Dresses and Cuts

Gianni Holmes - 2020
    My work at the hospital and at the club keeps me on my toes, but Daddy Grimm is always there to help me take a breather when I need it. Grimm Jamie works hard. Harder than most people I know. He deserves some downtime to relax, and I have just the idea. I don’t date often. Don’t dress up fancy often. But I will this time because I’ll do anything for that boy, and he deserves the best of me.

The Return: The Island (a Cowboy Gangster follow-up novella) (The Cowboy Gangster / The Base crossover series)

CJ Bishop - 2022

The Island: The Reapers (The Cowboy Gangster / The Base crossover series Book 4)

C.J. Bishop - 2021

Blackwater Pack Books 1-4

Liam Kingsley - 2020
    He was my best friend's older brother, a broad, strapping alpha who never failed to make me feel safe. I spent most of my childhood at the Moore's house, their open warmth a welcome relief from the cold reception my own parents gave me.Owen never looked twice at me then.Now I'm back in Blackwater, teaching at the local school. Owen's in Blackwater, too, protecting and serving as part of the police force.I still love him - but this time, I'm not a kid anymore. It's time for me to show him just how grown up I really am.Game. On.Welcome to Blackwater, Montana - a small town with a big personality, where shifters and humans coexist. This is a shifter mpreg novel with a guaranteed happy ending and can also be read as a standalone.Get Claimed By My Protector and 3 other amazing books in the first Blackwater Pack Bundle Today!

Our Second Verse

Aiden Bates - 2018
    NEW. MPREG. SHORTS! That's right - nine delectable nibbles of gay mpreg romance, served up for your discriminating omegaverse tastes: Order Up Baby A New Bond Coming Home Our Second Verse His Beginning The Cost Of Life Ivy League Love Of Art And Love College Bucket List Lion Of Columbia Just in the off chance you haven't read anything by Aiden of Austin Bates, be warned! These tasty tales will ALL be bursting with hot gay action… adults only!

Court of Assassins

Philip C. Quaintrell - 2022
    LEGEND. NIGHTFALL HAS LONG BEEN RUMOURED TO BE NOTHING MORE THAN WHISPERS ON THE BREEZE.IF ONLY IT WERE SO…In those halls of darkness, where children are taken from the world and given to shadow and dust, Asher is destined for that same fate. He will become the myth. He will become the legend. He will become the whisper of Death itself.That which he was is dead, forgotten. Now he is a blade in the dark, a weapon to be wielded by his masters. A killer.Yet, despite all his training and years of spilling blood, there is a crack in Asher’s conditioning. Something within him is broken, unbound even. A sliver of humanity has survived and dreams of freedom. Now, standing on a knife’s edge, his mind threatens to unravel, taking him from the only path he has ever known and away from the clutches of Nightfall.It has never been done. Exile is not a choice. It is a death sentence.But there is another life that calls to him, a life roaming the wilds and protecting the innocent from the monsters which would prey upon them. Hunting monsters, however, is no easy task, especially when Asher himself is hunted by those who would drag him back to Nightfall. Back to the darkness.


Declan Rhodes - 2020
    Adam is gay and Nate is straight. Their lives are about to change. Minor-league hockey star forward Nate Slater knew he was on the edge of fame until tragedy struck. A three-player ambush ended his playing career, and he retreated from his beloved game disillusioned about human beings and life in general. To nobody’s surprise, he couldn’t stay away for long and he grabbed hold of the comeback ladder on the lowest rung, player-coach for a team in his city’s recreational league. To others, the Galeforce Flyers were a ragtag team of questionable talent. For Nate, they have unexploited skills that can take them to the top of their league, and he agrees to be their star forward and coach. Perhaps the most promising player is Adam Kennedy, a kid only two years out of college who plays goalie with elegant dexterity. Although he knows in his heart that everything turns out well in the end, Adam is experiencing a rough patch in his life. Fired from his job, and low on cash to pay his rent, he considers a humiliating return to life with his parents. After his teammates step in and lean hard, Coach Slater offers the empty second-floor in his house as a temporary solution to Adam’s housing dilemma. The quiet Adam is a good housemate for the sometimes brooding Nate. The kid is gay and the coach is straight. They maintain their distance in the house until the night Adam spots his coach…dancing. Coach is a 58,000-word standalone gay hockey romance with first time and friends-to-lovers themes. It includes steamy scenes and a guaranteed happy ending.

Heat for Three

Nicole Stewart - 2017
     Kess Houston Kess is a Savannah, Georgia real estate agent who finds herself right at home in a menage a trois with two avant-garde artists. After giving Jack and Selwyn the house of their dreams, Kess is ready to be a part of their world. There’s just one problem: Jack and Selwyn are big names in Hollywood. Kess is a simple country girl. They go together like bright lights and fireflies. Jack Cheney Jack wants to spend more time with the people he loves, spending the days nurturing their love and the nights in pure sexual bliss. But Selwyn’s schedule as a celebrity fashion designer keeps him busy. Now Kess wants to break into celebrity real estate to meet more of their VIP friends. Is it wrong to want to keep his lovers to himself? Selwyn Briggs Selwyn is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He simply wants to make Kess and Jack happy. But with Kess expanding her business and Jack vying for more attention, it seems impossible for all three to get their needs met. And sometimes three times the pleasure can mean three times the complications. Heat for Three (and Home for Three) is an extremely steamy, ultra high heat Bisexual / Menage MMF romance with explicit scenes, first time straight to gay experiences, and a highly satisfying HEA ending!

Brutal Forces

Jason Collins - 2021
    Bodyguards don’t mix with romance, so I’ve been married to my job for the past few years. But when that job lands me in a cabin guarding a man named Taylor, things aren’t so clear cut. I’ve always been straight, but something’s drawing me to him, and the more we’re together the less I want to fight it.He’s testifying in a huge case, and if he wants to make it to the stand, I’ve got to keep him safe. That means keeping my distance—and keeping my feelings in check. Special Forces trained me to fight, but Taylor needs more than just a soldier.TAYLOR:Working in IT isn’t usually high stakes, but when a mercenary group starts hunting me down, I’m forced to seek protection from a bodyguard. I’m testifying before Congress, and I need Jack’s help to make it there in one piece. We can’t cross the professional line or Jack may end up becoming a lethal distraction.With a steely face and a soft heart under a tough shell, I can’t keep my mind off him—especially when we’re trapped together. But these killers are hellbent, and Jack needs a clear head if he’s going to protect me. The last place I should be is by his side, but that’s the only place I feel safe.This is a standalone MM romance.

Bathhouse Confessions 2: M/M Gay Erotica Bundle

Nathan Bay - 2019
    Leave your hang-ups and inhibitions at the door because this is a place where anything goes.This sizzling boxed set includes three delicious tales set in California during the summer of 1955:“Fog City Temptation” (San Francisco)A mysterious soldier explores his forbidden passions with an adventurous young man.“Hollywood Heartthrob” (Los Angeles)A mild-mannered fella gets swept up in a whirlwind secret love affair with the hottest hunk in Tinseltown.“Deep Release” (Sacramento)A bearish British doctor with magic fingers unlocks the desires of an insatiable high school graduate.Each pulse-pounding tale of gay romance is just the right length for an exciting bedtime story. Grab a towel and join us in the steam room...

Love by the Lake: Bundle

Preston Walker - 2018
    A Wolf Shifter Mpreg Bundle This Bundle Includes: Against All Odds Beautifully Damaged A Place To Exist

Barebacked by my Mom's Boyfriend

Max Sinn - 2015
    When she brings home a new boyfriend that obviously plays for both teams, young Jeff knows exactly what he must do – seduce that hunky older man into pounding him for the first time! This smoking hot gay romance story will satisfy all your taboo household cravings! 18+ ONLY! Caution! This steamy taboo tale is for readers 18+ only!

Just Say Yes: The Vampire Fae of Acadia

B.A. Stretke - 2022
    In fact, he loves the Acadia National Park. What he can’t stand is Oren. Oren is the boyfriend of his best friend and the bane of his existence. As much as Michelle tries to force them to be friends, Oren is not someone Alden wants to spend any time with. So when he finds himself tricked into a hiking trip in Acadia with Oren, he knows he is not going to have a great time. When Oren fucks off and abandons him, that guess is proven correct. Alden finds himself lost in the dense woods and soon he has no idea where he is and his surroundings just get stranger and stranger...Tiernan Byrne is the First, the leader of the DeDanann tribe, a group of vampiric dark fae. He feels the disruption in the magics of his realm before he lays eyes on the beautiful human creature who has stumbled unknowingly into his world. Humans don’t come to the Fae realm, so he is mystified by Alden’s presence. Soon he realizes why fate has allowed this human to come here, he is Tirenan’s fated mate. The Dark Fae vampires of Tiernan’s tribe are wary of humans, and there are mysteries to this new world Alden doesn’t even know the first thing about. Can Tiernan convince Alden that he is safe and this is his rightful home? Will Alden say, yes?

One Good Thing

Arden Steele - 2020
    If he doesn’t go, people might think he still cares, which he doesn’t, thank you very much. Showing up alone isn’t any better, but he has neither the time nor the inclination to jump back into the dating scene. So, what’s a guy to do? Hire a fake boyfriend, of course! +One isn’t a dating agency. Fine. He’s not looking to make a love connection, just survive one week with even a shred of dignity intact. Then, Jace Harkins walks through the door, and Greyson knows he’s in trouble. Jace is the total package—successful, witty, gorgeous—but falling for him wasn’t supposed to happen. Yet, every smile, every touch, every whispered endearment pulls him in a little deeper until the line between reality and fantasy begins to blur. Too bad it can’t last. After all, it’s just make-believe, right?

Where Are You Really From?: Kola Kubes and Gelignite, Secrets and Lies - The True Story of an Extraordinary Family

Tim Brannigan - 2010
    Unwilling to have an abortion or to have the baby adopted, Peggy came up with an audacious plan to keep her child. When Tim was born, hospital staff smuggled him into St Joseph's Baby Home and told the rest of the Brannigan family that the baby had been stillborn. One year later, Peggy adopted Tim and brought him to live with her family in the Falls Road area of Belfast. It was 1967.Told here for the first time, this is Tim's extraordinary story, describing in vivid detail what it was like growing up black in Belfast during the Troubles in the 1970s and 80s, his five-year stint in jail for hiding weapons on behalf of the IRA, his coming to terms with the true circumstances surrounding his birth, and his desperate attempts to trace the father who abandoned him. Where Are You Really From? is a fascinating and powerful memoir about one man's struggle to establish his own identity and a moving tribute to the woman who risked everything to keep her son.