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Ion by Marek Storm


Bad Jack

Adam Moon - 2013
    These objects are dangerous to the touch, but not to Jack.When his superiors discover he can interact with the objects, he's brought even further into the fold.Soon he's introduced to bizarre creatures that just a handful of people have ever witnessed.His simple life has turned into a freak show.And it only gets worse.

Soldiers and Marines (The complete trilogy)

Martin Archer - 2015
    War in the East and Israel's Next War are the fourth and fifth books in the series.

The Immolation of Eve

Helen Sarah Fields - 2011
    When Eve finds out that she was adopted, the search to find her birth mother spirals her into a world of darkness and myth. A trip to Krakow to defend a soldier in a disturbing rape case brings Eve face to face with the demon incubus Perun. Intent on seducing her for his own purposes, Perun is dangerous and uncontrollable and yet he's the only who can tell Eve what she wants to know. When Eve follows the trail to San Francisco a local ranch hand intervenes to protect Eve from Perun and in the process stops her from finding her mother. Eve, caught between two men with their own agenda, becomes a pawn in a battle for power between her own family and the demons who seek to control her. Only the greatest sacrifice can save her and the people she loves. First she must learn to master her emotions to survive. From the courtrooms of London to the Dragon’s Cave in Krakow, from the Slovakian Mountains to the wilds of Yosemite, Eve’s journey will keep you entranced to the very end. A scorching fantasy with a strong, believable heroine...this is the start of an epic adventure of seduction, loss, love and revenge.

Roses (The Devious Fae Book 2)

Katerina Martinez - 2021

Fractured Earth: An Apocalyptic LitRPG (Viceroy's Pride Book 3)

Cale Plamann - 2022

Hanna Halfblood: Books 1-3

Robyn Wideman - 2019
    Get your copy today. SPIRIT MAGIC Hanna loves her life on the Lady of the Evening. Delivering cargo across the known worlds and hunting pirates was a perfect life. But when her grandfather is killed, Hanna must go into the wilds of Northern Solotine to discover what happened. She discovers a plot that threatens the world as she knows it as she's thrown into a world of magic and danger far beyond any simple pirates. When Thorodd Stoneblood, her grandfather, is killed by a mysterious assassin, Hanna discovers that her own life is bound to a fate she couldn't have imagined. Faced with the understanding of an unknown past and a coven of power hungry witches who will stop at nothing to see her dead, Hanna struggles to overcome the adversities of a magical world she never knew existed. With the tide of danger rising around her and the driving need to uncover the truth, Hanna discovers that it won't be enough to be a warrior. In order to survive, she will have to become something more… Can Hanna defeat her mysterious new enemy? Or will her legacy end in the same manner as the Stoneblood lines always do… in bloodshed SPIRIT WARRIOR Hanna Halfblood, a warrior with ancient powers, has defeated the coven of witches responsible for the murder of her grandfather. However, the witches were not alone and now the remaining witches have summoned Quivna, a powerful and dangerous spirit, from the seven hells. Now Hanna must secure the spirit stones, ensure the safety of her people, and find a way to defeat the demon witch before it can kill her. LOST WARRIOR Hanna Halfblood has finally found a clue to the mystery of her father's disappearance. The problem is the mage who mentioned her father is dead. So now Hanna is sailing to the magical lands of the far southeast. All that stands between her and her father are pirates, treacherous seas, and mysterious mages bent on her destruction. Meanwhile Katla and Hester are struggling with their new found demon powers. Can Katla control her demon? Or will the demon control her.

Shapechanger's Progress (Shapechanger Tales)

Laer Carroll - 2012
    She also encounters another shapechanger. And discovers that her kind are not always benign.

Magic the Gathering Strategy and Deck Building Tips: A Complete Guide to Building a Magic Deck that Wins!

James Davis - 2013
    At its core it’s a game of strategy, planning and execution. If you’re deck is weak in strategy and you haven’t planned correctly you’ll never be able to execute a good game.If you’re reading this book, then you’ve taken it upon yourself to learn exactly how to become a better player by learning Magic the Gathering strategy. And, by the end you will be.In this book you’ll discover Magic the Gathering deck building tips and tricks that pro players use to build competitive decks. Through a specific set of strategies, that anyone can learn, you’ll soon be able to increase your chances of winning. Guaranteed.Throughout each chapter, you’ll learn key strategies that you can instantly use to build a better, more competitive deck. If you’re looking to take your Magic the Gathering deck building skills to the next level, then this book is perfect for you. If you want to become a great Magic the Gathering player and learn the art of building a magic deck that rivals the most competitive opponent, then grab your copy today. The key strategies await you. Inside You’ll Discover - How to craft the optimal size deck- How much mana you should really include in your deck to harness the best advantage- What a mana curve is and why it so important to winning the game- A proven card selection strategy that increases your odds of drawing a great hand- Ways to construct a deck around key cards that can generate a win- Tips on developing a winning strategy for any type of deck- How a deck theme can work to your advantage and help you dominate your opponent- A break down of what exactly makes up a good card with numerous examples of good cards versus bad cards- Crucial game play tips you must consider if you want to win the game- And so much more!Grab your copy of this Magic the Gathering deck building and strategy guide today and instantly be on your way to winning more games! If you're an Amazon Prime member you can borrow this book for FREE!

The Returned Dragon (Cycle of Dragons Book 6)

Dan Michaelson - 2022

CEO in a Fantasy World, Book I

Tristan H. Brown - 2019
    The next morning, he awoke in an entirely different body, inside of a polar opposite world. Kings and Queens? Magic? Dragons? Gryphons? Even vampires? Follow Caesar on his journey as he once again attempts to reach the top of the world, but this time, he will do it as no man, but a vampire instead!

Wing and Fury (WarMage Redux Book 6)

Martha Carr - 2022

A Year Without Summer

Shreyan Laha - 2020
    Kolkata had frozen to its lowest of -15 degreecelcius. Widespread diseases were common. Sharat was no exception as he was forced to quit his Zamindar lifestyle after his parents died. On the other hand in 2018, there was Niharika, living in the best of times - in a fairly modern society. She loved her life - her group of friends, her family and everything around her. Little did they know that something awaited them far away in a deserted civilisation 6 billion years into the future; in the planet Nocturne which was ravaged by compounds of a rare element called Barrenium. A Year Without Summer is a tale on how lives can intertwine with no restrictions in space time and dimensions.

The Sum of All Magic (Dragon’s Daughter Book 6)

Kevin McLaughlin - 2021

Northern Realm Royal Bears Shfter Box Set

Lisa Daniels - 2020
    Trust is for fools, but from the first dayI’ve wanted to trust him.Usually, a handsome or beautiful face only leads to pain.But Adrik is not like anyone I’ve ever known.Not only is he a bear shifter,He is sweet, kind, and caring.He is everything that my family is not.I’m not sure if I can accept that he cares about me,But I know that I want to believe it.This Box Set Includes:Northern Realm Royal Bears PrequelFavina's Royal RansomDevora's Royal RansomIlya's Royal RansomMyra's Royal Ransom

The Swordsman of Fae

A.L. Issett - 2016
    During an attack, 16 y/o Josh left for dead by his frightened brother and is taken by the goblins and experimented on. Josh is reforged as Crux, a warrior without equal capable of feats even human mages cannot perform. No one has seen a warrior like Crux who in the upcoming war will show all how dangerous he can be.