Book picks similar to
Red Light by Thom Lane


Wrong Number, Right Guy

Mia Watts - 2011
    The fact that Ryan is gay has been kept secret, thanks to his hard-working agent, and Ryan reluctantly plays along with the ruse.One night, Dar Phillips misdials a telephone number, but the guy on the other end of the line sounds sexy and funny so Dar keeps the conversation flowing. The man claims to be working on the upcoming Ryan Pierce film and invites Dar to meet him face-to-face at the movie studio. Dar eagerly agrees, but he’s not interested in meeting the film’s star, only the “wrong-number guy” whose voice on the telephone so enthralled and excited him.When the men finally meet, and Dar discovers the true identity of the stranger on the phone, sparks instantly fly...until the paparazzi show up and claim that Dar sold Ryan’s secret to the tabloids...


Silvia Violet - 2012
    Blake is a research librarian, and he likes things orderly and controlled, except in his secret fantasies where he craves a big, powerful man like Greg to shake things up.Every time Blake tries to talk to his erudite neighbor, his brain shuts down and his vocabulary consists of one-word utterances. When a few shots of after-dinner whiskey loosen Blake's inhibitions, the two men share a hot kiss and the promise of more. If Blake can let go enough to give Greg a real chance, his life might be forever changed.

Great Restorations

Libby Drew - 2010
    Sawyer, in town to deal with his grandfather's estate, wastes no time in revealing his romantic interest in Marc, but their promising first evening ends badly with Sawyer as adamant about broadcasting his sexuality as Marc is about hiding his. But when Sawyer hires Marc to restore his grandfather's house, their intense attraction grows into an emotional connection neither can resist. During the renovations, family secrets and other surprises come to light, and Sawyer must face his past when a tragedy threatens Marc's livelihood. But not every obstacle is surmountable, and even with Sawyer by his side, Marc might lose everything.

Clay's Challenge

Cassandra Gold - 2011
    Partying and one-night stands have gotten old, but how’s a boy supposed to find someone when nobody looks beyond his surface to the man inside? A wilderness retreat seems like just the ticket for proving he’s more than everyone else believes—until he actually gets there. Everything is a lot more difficult than he expected, including the man he’s partnered with for the week. Sexy, surly Trent Raines is a puzzle Clay would love to solve, but the man pushes him away at every turn. Totally out of his element and stuck with a survival partner who barely tolerates him, it’s not long Clay starts to wonder if he’s made a huge mistake. If Clay can get through the week, he just might find himself… and a lot more.

Follow The Sun

R.J. Scott - 2012
    He has the weight of the world on his shoulders. With the stress of his job, the loss of his friend, and faced with his own medical crisis, Lucas arrives on the white sands of Sapphire Cay gray and exhausted. His only thought is to see his sister married and happy.Dylan Gray is a free-spirited traveler who literally follows the sun. Never settling in one place for long, he earns his way from state to state and continent to continent. But there’s something about Sapphire Cay that draws him back over and over. A feeling of home.


Ariel Tachna - 2011
    To do that, he needs a co-driver he can trust. If only he could find one….At the end of a disastrous season, Daniel’s manager replaces his incompetent co-driver with Frank Dufour, a young Canadian whose rally team let him go because he was gay. Daniel’s in heaven, thinking he might find more than just a teammate, but his manager puts the brakes on, declaring Frank firmly off limits. Frank isn’t any more ready to risk his second—and last—chance at making it in the WRC, no matter how attractive he finds Daniel. Sex and cars don’t mix.Amidst a bitter rivalry with another driver, sabotage attempts, extreme weather conditions, and the stress of racing, Daniel and Frank forge a partnership that defies the odds, but just as things start to heat up between them, a family emergency calls Frank away. Will they find their way back together or will the separation and the spotlight be too much for their fledgling love to survive?

Firsts and Forever

Elizah J. Davis - 2012
    Every breath, every action, it's all fresh and new and charged with lust.PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Two men are sharing a moment of domesticity, standing side by side, brushing their teeth together. This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Love is Always Write" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.Read the story here or find it in Love Is Always Write: Volume 3.

Country Soul

Remmy Duchene - 2011
    After his confession to homosexuality, his record label forced him out and after his latest world tour, he decided to give it all up. It breaks his heart to think of never doing music again but he just feels so broken.Marques Lopez is a music exec who knows a good thing and a good man when he hears and sees them; and boy is Jackson Rawlings a good thing. But how is he supposed to put Jackson together again when he's been broken so many times?

All The Things You Are

M. Jules Aedin - 2009
    Kai is a Japanese-American anthropology student who believes romance and marriage are empty societal constructs. When they meet by chance in San Francisco, they're swept away by their mutual attraction. But if they want a relationship to survive, they both must learn to see past their differences to accept each other for who they are.

Home to Cedarwood

Megan Slayer - 2015
    He’s looking for a new start after a bad breakup, but he never expected that start to include his old crush, Officer Jordan Hargrove. Jordan hasn’t come out, but if he can score with Colin, then he’s all in. He’s dreamed of hot nights with the quiet man.After a speeding ticket and some hurt feelings, sparks fly between the bookstore owner and the police officer, but Cedarwood is a small town with small town values, and a gay couple isn’t what the town expects. Colin’s created a support group for single gay fathers and he feels he’s making some difference in Cedarwood. Some folks in Cedarwood are fine with these two men reconnecting, but some aren’t.Will the naysayers be enough to drive Colin and Jordan apart, or will they make their way together in this small town.

Hostile Beauty

Vanessa North - 2013
    Andrew's grateful for the help of his erstwhile brother-in-law, David, until the help turns up in the form of PR guru Levi Beaumont, Andrew's every fantasy come to life.Levi is beautiful, smart, and righteous. When his mentor, David asks him to take on a difficult client for the PR firm, Levi agrees, in spite of a very real risk to his career working with non-profits to get them the attention they deserve. He knows facing off against a powerful politician could destroy his career, but he agrees out of loyalty to his mentor. Andrew and Levi are thrown into tense proximity as they work to protect Andrew and expose Wexford. As Andrew opens his tightly-guarded private life to Levi, hostility turns to respect, respect to passion, and the stakes go much deeper than career or reputation

Not a Word

Dawn Sister - 2015
    He doesn’t speak to anyone. Avoiding conversation is easier than the pity and impatience he senses from everyone the moment he opens his mouth and nothing comes out. Since he split up with his partner years before, he hasn’t had much to do with anyone and that has suited him just fine. He has his dog, Zen, for company. Zen doesn’t care that Niall can’t get through an entire sentence without stuttering. Zen is all Niall needs. And that’s how it would have stayed until the day a new neighbour moves in next door.Zak is Niall’s exact opposite—twenty-three years Niall’s junior, bubbly, gregarious and never shuts up. His arrival fills Niall’s quiet life with constant noise and constant company. Zen appears to have defected, and Zak doesn’t seem to even notice that Niall rarely speaks. Gradually, Zak’s endless patience brings Niall out of his shell. To Niall’s surprise, he suddenly has a friend, a confidante and perhaps something more.And he didn’t even have to say a word.This story was originally written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Love is an Open Road" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.A new, extended version is now available with Beaten Track Publishing.

All That Glitters

Kate Sherwood - 2018
    But as he approaches midlife and realizes something is missing, can he forgive himself for the worst mistake he ever made—the one that left a hole no amount of career success can fill? Or will fear keep him from the full life he really wants?Liam and Ben were childhood sweethearts, then college boyfriends. But when Liam cheated on Ben, Ben forced himself to cut ties and move on. He’s still living in the small town where they grew up, teaching, but it’s not the life he imagined for himself as a younger man. Still, when Liam returns, he can’t risk his heart again. He certainly can’t allow himself to love Liam again after fighting so hard to get over him.Neither man wants to let go of the past and face their apprehension at starting over. They don’t want to fall in love a second time—but sometimes love happens whether it’s wanted or not.

Gio's Dream

Carol Lynne - 2008
    His father's heart surgery and the consequent need for a slower lifestyle pulled Gio from the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Now in Kansas City, Gio sets out to help his father save a dying downtown business. There's only one problem. How is he supposed to work with his dad's business partner and best friend? After years of dreaming, Gio's ready to start doing. But how do you tell your father's best friend you're in love with him?

The Uncut Wood

Slade James - 2021
    This year I’m more determined than ever to win because I’ve got skin in the game.I fell in love with Gunner the first night I met him. Two and a half years later, I’m still deep in the friend zone. I can’t go another season without telling him how I feel.The wager is: if I win, he has to go on a date with me.The Uncut Wood is a 12,000-word short story prequel to the Bear Camp series, featuring friends to lovers, a cabin in the woods, and a kilt-wearing lumberjack. This story can be read as a standalone.