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Royally Damaged by K.C. Crowne


His Valentine

Kate Hunt - 2020
    My night with him was mind-blowing. But the next morning I was so mortified about the one-night stand that I fled his hotel room before he could wake up. Four weeks later, I held a positive pregnancy test in my hands. I tried to contact Magnus. Multiple times. When he didn’t respond, I said screw him and decided to forge ahead alone. Now, six months into my pregnancy, I’m determined to rock it as a single mom. But when I run into Magnus again...every emotion inside of me rises to the surface. Magnus Six damn months I’ve been looking for this girl. And then she unexpectedly falls into my life again...with a big, sweet baby belly that I instantly know is the result of our night together. Never has there been a more beautiful sight. If you ask me, this isn’t a very complex situation: she belongs with me, and I belong with her. We’re going to bring up this baby together—and, if I have anything to say about it, a bunch more. But Lena doesn’t see it that way. She’s unsure about me, and she’s unsure about marriage in general. So I’m going to prove to her there’s nothing to be unsure about. We belong together. As partners. As lovers. As man and wife. Forever. HIS VALENTINE is a short instalove standalone romance with a hot alpha, a sassy heroine, sweetness & steam, and a happily-ever-after!

Guilty Pleasures

Tessa Layne - 2020
     USA Today Bestselling Author Tessa Layne brings you the first book in each of her steamy contemporary romance collections. Prairie Heat is the series starter for The Cowboys of the Flint Hills. For lovers of rough and rugged alpha males and the strong, sassy heroines that bring them to their knees. A Hero’s Honor is the series starter for the Heroes of Resolution Ranch, a spinoff from The Cowboys of the Flint Hills. Filled with sexy military heroes and the women that have them putting their hearts on the front line. Mr. Pink is the series starter for The Case Brothers. For lovers of bad boy billionaires who have a soft spot for smart, independent women. Wild Thang is your introduction to The Titans of Tech a series of very naughty romantic comedies. These guilty pleasures are steamy, sexy and oh-so-naughty.

Unraveling the Billionaire - The Complete Series (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

Alice Ward - 2016
    This is the complete series box set containing all 5 parts with an HEA and no cliffhangers. *This story features Lauren from "My Stepbrother, My Lover".* After graduating Harvard with a master’s degree in art, Lauren Matthews knew exactly what she wanted to do next. She left her friends, packed her bags and went back home to California. Everything was perfect … at first. She began dating, work was going well and she had a mentor who had taken her under his wing. Her future was bright and going according to plan, until Asher Reynolds walked into her world. Gorgeous, brilliant and extremely wealthy, Ash wasn’t your normal tech geek turned billionaire. He lived simply, did most things for himself and guarded his privacy above all else. But why? What secret was he hiding? And why was he lying to her? FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: This book also includes a BONUS of "My Stepbrother My Lover" - a full sized standalone novel featuring Lauren as well! What are you waiting for? The complete "Unraveling the Billionaire" series with no cliffhangers is now only one click away! This book is intended for a mature audience, 18+ only.

Talon & Claree

Liberty Parker - 2018
    He understood what I was feeling and going through and we became best friends. Our friendship grew and despite everyone’s best efforts, we found times to slip away and be together. All was going well until we became a teenage statistic. Now, years later, we’re still together, but his involvement with the club as a newly patched member means we’ve grown apart. I still love him with everything I have in me, but something’s got to give. I can’t talk about it with my mom because she doesn’t understand, and I’d feel disloyal talking to his mom about him. TalonThe first time I saw Claree, I was hooked. And even though we both knew it was wrong to sneak around, we let our hormones be our guide and well, we got caught. I’ve been prospecting for the Rebel Guardians since I was eighteen and finally earned my patch a few years ago. Life should be good -- I’ve got the girl of my dreams, an awesome son, and am in a loving, family-oriented environment. But I’m always gone, learning each of the club’s businesses, and it’s put a strain on our relationship. I’m at the end of my rope and drowning the day I get that phone call only to hear her terror-filled screams before -- nothing.Talon and Claree have hit a rough patch in their young lives. Will the devastating accident be their wake-up call? Can they find their way back to what they once had, or have they lost their chance? Note: This book contains an HEA, but is intended for readers over the age of 18 due mature content and explicit language.

Sweet Disaster

Ceri Grenelle - 2018
     New York City summers are hot and sticky, which only makes what I’m feeling for the asshole in my new building even messier. Usually, I quietly reserve my opinions for my news articles, but when Tony argues with me, he tempts me to give in to my crazy. I yell back. He smiles. Something in me melts. It was only supposed to be one time, but we can’t get enough. ​With Tony I’m a new person, brave and unashamed. But anything between us can only be a fling. He’s offered a job in Rome. That’s good, right? With a long history of unreliable relationships, messy emotions are a complication I don’t need. Tony…has a sexy new neighbor. I’ve worked my ass off to climb the ladder at my company, even threw away my passion to prove I’m worth something. When they offer me a high position, I should be focused on my work. But no one’s ever spoken to me the way Sophie does. She pushes buttons I don't know I have. Forces me to confront a dream I gave up long ago. In two months, we go our separate ways. No hurt feelings. No misunderstandings. That’s the deal. She doesn’t need to know I’ll be playing for keeps.


Kate Tilney - 2020
    But after a few wrong turns, I found something else: him.He’s like his mountain—strong and mysterious. He saved my life and offered to get me home. But when his hands touch me, I think I might already be there.BrockI left my life behind to carve out a new one. Alone. But the moment I see her, it’s like the first time I saw my mountain. I know I have to make her mine.She came to my mountain for inspiration, but she just might be my muse instead.Kings of the Mountain is a series of steamy, sweet, insta love short story romances. Check out BROCK if you like curvy heroines and alpha heroes who fall hard and fast while carving out their happily ever after.


Tory Baker - 2018
    They know the exact moment they meet the right woman. They know it so much that they are ready to claim them right then and there.

 It’s always been that way, from Dex’s father to his grandfather and even his great grandfather.
Call it fate, kismet, soulmates, whatever you want—Dex is a firm believer. 

That’s why the moment he lays eyes on pretty little Emma he is sure that she’s his woman. This stubborn alpha-male carpenter won’t stop until he claims her and he won’t let anything get in his way. Make a list now: Over the top Alpha, instant... gratification, and a quick, hot, ride to melt your kindle. Got a fan?

Seducing Her Rival

Seleste deLaney - 2013
    But Lucas Bellamy isn’t just sexy as sin and richer than God. He’s her business rival, determined to outbid her charity for the land she desperately needs…a fact she doesn’t learn until after a night of mind-blowing, toe-curling sex. Unwilling to give up, she formulates a plan to make the charming playboy fall in love with her and back out of the property deal.Lucas is drawn to Mercedes, but he won’t stand down—after all, he has promises of his own to keep. But one scintillating night with the enigmatic brunette leads to another, and before long, it’s unclear who’s seducing who, leaving Mercedes wondering whether the man she’s supposed to hate is the only salvation from her past.


    “This bathtub can get incredibly slippery.” “So I noticed,” she said dryly. Mortified, she noticed how erect her nipples were. They stabbed the air like tiny knives of arousal and she was positive that Devin had noticed. “I think I can walk now,” she said quickly. To her relief, he set her on the ground and reached for her towel. “This is the second time I’m rescuing you,” he said, in that quiet way Rory was beginning to recognise as his annoyed tone. “Let’s not make it a habit.” Rory tightened the towel around herself, wincing from the motion. “I slipped in the tub. Hardly a rescue.” A dirty look crossed his face. “I haven’t had sex in two years, Rory. Consider yourself rescued…” He turned to leave “…from me.” She was speechless. For starters, this had been the longest conversation she’d ever had with Devin Shaw and, secondly, she was positive that he wasn’t as crazy as he let everyone believe he was…


Kathryn Thomas - 2017
    AND HE JUST PUT A BABY IN MY BELLY. It all started with a lie. I’m terrified of how it’s going to end. Because I let myself fall for the hitman… And now I’m pregnant with his baby. LILY He said he was my blind date. I guess I just wanted to believe him. He was tall, dark, handsome – and dangerous. So I let him take me to bed. But the best night of my life turned into the worst morning. Because Roman is gone… But he left his baby in my belly. ROMAN A gorgeous girl alone at a bar? I’ll be whoever she wants me to be. It’s not the first time I’ve lied. And it sure as hell won’t be the last. Because lies are my profession. I hurt. I torture. I kill. Compared to all that, lying is the nicest thing I do. Lily doesn’t have to know all that, of course. After all, she’ll only know me for a night. I plan to disappear as soon as the sun’s up, never to be seen again. But when I end up on her operating table a month later with a bullet in my shoulder, I realize what I left behind with her. From now on, I won’t let her out of my sight. She belongs to me now. HITMAN'S SURPRISE BABY is a full-length, standalone, bad boy baby mafia heist romance. Includes additional bonus content so you can keep on reading 'til you've had your fill of hot sex, thrilling action, and HEAs that will melt your heart!

Daddy Issues Box Set

Dani Wyatt - 2018
    Dani is one of the champions of the Daddy trope. Leave your guilt behind and sink into these delicious, sweet and filthy Daddy/babygirl stories, we won’t tell. KISS ME GOODNIGHT… The day I met her I was trying to decide if staying alive was a viable option for me. Then, one look at the girl who is now mine to raise and those dark thoughts are vanquished. With eyes the color of sunflowers and a smile that tells me she needs me had me making a promise to myself in that instant. I will never touch her. She’s too pure. Too young. It’s wrong. Except, each time she calls me Daddy, my resolve weakens. I can’t help myself. I ask her for something. Something that breaks that very promise. Kiss me goodnight. God help us both. Author’s Note: Kiss Me Goodnight is Daddy Babygirl yumminess and included exclusively now with the DADDY ISSUES bundle of three other of my favorite Daddy reads. Cupid delivers an arrow straight to the hearts of these two in Kiss Me Goodnight. It’s that special sort of love, the obsessed stalker kind. So, grab this bundle of FOUR HOT, HAPPILY EVER AFTER, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Daddy stories with one brand new in Kiss Me Goodnight!! Have fun and be a good girl for Daddy. (No one is actually related here, you get that right? As well, everyone involved is over eighteen, making wise adult life decisions.)

Secret Crush's Baby

Ember Flint - 2019
    He has a secret. He might be the most sought-after, eligible, debonair bachelor in the state of New York, but he hasn’t been on a date in seven years. Not since he met someone that grabbed ahold of his heart and never let go, but she can never know. He wishes he could tell his best friend about it, but something tells him the guy would be none too pleased if he knew that someone is his little sister. Izzy Garnet is sweet and shy, the odd one out in a long legal dynasty. She’s a 26-year-old eleventh-grade chemistry teacher that has been called ‘geeky’ more times than she could count, but she’s proud to be a nerd and would never let words slow her down. Her totally-up-in-your-business family thinks they have her all figured out, but they don’t know she has a secret. She’s been covertly crushing on her older brother’s best friend since the day they met. Not only Ryker and Izzy unwittingly share a corresponding secret, they also have the same wish: they want a baby. Now. Dear Reader: This story has it all. It’s sweet, filthy fluffiness with NO-cheating and no OW/OM drama. It’s HEA-guaranteed and features baby-making-fever, an innocent but willful curvy heroine that is totally oblivious to her luck, a possessive, just-this-side-of-crazy, over-the-top alpha hero that does more growling than any sexy man should be permitted to do and an off-the-pages, slow burn love that will jump at you from the start and melt your Kindle into a gooey puddle. So what do you think? Are these clueless two going to immediately own up to their feelings or will they come up with a wacky plan that allows them to have everything and nothing at the same time? Option B, ladies and gentlemen. Option B all the way. I’ve given you sweet heroes with filthy in them, and filthy heroes with a sweet filling, but probably never someone as dirty as Ryker. You have been warned!

Daddy’s Wild Friend

Charlize Starr - 2017
     But he’s dad’s best friend and I can’t avoid him. And do I really want to? He’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. I can see that he wants me. That he wants to show me how it’s done. And I’ve grown up. I want to kiss him under the Mistletoe. I want to be his date to the Navy Ball. I want to… Stop! What am I thinking? He’s way too hot. And waaay too close to daddy. There’s no way I’m ending up in his bed. Except I already have… And I want more… This is a 110-page older man younger woman romance with a bad boy and a good girl. It is a stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! Lots of steam and mature language guaranteed. Most definitely for 18+ readers.

Cold (Book Three)

Ella London - 2016
    You like it when I touch you there…” Imagine if you told a lie—a really big lie that could get you into all kinds of trouble. Well, that’s what I did. And the worst part? I lied to the one man you never lie to. My sexy and terrifying billionaire boss, Ashton Carter… When Mr. Carter discovered my deception, he made me a deal. He would let me keep my job. But in return, I had to promise to tell him the truth no matter what he asked me. Then he started asking about things I never imagined telling anyone. Made me admit my deepest, darkest thoughts and desires…including that fact that I wanted him. Now he’s using my own fantasies against me—acting out everything depraved thing I’ve ever dreamed of doing with him. It’s better than I ever imagined, and more terrible than my worst nightmare. Because Ashton Carter is not a nice man. In fact, he’s ice cold. And now he owns me completely.

Tattooed Hearts

Melissa Devenport - 2018
     They played with fire. Savannah, only 19 and from an well-respected family. Mike, older than her, well muscled, slightly rugged and from a completely different background. Both deeply in love. Far too deep! They met by coincidence one day when she needed a tattoo. He was the best artist around and the attraction was instant. In short time, their passion grew frighteningly strong. However, since life hadn’t spoiled them with the best of circumstances they soon found themselves in the middle of a hot complicated mess. A big secret did very little to improve the situation. If you are looking for a steamy book with fiery love scenes and an intriguing story, you found it. ***** Tattooed Hearts contains no cheating, no cliff-hangers and a HEA. It might not be suited for a younger audience due to the graphic storytelling.