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Nano-Plasm - A Novel by Stephen Clarke-Willson


Shadows in the Valley

Elizabeth Haran - 2018
    Beautiful but destitute Abigail is forced to marry an old landowner who desperately needs heirs. But on their wedding night something terrible happens ... Abbey flees Martindale Hall. She has no memory of the previous night, but no one believes her. With no one to trust, she seeks refuge in the neighbouring town of Clare. There, her luck seems to change. She meets Jack Hawker, who is looking for someone to tend to his mother on the remote farm Bungaree Station. Jack hires Abbey for the job. But Abbey's respite is short-lived. Days later, a visitor from Martindale Hall turns up on the farm, accusing Abbey of a horrible crime ... Will Jack believe her? Or is she doomed to a life of penance? With an eye for detail, Elizabeth Haran is the author of numerous other romantic adventures including Island of Whispering Winds, Under a Flaming Sky, Dreams beneath a Red Sun, and River of Fortune, Staircase to the Moon, and Beyond the Red Horizon, all available as eBooks. For fans of sagas set against a backdrop of beautiful landscapes, like Sarah Lark's, Island of a Thousand Springs or Kate Morton's, The Forgotten Garden. About the author Elizabeth Haran was born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia and migrated to Australia as a child. She lives with her family in Adelaide and has written fourteen novels set in Australia. Her heart-warming and carefully crafted books have been published in ten countries and are bestsellers in Germany.

MILF Next Door

Amanda Martinez - 2019
    He wanted to be off in Europe with his friends, or off on a beach somewhere. Anywhere, would have been better than back home at the family business. He was resigned to a boring summer, until Frank caught a glimpse of the new neighbor his parent’s had. She was tall, blonde and single. It was the winning combination, as far as he was concerned. Frank was starting to see a glimmer of hope for his summer. All he had to do, was convince Julie.

Kingpin Wifeys Part 8: The Season Finale

K. Elliott - 2014
    The women, Lani, Starr and Jada are back and facing their biggest challenges of the season. All hell will break loose as the women fight to hold on to the people and things they love. There will be love found and love lost. For Lani will she finally put Black behind her and start anew with Shakur? Will Starr and Trey ever get back together or has their time pass by? And will Jada and Shamari get themselves out of a difficult situation with Craig or will the law finally catch up to them? Part 8 is filled with the twist and turns you never saw coming!

Safe Haven Wolves Box Set 1: Books 1-3, Gabby, Trina, Kate (Safe Haven Wolves Boxed Sets)

Sherry Foster - 2018
    But Trey knows his duty, protect the female at all cost. Then he meets Gabby and finds she is his mate. Now he has to find out where she came from, what she is running from and then convince her to stay. That may be easier said than done when he finds she has no knowledge of the shifter world.Gabby found a place to stay. Something deep inside her insists the area is safe, but Gabby has been on the run for five years, she knows no place is safe for long. They always find her. She doesn't know how, she doesn't know who, or even why, she just knows, they will find her. On top of that worry, she is sure she is going crazy, she has no explanation for the events occurring around her. And the wolves, they keep showing up around her cabin. Are they hungry?Can Trey convince Gabby he is her mate, and she is not going crazy? Can they find out who is chasing Gabby? Join Gabby and Trey as they search for answers and find more than anyone expects. TRINA Trina is done hiding. Jaden is done hunting. Desperate to find a mate, but longing to track down her sister, Trina's journey begins. She had no idea the turn her life would take once her twin left home. The events that led up to her family going into hiding haven't changed. Because female shifters are rare, to be procured at all cost, Trina and her family remain on the run from those who would detain her. However, she is determined that her freedom is her own. She belongs to no one until she and her wolf both agree upon a mate. But the list of people after her has just gotten larger.Jaden has no doubt the woman in saw in the dojo that day is his mate. For months now his wolf has been tearing up his insides in a need to claim her. The problem is, all traces of the girl disappeared the day they met. After exhausting every possible resource he has to find her, a glimmer of hope appears in the news in the form of wedding photos. Enraged to find his mate married to another he vows to make her a widow.Will Jaden cross the wrong people in his journey to get his mate?Can Trina stay free long enough to find Gabby?Will their journeys bring them together or destroy any chance of them finding each other? KATE They call her a guest. She knows she’s a prisoner. With females being so scarce some feel they should be collected and parceled out to males who deserve them. Others think they should be protected and given the choice of who they will call mate.Kate watched as her guardians were murdered. The killers don’t know she saw them. Claiming to rescue her they take her to a guarded location. They made one serious error, Kate isn’t what she seems. She is so much more.The only thing saving her from an unwelcome mating bond is her scent. The rogues believe her to be still underage. She isn’t.Now, in a desperate race against time, Kate must find a way to free herself and the others before anyone finds out her secret. She will have all the help she needs- if they can only locate her.But one male could change everything when he stumbles upon the prison where Kate is being held.

The Complete Arrogant Series

Winter Renshaw - 2016
     To be fair, she seduced me. And to be honest, I liked it. He shipped me to Utah where my estranged mother lived with her husband and two sister-wives. And that’s when I met her. My wholesome, perfect step sis. Well, one of many. But Waverly stood out because just like me, we’d been fighting a losing battle our entire lives. Falling for her was a mistake, but sh*t, it’s not like I ever made good decisions. F*** being “family.” I must have Waverly Miller, and I won’t stop until she’s mine. Arrogant Master I’ve never felt more alive than when I’m on my knees before my master. Some would say I should be ashamed. Others might say I’m filled with sin. I say I’m just a woman with unstoppable determination, doing whatever it takes to secure her freedom before the opportunity fades forever. Nobody knows about us. Not my father, my three mothers, or my seven brothers and sisters. I was raised to be chaste and true, expected to find a respectable polygamous man and carry on the tradition of our faith. But this man? The one who owns me with biting kisses and the crack of a leather paddle? He might be the only thing that can save me. Submission equals freedom. It’s an equation I never thought possible until the day Dane Townsend showed up in my life. I’m Bellamy Miller, and this is what happens when an angel loses her wings. Arrogant Playboy PLAYBOY. Noun. A moneyed man who spends his time enjoying himself, especially one who acts irresponsibly or is sexually promiscuous. Synonyms: ladies man, philanderer, womanizer. See Also: Beckham King. BECKHAM KING. Noun. Synonyms: None. Vanity wrapped in arrogance and tied with a wicked-intentioned bow. Obnoxiously attractive. Wildly talented in the sack. Everything a girl could want in a one-night stand. Don’t ask him to commit. Don’t expect a phone call. You only get one night. And God forbid you’re the one girl deemed worthy of a reprise… Because you won’t stand a chance. When an arrogant playboy’s mind is set, there’s abso-f--king-lutely no changing it. *All books are full-length stand alones with HEAs.

Iron Butterfly

Lisa Wainland - 2015
    At twenty-nine, she receives sudden, life-changing news. She realizes that her everyday life with her fiancé, Jake, was pretty amazing. Who cares about a sarcastic boss or a promotion when losing everything has become a terrifying reality? Cassie’s shocking news infiltrates the lives of everyone she loves, particularly Jake and her estranged sister, Sandy. Jake wants to be strong for Cassie, but this unexpected turn brings back painful memories—and a terrible secret he’s shared with no one. Sandy, who ran away to pursue stardom, is called home to face those she left behind. The golden child of the family, Sandy fell from her pedestal long ago. Will she be able to face her own failures? As Cassie struggles against an uncertain future, Jake and Sandy battle with the demons of the past. All three will learn valuable lessons about love, forgiveness and appreciating the days we’re given.

The Barbershop Seven: A Barney Thomson omnibus

Douglas Lindsay - 2013
    And it's a snip at the price! Fans of Douglas Lindsay's genre-defining barbershop death junky novels will be delighted to know that THE BARBERSHOP SEVEN includes the complete, unabridged text from the following Barney Thomson novels:#1 THE LONG MIDNIGHT OF BARNEY THOMSON#2 THE BARBER SURGEON'S HAIRSHIRT#3 MURDERERS ANONYMOUS#4 THE RESURRECTION OF BARNEY THOMSON#5 THE LAST FISH SUPPER#6 THE HAUNTING OF BARNEY THOMSON#7 THE FINAL CUTPraise for the Barney Thomson novels"This chilling black comedy unfolds at dizzying speed... an impressive debut novel." – Sunday Mirror"The plot, Russian literature fans, is a modern spin on Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. The bloody ending, movie buffs, is pure Reservoir Dogs." – The Mirror"This is pitch-black comedy spun from the finest writing. Fantastic plot, unforgettable scenes and plenty of twisted belly laughs." – New Woman"A mad, macabre romp with surreal characters and cutting black humour." – The Sunday Mirror"Gloriously over the top, very bloody and very, very funny." – Daily Telegraph"A novel which is both genuinely silly and a fun read." – The Scotsman"Extremely well-written, highly amusing and completely unpredictable in its outrageous plot twists and turns." – The List"Lindsay’s burlesque thrills offer no sex, no drugs, no desperation to be cool. Just straightforward adult story; fantastic plot, classic timing and gleeful delight in the grotesque. With more talent than Irvine Welsh could dream of, Lindsay has crafted a macabre masterpiece where content lives up to style." – What’s On About the author Douglas Lindsay is the author of the Barney Thomson crime series, which begins with THE LONG MIDNIGHT OF BARNEY THOMSON. He is also the author of the thriller, LOST IN JAUREZ, as well as the police procedurals, THE UNBURIED DEAD (Thomas Hutton #1), A PLAGUE OF CROWS (Thomas Hutton #2) and WE ARE THE HANGED MAN (DCI Jericho #1). Douglas lives in Somerset.

Mah Jongg Mondays: a memoir about friendship, love, and faith

Fern Bernstein - 2019
    Fern, married and the mother of three boys takes us into her modern middle-class suburban Long Island world where one day she gets the "Big Idea" to learn the Chinese tile game called mah jongg. Weekly games provide the setting for deep-seeded friendships to form around the mah jongg table. These Monday gatherings become a source of support and strength for Fern as her husband is diagnosed with cancer. Fear, insecurity and potential heart-wrenching loss become challenges she must overcome. The author weaves the themes of destiny, faith, friendship, time and love throughout the story. Fern takes us on her journey around the mah jongg table, eastward to the seaport town of Greenport and through her husband's battle with cancer as she relies on faith, friendship and her personal relationship with God. Read this heartwarming story about the wonderful things that can happen when five women are destined to come together to play an old Chinese game, sitting around a table with 152 tiles, dice and a mah jongg card. Love always; love all ways, for time has no guarantees.

Lesbian Firsts: 10 Lesbians Share Their First Time With a Woman

Alexandra del Torre - 2014
    Asked by author Alexandra del Torre to provide as much detail as possible, they held nothing back in their retelling of these intensely intimate encounters. In “Lesbian Firsts,” you will hear from real lesbians and read about their real first times, including:HEATHER, a 24-year-old high school English teacher who discovered her lesbianism with a volleyball teammate at the age of 19.MEGHAN, a 32-year-old attorney who lost her lesbian virginity to her first-year dormmate in college.KRISTEN, a 26-year-old accountant who discovered her preference for women at 18 during a sleepover with her more advanced 22-year-old friend, Michelle.MARIA, a 36-year-old basketball coach who found sapphic love in a locker room shower with a teammate.KORI, a 28-year-old makeup artist who, at 18, was stimulated in a movie theatre by her cousin’s suave, butch neighbor.DEBBIE, a 41-year-old psychologist whose first lesbian experience came at age 30, following her divorce from her husband of two years. Trapped overnight during a rainstorm at her book club friend’s house, Debbie discovers pleasures she never knew with a man.JENNIFER, a 34-year-old police officer who lost her lesbian virginity on the same night she gained the legal right to drink – her 21st birthday. A mysterious stranger in a lesbian bar introduces Jennifer to strap-on sex in the bathroom, much to her delight.DIANE, a 25-year-old assistant book editor who engaged in her first lesbian sexual encounter with her current boss when she was a 20-year-old intern at a publishing company.TAYLOR, a 37-year-old personal chef who, as a student at a women’s Catholic college, shared an intimate encounter with a classmate in her car during half-time of a school basketball game.SARAH, a 22-year-old flight attendant who found lesbian love in the skies with a flirtatious flight attendant who was serving as her mentor when she was a 20-year-old trainee.***

The Blue Collar Bachelors Box Set: The Complete Blue Collar Bachelors Series

Cassie-Ann L. Miller - 2019
    My brother's best friend...And I want him to be my lover. From the first time I meet Leo Montgomery, I know that I'm in trouble. His dark, heated gaze skittering down my body sets my skin on fire. A rare sighting of his elusive, heart-stopping smile and—dear lord—I think I just ovulated. But then, he hires me to babysit his adorable little troublemaker after school and now my maternal instincts are working overtime. It was never supposed to be more than a harmless crush on my older brother's best friend. But (accidentally) showing him my enormous, red granny panties was probably my first mistake. (Apparently, he's into that sort of thing.) BOOK 2: PLAY BOY He's my best friend. He's a player...And now, he wants me in his bed Charlie Hartley is the thing that addictions are made of. Brash and unapologetic, tattooed and insanely handsome. I've become really good at keeping him in the friend zone, though. But when he offers to escort me to my 83-year-old grandmother's wedding, I start seeing him in a new light. Maybe there's more to him than that smoking hot body and those playful, flirtatious eyes. Now, we're growing closer, crossing lines, shattering boundaries. I've strutted out of the friend zone and straight into his bed. One drunken night of hot sex won't change our friendship...Will it? BOOK 3: BAD BOY A good girl. A bad boy. Business and pleasure collide. I can't stand Clinton Alvarez. My life was impeccably organized...until he rolled into town with his bad manners, his short temper and his cocky smirk. Now, he's opened up his grungy barbershop right next door to my pristine cupcake shop, bringing along his clientele of leather-loving motorcycle guys with broken noses. He's infuriating. Having him around brings out the worst in me. Except now, the only thing I hate more than Clinton himself is the fact that I'm starting to fall head over heels for him. BOOK 4: HOT BOY Save a fire truck. Ride a firefighter. Isn't that what they say? Ben Riggs says he loves me. He says he hasn't stopped thinking about me since he broke my heart and chased me out of town all those years ago... I say liar liar pants on fire. And boy, do those bright yellow, flame-resistant fireman pants look good on him. But I'm fighting like hell against the inferno of lust and nostalgia closing in on us. And it's a fight I can't afford to lose... BOOK 5: RICH BOY He's too suave. He has too much swagger. And an ego of royal proportions. I probably didn’t make a great first impression. Rushing through his apartment door--practically naked aside from the plastic shower cap on my head--and charging for his bathroom as if my skin was on fire. Yes, that's the story of how I met my new landlord… But Xavier George Andrew Henry Cambridge is more than just the guy who swings by on the 1st of the month to collect the rent. He's a real-life prince. Second in line to the throne of a country no one's ever heard of. Hiding out in this middle-of-nowhere small town to avoid his princely duties. And I can't help myself. I'm falling for him. BOOK 6: DREAM BOY A jilted bride.

Camping With Her Step Dad: A Taboo Forbidden Man of the House Romance (Family Playtime Book 2)

Amie Barnes - 2021

Traveling with People I Want to Punch in the Throat

Jen Mann - 2021


Genevieve Barnes - 2015
     After a year of preparation Riley is ready to take the stand on behalf of Abigail Michaelson. The trial unwinds as witness after witness gets up to build the prosecution’s case in their attempt to put away the young man accused of raping Abigail – Jonathan Campbell, Riley’s brother. Not only will Riley face the demands of the trial, but she will face the fear of losing her family as she stands up to testify against her own flesh and blood.

Forty-Four Box Set Books 6-10

Jools Sinclair - 2014
    But she didn't come back the same. She left her memory, the ability to see color, and a large chunk of her life at the bottom of that frozen mountain lake. In exchange she came away with the ability to see things. Things no one would want to see. Haunted, horrible things.Get this box set, containing volumes 6-10 in the series, and save more than 50% off the original price.

Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie

Andrew P. Sykes - 2014
    and a bike called Reggie. Secondary school teacher Andrew Sykes moves out of the classroom, climbs onto his bicycle and sets off along the route of the EuroVelo 8, from the southern tip of Greece to the Atlantic coast of Portugal.However, this is more than just a cycling tale of border crossings and big hills, as our would-be adventurer perspires his way through a hot and sticky mix of Mediterranean landscapes, life and culture.Join Andrew as he travels Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie: an inspirational and light-hearted travelogue for cyclists and non-cyclists alike.