Book picks similar to
Snowy River Brumby by Elyne Mitchell


The Paint Horse (White Cloud Station)

Trudy Nicholson - 2015
    But Paintbox was taken from her by his spiteful former owners and there was nothing Lucy could do. Despite having Hope, Lucy never got over losing Paintbox. The worst part was, she had no idea what became of him until, one day, a mysterious letter arrives…. A White Cloud Station short story.

Josephine Wants to Dance

Jackie French - 2006
    Her little brother, Joey, tells her that kangaroos don't dance, they hop - but Josephine continues to point her toes and leap through the air.When a ballet troupe comes to town and both the lead ballerina and understudy are injured, Josephine's talents are called upon to help save the day. Can she do it and, more importantly, does it matter that she's a kangaroo?A very funny picture book that looks at the importance of believing in yourself and realising your dreams.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar's ABC

Eric Carle - 2016
    Featuring Eric Carle's bright, distinctive artwork, each letter introduces beloved animals, big and small.

One Woolly Wombat

Rod Trinca - 1982
    Humorous illustrations depict fourteen Australian animals, introduced in rhyme, along with the numbers from one to fourteen.

The Hungry Fox

Kitty Barry - 2014
    He is very, very hungry... He visits different places in search of food... Do you think he will find something to fill his rumbling tummy?

Angelina and the Butterfly

Katharine Holabird - 2002
    When Angelina finds an injured butterfly in the park, she takes it home to care for it...then doesn't want to part with it.  It's Henry who sets an adventure in motion that underscores a message all young children can understand.

King Of The Vagabonds

Colin Dann - 1987
    Any animal with sense avoids the spot,' warns Sammy's mother. But Sammy is curious - about the Field, and about his father, the fierce, wild father he's never met. Then one day Sammy discovers that his father has returned. And determined to track him down, Sammy sets off towards the strange, wild land of Quatermile Field - and into a very different and dangerous world . . .

A Little Bush Maid

Mary Grant Bruce - 1910
    Norah's prim and proper aunts, who live in the city, consider she is in danger of "growing up wild" - riding all over Billabong on her beloved pony, Bobs, helping with mustering, and joining in all the holidays fun when Jim and his friends come home from boarding school. A fishing trip results in unexpected drama when they discover a mysterious stranger camped in the bush. Who is this stranger and why is he there? Norah's resourcefulness is tested to the full!


Dori Brink - 1980
    Laugh with him, and cry with him.

Battlecry Forever!

Joanna Campbell - 1992
    But the only horse Leslie wants is Battlecry, a racer everyone else has given up on as wild and untrainable. Leslie knows Battlecry is something more. Beneath his unpredictable behavior is a spirited horse who would give his all to win races again—for her. Finally Leslie's parents give Battlecry a chance to prove his worth. Leslie doesn't know that by entering Battlecry in a race, she'll risk losing him forever...

Pastures of the Blue Crane

H.F. Brinsmead - 1987
    It's the home her father grew up in - the one her grandfather hasn't seen in decades. The decision to go out there and fix it up, with her difficult grandfather tagging along, is more a matter of contrariness than anything else. Making the property profitable again is a challenge Ryl rises to, and along the way she learns about herself and her family.

Dare to Dream

Kate Lattey - 2013
    Marley has grand ambitions to jump in Pony of the Year, but every good pony she’s ever had has been sold out from under her to pay the bills.Then a half-wild pinto pony comes into her life, and Marley finds that this most unlikely of champions could be the superstar she has always dreamed of. As Marley and Cruise rise quickly to the top of their sport, it seems as though her dreams of winning the Pony of the Year might come true after all.But her family is struggling to make ends meet, and as the countdown to Pony of the Year begins, Marley is forced to face the possibility of losing the pony she has come to love more than anything else in the world.Can Marley save the farm she loves, without sacrificing the pony she can’t live without?

Our First Pony

Marguerite Henry - 1984
    Joseph has fair hair and a deep love of the outdoors. Dark-haired Justin would rather play his piccolo or read a book. But they lovingly tend to Midge, and she, in turn, gives them the best gift of all -- a horse family of their very own.

A Cricket in Times Square

Chuck Jones - 1984
    A much-abbreviated version of Selden's 1960 classic, this edition focuses primarily on illustrations "from the acclaimed Hollywood animation."

Mommy! Mommy!

Taro Gomi - 2013
    But appearances can be deceiving, and the chicks stumble across several lookalikes before finally finding their mother hen. Young readers will love attempting their own search-and-find for signs of the missing chicken, and both parents and children will appreciate this book's sweet, reassuring message.