Rhime of time

Padmaja Bharti - 2020
    In this book, she has written a few poems, where she has described herself in some complex and in simple words. Most of the poems are about her black and white memories and few are on generic topics. In this book, the reader will see her describing a relationship between mother nature and human nature in a poetic way.

Piece of Poetry : Me&Me

Raviraj Mishra - 2020
    We were made to sing and recite poetry in groups. The rhyming words somehow would bring a sense of enjoyment, and they won’t leave our mind even with the passing days. Poetry holds magic. A magic to change the moment and bring out the joyous hidden self. We all in some point or another had come across a poetry that either taught us the unlearned or brought back a memory or just a smile.Piece of poetry is an effort to share some thoughts through prose. Each poetry was written with a story in mind, willing to be talked about. The thoughts that didn’t need sophisticated words, but they were craving for rhythm.The idea was to point out some of the feelings and emotions that were desperate to be shared. Some untold words, a certain perspective that was always doubted by self and others. Piece of poetry is an honest attempt to format these feelings into a song, hoping that it would stick with everyone who decided to read it.

Rebelina: A Walk Into The Lives Of Women

Rakhi Kapoor - 2020
    Women have been fighting for equality and seeking justice in various aspects like equal wages, reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternal leave, sexual harassment, domestic violence, the right to education, etc. Not all rebellions spillover on the streets. Every woman who acts according to her free will for the greater good in her daily routine is a rebel, leading her own revolution. She may be a little girl. She could be a woman in love, a wife, a mom or an expectant mother, a career woman or a loving grandmother. Here are fourteen powerful stories where these rebels take various challenges head-on and live their life on their own terms. The women in the stories make their mark in their own way, symbolizing a revolution against a cause, no matter how big or small.This book is dedicated to every woman who stands up for herself.She refuses to fit in and blend with the crowd.She dares to be different and break the rules. She is courageous, wise, kind and compassionate.She is a fighter and doesn't give up on herself easily.She leads a rebellion against ignorance. She has a burning desire to live an extraordinary life.

Highly Unstable

Mayank - 2020

Etchings of the First Quarter of 2020

Sabarna Roy - 2020
    In this two-part volume, packaged with a selection of his poems, Roy explores the concepts of duality and constancy in discussions with his daughter. Presented as conversations over coffee and desserts, the talks extend to diverse topics with Lolita at one end and marine conservation at the other. In his poems, Roy and his alter-ego, Sandy, soothe and shock you in turns until you burst out of the last page, breathless and asking for more.Sabarna Roy’s characters are all around us. He has dabbled in poetry, prose, plays and non-fiction with equal elan and delved into the emptiness and futility of life reminding us of the masters in the trade.Two quotations from Sabarna Roy’s works will prove the above stated point:“A question leapt into his mind: Is it possible to achieve true happiness by living a solitary life or is it important to lead a community life where one instinctively believes that one’s own desires are insignificant compared to the desires of others and one works towards fulfillment of their desires as if they are one’s own?Many questions crossed his mind. Did he secretly crave to believe in god? Was he looking for a god to deflect his loneliness or was his loneliness actually a sense of pride, which was an obstruction between him and his god?-Forbes India

Sunset by the River

Sameer Saxena - 2020

Age was..…just a number

Shaheen Kazi - 2020
    Doing anything first time always remains special in your memories and secret in your hearts. We all must have gone through in our teenage life, for some it must have been an infatuation phase and for some seriously falling in love. Sometimes it is better to let the infatuation die a natural death and give birth to true love when it’s time. We all have love stories in our lives to tell but due to the absence of perfect listeners, many stories remain untold...

The Diary of My Love

Deesha Sangani - 2020
    Fresh out of college, she has just stepped into the corporate world, chasing her dreams. Life seems perfect.Ayush meets Anushkaa on her first day at work, and feels a spark of liking rush through him. Torn between his heart and mind, he is sure he is smitten by her magical charm. A chance conversation with Anushkaa evokes emotions he hasn’t felt in years. She seems to be perfect.But does a perfect life exist?When they meet again four years later, their hearts are broken and their will to love is lost. They heal each other’s hearts and help each other achieve their dreams. Finally, when they start living for themselves and each other, life plays a cruel card.Anushkaa’s diary is her only true companion, holding within the pages the secret that nobody else will ever know. Join Ayush and Anushkaa on this rollercoaster of emotions, and take a peek into the secret Anushkaa has buried in The Diary of My Love.

The Golden Bird 2.0

Raina Singhwi Jain - 2020
    What made ancient India the Golden Bird in the first place? What did China, the Land of the Dragon, have in common with India, and when did these two ancient civilizations diverge on their paths to global success? Raina Singhwi Jain discusses the immediate need and measures for a quantum jump in our attitude towards development. While conventional wisdom suggests improvements in manufacturing, the ease of doing business and digital technology, Jain goes a step further, drawing surprising parallels between other areas that beg our attention—process engineering, communication design, journalism, and education. This is a work of reflection and a call to action, urging Indian denizens to act now for a revival of the genius that lies dormant within each one of us.

Lucid Dreams: Let's Redefine Love

G. Mehul Krishna Kumar - 2020
    The dream of being together is tested high by the hard hitting facts of life. A love story that involves the emotions of their family and friends results in a rollercoaster ride that comes to an end when a lucid dreamer arrives. Do dreams really get fulfilled?


Manoj Kumar Sharma - 2019
    But at the same time many perennial social problems also grew manifolds, remained inattentive and giving birth to exponential intensification to grievances. The volcanoes of grievances led to Genesis of MIЯЯЯO … MIЯЯЯO’s unpredictable fearless Modus-Operandi breaks all the Laws and leads to the out-of-the-box solutions as Weird Way Ward, to rejuvenate the Eco-Systems of today’s hypocritical SYSTEMS…it’s up to the discretion of the PEOPLE, to allow or not! The Story indicates India’s perennial problems through the eyes of the Protagonist, who always dreamt for the solutions as his own personal aspirations, but, couldn’t succeed meeting even single one, out of his own personal flaws. Time compels him taking help of someone, whom he never believed cordially. Out of gist of many, only 3 problems are selfishly picked-up by the Protagonist, which hurt him most personally. MIЯЯЯO weirdly solves those 3 problems with the essence of absolute cleansing as permanent solutions… Will INDIA wish to have such weird, but, permanent solutions to all other problems? Let TIME tell…

Born to Inspire

Vinit K. Bansal - 2020
    They not only make a name for themselves but also add value and name to their institutions and countries.This book will give you an insight into the life, times, and world of some of these people. It takes you through the little-known journeys of these true achievers, who are leaders in their fields and have set examples in merit, excellence, and dedication. Their lives were never beds of roses. There were times when conditions were adverse and luck betrayed them, and yet, they refused to stop, and emerged winners in the race of life. There is the story of man who had only $8 in his pocket when he went to the US and became the greatest engineer of modern times—today, he is known as the ‘Father of the Pentium Chip’. There is the journey of a small town boy becoming a ‘Hall of Fame’ investor as per Forbes. From the son of a school teacher, an ordinary boy became a world-famous scientist, having 30 patents and 22 books to his credit. There is the tale of a man who once seemed to be “uninterested in academics” but went on to found one of India’s most popular online fashion portals—Jabong.com. Another is the story of a Delhi boy who founded billion dollar companies like MTC and Soin LLC.This book aims at not only giving the reader the story of these stalwarts, but also spur them to be inspired and motivated to do something different in their own lives.

The Call : Part One ‘Mumbai’

Vipul Barpute - 2020

Red Shark (A Psychological Thriller on Gamified Suicide)

Jay Puranik - 2020
    Tragedy in her last semester at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Devastated when authorities hush things up, Neha decides to dig out the truth.Few believe her. Only one can help - the lone, depressed outcast, Alok. Problem is, he’s a liability. Having attempted suicide thrice before, will he himself fall prey to the Red Shark game?The suicide challenge spreads like fire at hundreds of colleges. Neha doesn't have much time. Determined to proceed, she must do it alone. She contacts an admin of the sinister suicide game.Will she find answers?What will it cost her?Her quest could destroy everything she’s worked for her entire life.But she must do this for Fatima. Even if it means following her footsteps into the deadly game.Neha must go in far enough to learn the truth, but will she return before meeting the same tragic fate?About the AuthorJay Puranik is the bestselling author of the Letters of a Bloodline series, with readers from over 15 countries including India, USA, UK, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, UAE, Brazil, and Singapore. He won Literati 2019 (South Asian Award for Microfiction). Qualified as an Electronics Engineer, he also holds and an MBA from IIM Calcutta. Jay lives in Mumbai with his wife, Gayatri.

The Unsolved case of an Indian woman

Puneeth JH - 2020