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Spring Tide by K. Dicke


Her Lion Guard: The Trilogy, Part 1

Amira Rain - 2014
    They smell blood and they are coming after her.She runs and runs right into the arms of the strong and handsome Jonas. Jonas has the ability to shift into 500 pounds worth of lion and he insists he is there to protect her curvy frame.He tells her that she has something that they want, and they will stop at nothing till they get it. If she wants to survive she must to allow him to become her Lion Guard...Warning: This BBW Paranormal Romance contains scenes of a sexual nature. Please only read if you are into hot sex and furry lion shifters.

Forty-Four Box Set Books 1-5

Jools Sinclair - 2012
    The ending will haunt you forever."Abby Craig drowned in a frozen mountain lake last year. But after being dead for 44 minutes, she came back to life.However, it's not the life she used to know. She is now haunted by lost memories, haunted by the fact she can longer see colors, haunted by why the love of her life refuses to forgive her the one mistake she made long ago.Mostly, though, she is haunted by the dead. Because Abby Craig can now see ghosts. And they can see her.This box set contains the first five books in the epic 13-part Forty-Four series, which chronicles Abby's journey through the dark forest of her new life. Along the way she is plagued by troubled spirits, wrestles with matters of love and death, battles pure evil, and eventually faces the truth of what really happened at the bottom of that lake.With more than 2500 five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads collectively, the books in this collection have been downloaded by over half a million readers.Get your box set today and save almost 50% from the original price.

War of Gods Box Set

Lizzy Ford - 2013
    Her difficult transition from human to oracle forces her into a new world, where she struggles in her role as Damian’s mate and to help a mysterious man who’s supposed to be dead. Featured in USA Today in March 2012Damian's AssassinAfter thousands of years as the White God’s right hand man and chief assassin, Dustin no longer believes in the human capacity for good, until he meets sweet, sunny Bianca, a Natural whose gift of healing will change not only his fate, but the fates of everyone around them. Damian's ImmortalJule has his powers stripped by the Watchers. They give him an impossible mission: find the mysterious Magician before she reopens the gateway between the realms. Afraid of her own powers, the Magician has lived a near-prisoner of someone determined to use her magic to destroy the human world. She must choose between helping Jule and remaining loyal to the man she views as her father.The Grey GodThe Grey God Darian can’t quite shake off the dark streak remaining after the thousands of years he spent enslaved by evil – or the memory of how the only woman he loved betrayed him. When given a second chance at life and love, Darian struggles to leave his past behind, before it destroys his future. The warrior destined to become his mate, Jenn, is accustomed to fighting – and defeating – dangerous men. But Darian isn’t just another powerful man, he’s immune to her mind reading talent and completely unpredictable, a trait sure to get anyone near him killed. Jenn feels trapped between the wild god and his enemies, who learn her fate long before Darian does. Rather than embrace her destiny at his side, Jenn defies it in an attempt to protect him and her own heart.

Indigo Incite

Jacinda Buchmann - 2013
    Unknown to each other, Eddie, Liliana, Grace, and Sarah share a common bond. They are Indigo Children. With extrasensory powers of their own, they must unite with Tyler to maintain their freedom.Unexpected romance.They’re on the run. They’re on a mission. Romance is a distraction that Tyler can’t afford. But sometimes, the heart has a mind of its own.Time is running out.Will they find Toby before the agency finds them first? Find out in Indigo Incite, Book One of the Indigo Trilogy.

Vision of Shadows

Vincent Morrone - 2013
    It's all the people with a pulse that confuse her.After the death of her parents, Bristol's life is thrown into chaos and she's forced to move to Spirit, a small town where shadows are stirring. As she learns to navigate her new school and figures out how to keep her psychic abilities secret from her family, Bristol comes face to face with the boy who makes a regular appearance in her dreams: the gorgeous, possibly deadly, Payne McKnight. Soon she'll find out if Payne will be the love of her life, or the end of it - and she has no idea which possibility scares her more.And that's not even the worst of it. Strange shadows are haunting her dreams, and they're up to something that could put Bristol and the lives of everyone she loves in jeopardy.

Amber Eyes

Jolyn Palliata - 2012
    She meets Dez, a new student with the most beautiful eyes she’s ever seen. And since gazing into them, Lexi has had vivid waking dreams that pull her back through time, and into the warm embrace of a mysterious stranger—a stranger who becomes all too familiar. When offering an explanation for her detailed visions, Dez changes her world forever with two simple words: Soul mates.For the first time in her life, Lexi feels safe and complete. But lingering in the shadows is the embodiment of evil, coveting the light within her. He’s a threat to Lexi’s very existence, and to a love that has transcended time.

The Grey Wolves Series Collection Books 1-3: Prince of Wolves, Blood Rites, Just One Drop

Quinn Loftis - 2019
    The grey wolves' universe is populated with dominant Alpha male werewolves who slowly succumb to the darkness within them unless they find their true mates. It just so happens these three ladies are destined to become true mates to some of the most powerful males in the Canis lupus world. But destiny won't be fulfilled without a fight. Female Canis lupus are few and far between, and sinister dominant wolves will rise to challenge for the right to mate with these new, unique females. The ensuing chaos will undermine the strength of the packs, just when a new threat to the Canis lupus world emerges, one that can only be defeated by the strength that comes from the special union of true mates.

Die, My Love

Penelope Fletcher - 2011
    That and I knew the moment I saw Ben I would die. Let's be honest, rumors blood drinkers are real have had the world in a grip of terror for years, and I'd always known I was waiting for him. Despite a somewhat excruciating rebirth, and a … well, let’s call it a “disagreement” with the Lycanthropes, I am embracing my new world. I am excited even. But there are ... things about my kind I do not yet know. This frightens me. Whispers of what these creatures really are is one thing, but the reality of what I have chosen to become? That is something else entirely. (18+)

A Touch of Honor

J.P. Grider - 2013
    The doctors say she’s fine – it’s all in her head. But Honor feels pain. What she doesn’t know is…it’s not her pain– it’s everyone else’s.Seventeen year-old Honor Stevens is not an ordinary teenager. Sure, she looks like one on the outside…but on the inside, there’s a whole world of pain going on. Honor is an empath. That means she can feel other people’s pain – like that of the girl who is about to be raped in the woods, or the girl who is dying of cancer, or her mom…who is suffering a heart attack. What she doesn’t know is what Ethan Sutherland comes to town to tell her – she can save these people. But at what cost? For every life Honor saves, she knocks years off her own.When Ethan comes looking for her, he isn’t counting on falling in love. Now that he has, he wishes he hadn’t told her about her abilities. Though he tries his best to talk her out of saving every soul, Ethan loses the battle – Honor’s too nice for her own good.Then there’s the matter of Ethan’s estranged, morally corrupt half-brother, Storm – he loves Honor too. And because Honor is intrinsically empathic, she’s aware of Storm’s softer side and begins falling for him as well.When the two brothers are forced to work together against a group of evil empaths who are after Honor, they need to put their differences aside and focus on saving the one girl they both love.A Touch of Honor is a paranormal love story of a different kind. In a world gone mad with vampires and werewolves, A Touch of Honor tugs at the heartstrings with a girl out to heal the world…one person at a time.

The Un-bear-ably Perfect 9.7 Alpha Match

Dawn Steele - 2015
    A DATING COMPUTER WHICH SAYS THEY’RE 97% PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER. HOW CAN THIS BE? Amy Grier Hates her boss, Rainer Hart (and that’s HATE with a capital ‘H’). He’s an overbearing perfectionist who demands every drop of her blood. Sure, he’s also strikingly Handsome with a capital ‘H’, but she can’t steal away to the ‘Most Approximate Match’ Dating Agency without him Hounding her to come back to the grindstone. Amy decides enough is enough and quits. Then the agency calls back and tells her that they have found her 97% approximately perfect match (“because there’s no such thing as 100% perfect”). “This is it! Your soul mate!” gushes the agency woman, Cordelia. “You have to meet him!” Rainer Hart is mad at his sister, Cordelia, for putting his name in her dating agency’s database without his permission. But when she tells him that she has found his 97% perfect mate, he’s intrigued. Who is this shifter woman who is so compatible for him? Then comes the big BLIND DATE reveal. Amy and Rainer are on a un-BEAR-able collision course that not even fate can thwart! Read THE UN-BEAR-ABLY PERFECT 9.7 ALPHA MATCH to find out what happens next!

Sins of the Immortal: A Novella

Jamie McGuire - 2021
    Now, they’re reeling from the death of their youngest, Eden. What they don’t know is that she’s not gone, just lost, but when their prayers are answered and Eden returns, she’ll have to destroy everything they’ve protected to satisfy the reason she was born.In the final installment of #1 New York Times Jamie McGuire’s first book series, the end is all anyone could’ve hoped for.

The Hidden Secrets Saga: Complete Series

W.J. May - 2016
    With little knowledge about her past, she has questions but has never tried to find the answers. Everything changes when she befriends a strangely intoxicating family. Siblings Grace and Michael, appear to have secrets which seem connected to Rouge. Her hunch is confirmed when a horrible incident occurs at party. Rouge may be the only one who can find the answer. An ancient journal, a Siorghra necklace and a special mark force life-altering decisions for a girl who grew up unprepared to fight for her life or others .All secrets have a cost and Rouge's determination to find the truth can only lead to trouble...or something even more sinister. Marked by Destiny Sometimes the past isn't what you expect it to be. Rouge has survived the last months of school and is starting a new chapter after graduation. She wants answers to the questions about her past and is still hiding secrets from those she loves. Her hope is to find what she needs in Niagara Falls so she can move forward in her relationship with Michael and have a chance to convince his family that she is worthy of him. The ancient Grollic Book reveals another of its secrets, only to Rouge. She desperately wants to find the truth about her past. Nothing could have prepared her for what she's about to learn. Compelled The secrets of her past have been revealed, but Rouge’s life is still shrouded in mystery. The Grollics want her dead, she’s forbidden to be with the boy she loves, and her brother–who is the enemy–may be the only one she can trust. The deeper she digs into the past, the more trouble awaits. Can she find answers in the ancient journal she carries, or is she opening Pandora’s box? Fate's Intervention How do choose between power of passion or the power of peace? After finally coming face to face with her greatest foe, Bentos, Rogue has a decision to make. Joshua, the new grolics alpha has been labeled as her true mate, but her heart belongs to Michael. Rouge joins Joshua with her brother to discover more about who she is and where to gain access to the true power of three.. What she finds growing within her will change everything. Power is queen, but love and new life is King. Chosen Three How do you choose between life, love and the future? You can't. Rob’s missing. Rouge’s passed out. Caleb just told her that Rob’s been taken away to be put down. Oh yeah, and Rouge’s pregnant. Wait, what?! Rouge’s the Seventh Mark, Michael’s a guardian who’s already dead. How can he get her pregnant? The high and mighty Caleb is even more determined now to stop Rouge and the abomination growing in her belly. On the run from Caleb and the Higher Council, on a mission to save Rob, and at the same time trying to stop the dark angel Rouge summoned – the team must figure out what the Power of Three is before Bentos kills them all. However, there’s a catch: if they go after the dark angel and kill it, anyone with angel blood in them will die. If they kill Bentos, there is rumor that all his offspring will die except the next Seventh Mark.

The Problem with Black Magic

Karen Mead - 2012
    Sam, a mysterious co-worker at The Daily Grind, seems to have taken an instant dislike to her, but for Cassie, the looming specter of the SAT Verbal section is a much bigger concern.After a freak accident nearly leaves Cassie and her co-workers dead, a spell cast in desperation transforms her from a regular teen to a valuable familiar: a magical well a demon can tap. As if she didn't have enough problems, now every demon (and their monstrous minions) seems to be after Cassie's latent magic, and will stop at nothing to possess her.Blending a hint of gothic romance with wry humor, The Problem With Black Magic is a tale of one young woman's struggle for independence in a brand new world of sorcery, intrigue, and wonder.


Jason Letts - 2011
    When eighteen-year-old Nathan Wheeler sacrifices himself to provide for his orphaned sister, this entrancing spirit goes back to when the death of his mother forced him to quit college and attempts to make his life better before his inevitable death. But for all she knows about the future, assuming human form is not as easy as she thought it would be, and getting close to Nathan comes with consequences she could never expect.

The Violet Hour

Andrea L. Wells - 2015
    Though she could forget everything staring into Luke Callahan’s eyes, Logan is quickly thrust into a fight for survival. Taking fate into her own hands, she begins unraveling the dangerous deceptions that abound at every turn. Her father is keeping secrets and Luke is keeping more. But Logan is keeping the biggest secret of them all.The Violet Hour is a page-turning captivating twist of young romance and the paranormal.