Book picks similar to
The Infamous Italian's Secret Baby by Carole Mortimer


The Brazilian Millionaire's Love-Child

Anne Mather - 2009
    The image of Alejandro's sexy body has left a lifelong impression on her--as did his seed. He will never know he has a daughter....Until three years later, when Isobel is led right back to Alejandro--and she's shocked. He's a changed man. He's still utterly sexy, but a terrible car accident has left him scarred, brooding and bitter. What's more, he's deliberately lured Isobel to Brazil because he knows "all" about his child.

Bedded for Passion, Purchased for Pregnancy

Carol Marinelli - 2009
    Now he wants her!To claim his inheritance, this untamed tycoon must curb his wild ways. He needs a convenient fiancée, and Emma needs a million dollars. So Zarios seizes his opportunity—he will have her! But passion soon leads to pregnancy, and suddenly, the stakes are higher....

The Forced Marriage

Sara Craven - 2002
    Marco was determined to marry Flora before she could discover their accidental meeting hadn't been quite so innocent....

His Virgin Acquisition

Maisey Yates - 2010
    She’s wrong! The fierce tycoon can see straight through her shapeless suits and scraped back hair and get right under her skin…Ruthless awakening!She may have proposed marriage as the perfect business arrangement, but suddenly Elaine’s not quite so confident. Marco’s made it clear that he’s no modern man – if he takes a wife he wants a ravishing beauty by his side, and at his beck and call day…and night!

Mistress: Pregnant by the Spanish Billionaire

Kim Lawrence - 2009
    Arriving at Luiz Santoro's magnificent Spanish mansion, she's determined to tell him what she thinks of him seducing her niece--and then leave. But Nell has underestimated the powerful Spaniard....Luiz knows Nell has the wrong man. But this young virgin, dressed in shapeless clothes, could have her uses. He has a vacancy for a temporary mistress--with two conditions: no marriage, no children!But soon Nell has broken all the rules....

The Consequence She Cannot Deny

Bella Frances - 2017
    But the beauty of her location, the private Greek island of Hydros, is nothing compared to the lethal charisma of its owner, tycoon Raffaele Rossini! A charisma that wary, innocent Coral is powerless to resist...Coral is astonished to discover her family is scandalously entwined with Rafa's, and she has a claim on his inheritance. Branded a gold digger, she's dismissed from his bed, and his life. Yet the biggest surprise of all? Their one night of rapture had unexpected, permanent consequences!

The Secret Spanish Love Child

Cathy Williams - 2010
    But, now that he's running the Cruz family business, frivolous distractions are a thing of the past.So on Alex's first day of her new job she not only finds her perfect stranger is her boss…but she must tell him that their short affair left a lasting impression!

The Sicilian's Christmas Bride

Sandra Marton - 2006
    So there's no mercy in his heart when he hears that Taylor Sommer's business is struggling. She's the woman who ended their affair three years ago, and her present plight is perfect--for Dante to blackmail her back into his bed and get his desire for her right out of his system.Tally's now the mother of a lovely little girl, news which only serves to harden Dante's heart further and intensify his need to possess. But rich and ruthless though he may be, even Dante isn't immune to the magic of Christmas and the miracles it brings....

The Italian Boss's Mistress of Revenge

Trish Morey - 2007
    Mackenzi will do anything to save her hotel--something Dante uses to his advantage: he'll reconsider if she becomes his mistress! Mackenzi knows she shouldn't trust Dante, but the pleasure he gives is too intense to resist. However, their bargain is compromised when Dante learns she is pregnant....

Pregnant With The De Rossi Heir

Maggie Cox - 2009
    Now his vanishing one-night stand is in his office--as his new temporary secretary.And not only that--she's expecting!Although he doesn't trust Kate, Gianluca is triumphant at becoming a father at last. So there is only one solution--he'll make his stand-in secretary his full-time wife!

Passion's Mistress

Helen Bianchin - 1994
    He gave Carly one option: return to his home and to his bed.And that was where the danger lay. For once Carly was locked in Stefano's embrace, the world would cease to matter. For how could she fight the sheer force of a man whose greatest weapon was the desire she felt for him?

His Unexpected Legacy

Chantelle Shaw - 2013
    An alleged engagement, the arrival of an ex-lover and a business deal in ruins. Throw in to the mix a three-year-old son he never knew he had? He's furious! Sergio will do everything in his power to keep his heir, but the longer he spends with the child and his ex-lover Kristen Russell, the more he realizes that the cracks she made in his armor are still there. Now to get what he wants, Sergio must face the pain he's kept at bay for so long….

A Sicilian Seduction

Michelle Reid - 2001
    He thought Natalia Deyton had slept with his sister's husband. His passionate Sicilian nature demanded a vengeful seduction -- and total surrender.But Giancarlo wasn't prepared for the innocence shining out of Natalia -- or the sensual power of her stunning beauty. He knew he was falling in love for the first time -- but family came first. He had no choice but to carry out his plan....

Exquisite Revenge

Abby Green - 2012
    Her goal’s in sight, but there’s one man standing in her way: Luc Sanchis.Kidnapped and stranded on a Greek island, with only his intriguing—and stunning—captor, Luc must uncover her secrets if he’s going to get off this island and back to business. There’s only one way that’s sure to work: seduction.Now, with the tables turned, who will come out on top?

Never Say No to a Caffarelli

Melanie Milburne - 2013
    But her home, her livelihood and her innocence are under threat...Rafe Caffarelli is a mouthwatering specimen of Mediterranean manhood. He's a playboy billionaire and determined to buy Poppy's historic dower house.Poppy will not give up the only thing that remains of her childhood and family. She'll fight Rafe--and her attraction to him--all the way. And be the first woman to say "no" to a Caffarelli!