the spirits of people who died by violent means. I thought that was my big lifetime task until I met the nephew of our dead neighbor. He claims to be looking for his uncle’s will. Then William Hayes gets involved and I’m pretty sure this party is too crowded. Of course, that was before I realized that William Hayes is actually a gifted clairvoyant hiding a huge secret about my identity. Yep. My life just got a whole lot weirder. As if I ever thought that was possible. PART III I’m really not sure what to tell poor Ryan Goring. My name is Lilly Decker and I communicate with the dead. But Ryan’s grandfather isn’t dead yet. The guy is in a nursing home, not a funeral home. Grandpa Joe is convinced that both his dead friends and the ones who are still alive are trying to tell him something about the recent string of deaths in the nursing home. How this is connected to Ryan’s recent troubles with his job at the country club doesn’t make a darned bit of sense. You kind of have to wonder if the old man isn’t out of his mind. But then, I’m the one claiming to see dead spirits because I can turn into a cat. Who am I to judge? PART IV I’m getting a bit sick and tired of all the recent shenanigans in my family funeral home. My name is Molly. I’m a Decker and yeah, I can turn into a cat. When a ghostly apparition starts frightening the ghosts already living inside the funeral home, I’m the one who decided that it’s time to put my foot down about rude guests. We just can’t be letting people bring random ghosts with them to our funeral home. It’s too crowded by half. That’s when I decided to confront Seamus Findlay about a ghostly woman clinging to his arm. And that is when I discovered Portia Findlay. This sordid tale is straight out of a sappy made for television movie about a man tormented by his long dead wife and unable to move on. Seriously though, Portia refuses to move on and I think it’s time for a little intervention. PART V I never asked to be born to a family of shapeshifters. As the youngest of five and the only boy, it sometimes feels as though my world is nothing but cat fights and lace frills. But there’s more to it than that. My sisters don’t realize that the balance is upside down. They don’t get what it’s doing to the ether and to the ghosts themselves. After all, it’s my problem. Unfortunately, I can’t fix this by myself. I need the help of the one person I really hoped to put behind me. Sadie Newton and I used to be lovers. Now I’m starting to realize that Sadie is more than just a weekend fling.

Rugged Royals

J.S. Striker - 2018
     The hunt for the crown prince’s missing fiancée takes these shifters into the human world— and right into the paths of four unexpected women. Full of royal intrigue, alpha shifters, and strong-willed women, this four-book collection will take you through danger and deception to four endings fit for a fairy tale. Adult Content

Shifters in the Heart of Texas: The Complete Series

Sloane Meyers - 2018
    But when those shifters find themselves in the midst of a search for an ancient dragon stone, it’s impossible for them to completely hide who they are. In a race against time, these shifters learn to trust, and to love. Sizzling shifter romance and unbelievable secrets lead up to a final shifter showdown that will rock this small Texas town to its core—in the best ways possible. Sloane Meyers’ beloved Shifters in the Heart of Texas series is now available as one combined shifter romance series set. You get seven sexy shifter romance stories for one low price—including dragon shifters, unicorn shifters, and more! This is paranormal romance at its finest—with nonstop action, sizzle, and romance, you won’t want to miss this wild shifter ride! This Paranormal Romance Box Set Includes Seven Paranormal Romance Novels: Lone Star Dragon Lone Star Tiger Lone Star Magic Lone Star Secret Lone Star Hunter Lone Star Unicorn Lone Star Defender Each story follows a different couple, includes a Happily Ever After ending, and can be read as a standalone novella. And just like you’d expect from a group of fierce shifters, these alphas know how to heat things up! Prepare for sizzling romances that will set your Kindle on fire!

Broken Hill Bears: Boxed Set (Books 1-3): Bear Shifter Romances

Ariana Hawkes - 2017
    None of them are looking for a mate, but fate has other ideas, in the shape of the three feisty women who capture their hearts. Are you ready for the Broken Hill Bears to fight for your heart? Bear In The Rough (Broken Hill Bears Book 1) Xander Silvester is hellbent on proving himself as the new Alpha of the Broken Hill Bears - an infamous wrestling clan. Freya Wright is hiking across the USA with her two best friends, hoping that the challenge will help her find herself. When Xander’s clan accidentally kidnaps her, he’s left with a terrible dilemma - not least because the smart, feisty human is everything he could want in a mate. Bare Knuckle Bear (Broken Hill Bears Book 2) To Braxton Quentin, the world would be a better place if humans didn’t exist. They destroyed his family, leaving him with terrible emotional scars that have made him unable to contemplate finding a mate. And then he meets smart, sexy, auburn-haired Neve. His bear wants her, his clan needs her, but accepting her help means betraying his most deeply held convictions. Bear Cuffs (Broken Hill Bears Book 3) Sexy tearaway Rocco Silvester has been pushed to the brink by troubles within his clan. He can’t fight. He can hardly deal with being around the other bears. Then his Alpha forces him to take a mate to save the Broken Hill Bears from ruin. Smart, strong, big-hearted Harper Waverly is everything that a bear could wish for. The only problem? She hates his guts.  This is a 135,000-word boxed set. All books in the boxed set are standalone and can be read completely independently.

Dragons of the Darkblood Secret Society Box Set

Meg Ripley - 2018
     This captivating anthology includes: Book 1 - Playing With Fire Book 2 - Marked By Fire Book 3 - Enchanted By Fire Book 4 - Tempted By Fire ON SALE FOR ONLY 99 CENTS THROUGH MAY 31! Dragons Of The Darkblood Secret Society is a series of four 30,000 word novellas with steamy shifter scenes intended for readers 18+. The Kindle edition includes additional bonuses for your reading pleasure.

Storm Damaged

Kerry Adrienne - 2016
    He's hiding from a past he can't forget. But the tide is turning in favor of new beginnings...   In a world where humans don't know mermaids exist, independent Mari leaves her ocean home behind to start over on land. Her quaint island life, free of her overbearing mother, her possessive betrothed, and her tribe's unrealistic expectations, is exactly what this mermaid needed. And the sexy bartender above her shop gives her hope for a future that isn't so lonely.Former Navy diver Chase has never recovered from the accident that claimed his brother's life. And his unshakable fear of the ocean, a place he used to love, is all the more reason for him to sell his bar and move inland. Not even the mysterious beauty who rents the shop below his bar can lift his spirits. He's too damaged to even consider a relationship.When a hurricane threatens the island, Mari and Chase must work together to save both his bar and her shop. But as they make preparations, and become marooned on the island, they don't realize that the storm won't be the worst challenge they face. Mari's betrothed is on the rampage, incensed she won't marry him and determined to get his revenge. A wave of adventure and romance await in this steamy standalone fantasy romance read from USA Today bestselling author Kerry Adrienne. Dive in to Storm Damaged today!


Laurie Roma - 2017
    They may be destined mates, but can true love flourish when one side must give up everything they have ever known? Includes exclusive bonus scene: 3013: CELEBRATION

Sky Brooks Series #1-4

McKenzie Hunter - 2017
     Moon Tortured (Book 1) Death should be the end of your life—not the beginning. Sky life started with a death—her own. She spent the first twenty-three years of her life unaware of this, among other things. She always thought she was just a shapeshifter until she wakes up in a strange house with only vague memories of her mother’s death at the hands of vampires. At the request of a powerful witch, Sky is put under the protection of the Midwest Pack. But she isn’t sure she can trust them, especially after she meets the dangerously sexy Ethan, a pack member, who’s known for being more ruthless than altruistic. After she’s attacked by a necromancer, a mercenary, and the vampires who killed her mother, she has no choice but to accept the pack’s help. The Midwest Pack aren’t quite what they seem—but then again, neither is Sky. As they form an uneasy alliance to search for the reason behind the vampires’ vicious attacks, it becomes clear that Sky possesses magic no one has ever seen—and it all started with what happened at her birth. Darkness Unchained (Book 2) What happens when your only allies are your enemies? Just survive. That’s been Sky’s goal since uncovering a dangerous secret: she had died at birth and became host to a very powerful spirit shade. Now Skylar has the rare ability to manipulate magic—an ability some would kill for. Needing to lie low, she declines membership in the Midwest Pack, the most powerful pack in the country. Sky thinks she can return to a normal life. She’s wrong. When a pack member is brutally assaulted, Sky saves her. The Midwest Pack and their rivals, the Northern Seethe, are under attack, and the pack wants Sky to help find the person responsible. Once again, Sky must negotiate the lies, secrets, and strange politics that govern the otherworld while struggling not to draw attention to her abilities. Now she wonders if she will be able to find the killer—and get out alive. Midnight Falls (Book 3) A shapeshifter who possesses magic shouldn’t exist—and some people want to keep it that way. Sky has finally accepted that her life will never be simple again. As a werewolf who is a host to a powerful spirit shade, Sky has the ability to manipulate magic, among other things—and that means she has many enemies in the otherworld. In need of allies, Sky joins the Midwest Pack. Being part of the pack is supposed to make things better. Instead, she is pulled into a clandestine world of strange politics, dark secrets, and hidden dangers. When Sky does a powerful spell to protect Ethan, the pack’s Beta, she is cursed by the Creed—the ruling body of the witches who will do anything to get rid of her. Adding to the problems, the Midwest Pack becomes responsible for guarding the Clostra, a book of magic that everyone wants, including the Creed. In the wrong hands, it can destroy the otherworld and force a battle that no one can win. Lunar Marked (Book 4) Sometimes the penalty for magic is death. The Midwest Pack used the Clostra to perform a powerful and dangerous spell to save Sky. Now the pack is dealing with the aftermath and doing damage control. But they can’t hide how the magic has changed the dynamics of the otherworld—or that they are responsible.

Rise of the Pride Box Set

Theresa Hissong - 2017
    When their existence is no longer a secret, enemies will arise and new allies will be made all to protect their future.As their pride grows, the females will prove their worth, rising to stand alongside the Guardians who’ve vowed to protect them. Ancient traditions will be broken as they band together to fight off those who wish them harm.Book 1- TalonBook 2- WinterBook 3- SavageBook 4- The Birth of an Alpha

The Forgotten Ones

Crystal Dawn - 2013
    She meets Blake, a handsome enigmatic man hiding a big secret. That’s alright, because she has some secrets of her own she has no intention of sharing. The problems start when the secrets begin to come out and their lives become hopelessly entangled. Their relationship brings Ariel the attention she has hidden from for years and exposes her to an evil she never believed was real. Will the secrets revealed, tear them apart? Or will they discover a love that will stand the test of time? Will Blake’s ex-girlfriend cause him to regret meeting Ariel? Or will the men who chase Ariel, catch her, taking her from him forever?

The Dragon's Christmas Baby

Emmy Clark - 2020
    If you see a door leading to the basement, inform a librarian immediately.(The entire library is strictly off limits during winter break.)~*~Ever since she was young, Kennedy Fisher has been obsessed with dragons. Now that she’s matured a little, she’s added Rex Draconis to her list of obsessions.Not that she needs more than two things on her list. I mean, a billionaire heir bad boy and dragons are probably more than enough to last her a lifetime, don’t you think?Anyways!Rex is nice enough, though she wouldn’t say he’s into her. Except then why did he join her paranormal mysteries club? And why does he give her an ancient book explaining some of Steamydale’s oldest small town secrets on Christmas Eve?One of those secrets leads to her breaking a very important rule, which also leads to the discovery that her list of obsessions may be shorter than she first thought.Dragon’s may actually exist! And one’s been hiding under her nose this entire time...Also, that point about Rex Draconis not being into her? Um, that may have been slightly wrong...Talk about obsessions!By the end of the night and into a hot and heavy Christmas morning, she’s going to find out just how wrong she was. If they survive a rule-breaking adventure in the university library, that is...