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The Skylark's Song by Audrey Howard


Woman's Own

Robyn Carr - 1990
    Three generations of indomitable women in nineteenth-century Philadelphia endure family feuds and the making and breaking of fortunes and reputations as they struggle to survive scandal, poverty, separation, and betrayal

The Girl From the Workhouse

Lynn Johnson - 2020
    Ginnie Jones’s childhood is spent in the shadow of the famous Potteries, living with her mother, father and older sister Mabel. But with Father’s eyesight failing, money is in short supply, and too often the family find their bellies aching with hunger. With no hope in sight, Ginnie is sent to Haddon Workhouse.Separated from everything she has known, Ginnie has to grow up fast, earning her keep by looking after the other children with no families of their own. When she meets Clara and Sam, she hopes that she has made friends for life… until tragedy strikes, snatching away her newfound happiness.Leaving Haddon three years later, Ginnie finds work as a mouldrunner at the Potteries, but never stops thinking about her friends in the workhouse – especially Sam, now a caring, handsome young man. When Sam and Ginnie are reunited, their bond is as strong as ever – until Sam is sent to fight in WW1. Faced with uncertainty, can Ginnie find the joy that she’s never had? Or will her heart be broken once again?An emotional, uplifting and nostalgic family saga that will make you smile, while tugging on your heart-strings. Fans of Sheila Newbury, Kitty Neale and Sheila Riley will love this beautiful read.

A Rake's Reward (Merry Men Quartet #2)

Meredith Bond - 2015
    Her father had long ago renounced his title and abandoned his country, but desperate financial straits call for desperate measures. Gaining access won’t be easy. The jewels are hidden on an estate Sara’s grandfather lost long ago in an unlucky turn of the cards. And then there’s the vexing, villainous, valiant Viscount Reath… A jewel of a woman… Sinclair Stratton, Lord Reath has always gotten everything he wants—money, privilege, and woman. But after ten years in India, he’s returned to England, ready to make amends for his youthful follies. He plans to return his ill-gotten estate to its rightful owner, but the man is impossible to find. And despite still being one of the most sought after rakes in town, the bold American beauty he keeps encountering seems to be immune to his charms and dashing good looks. While Sara has promised to not just search for her grandfather’s jewels, but make an attempt at fitting into society, it might just be that Viscount Reath is the treasure she actually needs.

The Hazardous Gamble of the Alluring Duchess

Hanna Hamilton - 2019
    This one did not... Dahlia Lovell, willful daughter of the Duke of Cottleroy, can only watch as her father uses her as a bargaining chip in his umbrageous business deals. Roger Kingman, ex-Navy Captain and impoverished Duke of Shelthom, is haunted by the unsolved mystery surrounding his parents’ death at sea. His demons are silenced when he meets Lady Dahlia, who holds the key not only to his heart but also to the unexplainable circumstances of his parents' demise. With a suspicious fire breakout and a ghostly island shrouded in mist, Dahlia and Roger must employ every ounce of their wit in order to reclaim their lives and rescue Dahlia’s brother, whose fate seems grimmer by the second… *If you like a realistic yet charming depiction of the Regency and Victorian era, then The Hazardous Gamble of the Alluring Duchess is the novel for you. This is Hanna's 19th book, a historical Regency romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after. Pick up "The Hazardous Gamble of the Alluring Duchess" today to discover Hanna's new amazing story!

Reckless, Headstrong Girl: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

Grace Gibson - 2021
    Wickham, proving he is no gentleman, does the unthinkable and casts Lydia out of a second-rate coach. Filthy, exhausted, and penniless, Lydia is just facing the beginning of her ordeal! How can a spoiled, uneducated girl of fifteen—used to having her way—survive a night in the wilds of Sussex?As Mr. Bennet and Mr. Gardiner vainly search for her in London, Lydia’s sisters struggle to keep her secret from their Meryton neighbors. Though they fear the worst—that Lydia’s wild life has ended in tragedy—all hope is not lost. Mr. Darcy, in the midst of reigniting his courtship with Elizabeth Bennet, is determined to recover his love’s unfortunate sibling.Will Mr. Darcy succeed in finding Lydia and restoring her to respectability? In what shocking condition will this catastrophe render such a reckless, headstrong girl?

The Sailor and the School Teacher

Danni Roan - 2019
    Despite the loving admonitions of her beloved friends, she can never walk away from someone in need. When two thugs on the streets of New York kidnap a traveler Xenia has no choice but to follow them and attempt a rescue. Birch Oakem has been sent to the big city by his father to conduct business concerning the expansion of the Oakem ranch in Montana. Trying to navigate the crowded streets and narrow alleys of the city leads him to the main port area and an encounter with a captain in need of a few extra hands. Can two people thrown together in the most unlikely of circumstances save each other from the harshest realities of a voyage at sea or will a deeper secret land them in even more trouble? Find out how two hearts tossed by the waves of fate survive their trials with a little help from some friends.

The Highlander's Princess

Katherine Mackenzie - 2015
    There, Elena Le Fullere rode in silence, separated from the Scottish barbarians riding in the hills only by the silent vigil of her guards. Perfection is what she left. Freedom is what she seeks. Despair is all she knows. But there is a very fine line between the despair she feels, and the reality of what lies ahead. Forced to embrace a life she could never have imagined, Elena finds herself in a battle to save all that she now holds dear, and the place that her heart and soul call home...

MacAlister's Hope

Laurin Wittig - 2014
    When he comes face-to-face with the beautiful woman she’s grown into, can he convince her to change her life, too?Award-winning, Kindle Top 10 bestselling author, Laurin Wittig, revisits the world of her debut novel, The Devil of Kilmartin, in this sweeping love story set in the Scottish Highlands.

Gentle Savage

Jeanie Johnson - 2015
    However, along the way, she is captured by a Sioux War Chief, Silver Fox. At first she fears him, even though she is irresistibly drawn towards him, against her will. When she is forced to spend more time in his village, Dianna, now dubbed White Fawn, by him, starts to learn more about the mystic people who have taken her captive. She begins to accept their way of life, as her love and understanding, for Silver Fox grows. Being torn between her mystic War Chief, and her past love of Captain Stanley Miller, there is always the concern of what she will do, if Stanley ever comes to rescue her?

Our Lizzie: The Kershaw Sisters, Book 1

Anna Jacobs - 1999
    She makes an ill-advised marriage in order to escape her harsh home life. However, she quickly discovers that she has married a selfish and violent man. His beatings are ceaseless and she finds herself compelled to run away. With the help of some suffragettes, she escapes to Manchester, where she finds work in a munitions factory for a while. Sam manages to find her and drags her home. It is only when his violence causes her to lose their unborn baby that Lizzie really finds the strength to make things change, and to find happiness with a man who loves her.

The Jewels of Kinfairlie Boxed Set

Claire Delacroix - 2012
    Meet the siblings in the mischievous and loving family at Kinfairlie and follow their adventures in pursuit of true love.In The Beauty Bride, Madeline is appalled by her older brother’s determination to see her wed against her will. When he auctions her hand to an outlawed mercenary, she flees them both, certain that her fate cannot be worse. But Rhys FitzHenry is not a man to abandon what he holds dear, and Madeline’s proud beauty has captured his heart. Can a rough knight enchant her with stories and convince her to be his wife in truth, or will his enemies have their vengeance first?In The Rose Red Bride, Vivienne is convinced that only destiny could bring such a wondrous secret lover to her chamber, but with morning’s light, her lover abducts her. Erik knows that justice can only be gained from the Lammergeier with force, especially as the fate of his young daughters hangs in the balance. Can Vivienne help this wounded highlander to regain his legacy, and win his heart for her own?In The Snow White Bride, Eleanor seeks sanctuary at Kinfairlie on Christmas Eve. The Laird of Kinfairlie’s sisters decide that the beautiful widow will be the perfect match for their brother. Alexander’s heart is quickly lost, but as Eleanor’s secrets are revealed, he fears he has trusted too much too soon. Will Eleanor’s past jeopardize the future of this knight who has claimed her heart, or can she save him from the peril that follows her?This digital boxed set includes all three medieval romances in the Jewels of Kinfairlie trilogy – The Beauty Bride, The Rose Red Bride, The Snow White Bride – as well as the linked short story, The Ballad of Rosamunde.

One Scandalous Night

Maggi Andersen - 2017
    First, she intends to inveigle a goodly amount of money for her orphans from a man of means and, second, to have one night of passion to help her endure the dreary years ahead. When Derrick, Lord Eaglestone, a wealthy viscount with a scandalous reputation, agrees to donate to Miss Lacey’s charity, he has only seduction in mind. Little does he suspect that Miss Lacey has already chosen him to debauch her before she weds another. The lady has virtually fallen into his lap, but much to his annoyance, he finds himself reluctant to oblige her. First appeared in the Seven Nights of Sin Anthology Sex scene

Catching Kent

Ruth Ann Nordin - 2013
    It’s his chance at a new start, and he’s determined to go all the way to California–far away from his past and the list of regrets he’s left behind. But while in Omaha, Nebraska, thieves rob him and leave him for dead in an alley. That’s when Dave Larson finds him and brings him home so he can recover. As soon as Kent is better, he plans to continue his journey to California.But Dave’s daughter, Rose Larson, has other plans. She’s bound and determined to make him her husband. Sure, he might protest, claim he’s not the right one for her, that she’s better off with someone else. But she’s not one to give up, and if she has to chase him to get him to the altar, then so be it.*Kent Ashton was the villain in Falling In Love With Her Husband. He was also the main character in "Kent Ashton's Backstory" which tells his version of events during Falling In Love With Her Husband.

Pengelly's Daughter

Nicola Pryce - 2016
    Cornwall, 1793: Rose Pengelly's father has been ruined—he has lost his boat yard and his fortune, plunging Rose and her mother into poverty and debt. There appears to be only one way out of their terrible circumstances; for Rose to marry Mr Tregellas, a powerful timber merchant and the man Rose believes is responsible for her father's downfall. He has made his terms clear; either she marries him or faces homelessness and destitution. Desperate, Rose sets out to find evidence of Mr Tregellas's wrongdoing. In her search, she encounters a mysterious young sailor called Jim, who refuses to disclose his identity. Even as she falls in love with him, she questions who he really is. He may help her restore her fortune and her good name, but does he ever tell her the truth?

Amelia (The Brides of San Francisco #5)

Cynthia Woolf - 2016
    Her stunning voice made her the darling of New York's theater district since she was fifteen. She's never been more than an asset to her mother, never been just a woman to the young up-and-coming men who want to use her to advance their own careers. Amelia loves to sing, but is willing to give up fame, fortune and her future on the stage for just one Convinced she'll never find what she needs in New York, she makes the daring decision to leave her life behind and travel to the other side of the country as a mail order bride in San Francisco where she won't be anything more than a wife, where her future husband will look into her eyes and see her heart. Wealthy prospector Phillip Dumont learned how to take care of himself from a very young age. With his father’s death, his mother decided to follow her dream and she abandoned her family when he was eighteen years old. Phillip raised a house full of younger siblings on his own. Now, his youngest sibling, his sister, is in need of a woman's touch. Phillip knows he'll never trust a woman enough to give her his heart, and decides a mail order bride will provide a soft touch for his sister and keep the gold-digging women at bay. But Phillip is in for a shock. He is instantly attracted to his new wife and tempted to trust her with more than his name. No matter how vehemently Phillip demands obedience from his wife, his sister and his heart, not one will listen. When an old partner seeking revenge comes for his bride, will Phillip be able to see beyond the secrets of her past to save his family?