Alien Admiral’s Mistress: Alien Abduction Breeder Romance (Timegate Mars Book 4)

Scarlett Grove - 2021

The Good Guys Chronicles: Books 1-3

Eric Ugland - 2020

A Magnolia Move-In (The Red Stiletto Book Club #7)

Anne-Marie Meyer - 2021

Walker Billionaire Brothers Romance Series

Ayla Long - 2021
    Are you ready for these hot billionaire brothers?Billionaire Brother’s Interior DesignerBillionaire Brother’s Club ManagerBillionaire Brother Rock StarBillionaire Brother’s EscortBillionaire Brother’s Fake WifeBillionaire Brother’s ModelBillionaire Brother’s RevengeBillionaire Brother’s WeddingBillionaire Brother’s Second ChanceBillionaire Brother’s HandlerAll have an HEA.


Erik Colombe - 2018
    John died and was reincarnated into a world that resembles his favorite RPG. His in-game level carried over with him and he is overpowered in this run-down world. Keeping his stats secret he looks for a way home, but there are others, reincarnated with stats from their own games hunting for him.

Billionaire So Very Hot Romance Series

Mia Brown - 2021

The Guesthouse on the Green Box Set

Michelle Vernal - 2021
    Settle in and enjoy your stay at O'Mara's, where stories abound, romance lurks and laughter sounds.  A jilted bride, a girl with a secret to hide, and an unforgettable Mammy and daughter trip! Read the first three stories in The Guesthouse in the Green series today. O'Mara's A jilted bride to be, a woman with a secret past and a pesky red fox If Aisling O’Mara hadn’t winged her way home to the Emerald Isle to take over the running of the family guesthouse, she’d never have met Marcus, and her heart wouldn’t have been broken. She’s been trying to put her life back together since he left, but now he’s back and says he’s sorry. Can she trust him again? Moira Lisa Smile A girl with a Mona Lisa smile, a woman who wants to confront her demons and that pesky red fox Moira O’Mara’s developed an annoyingly enigmatic Mona Lisa smile of late when talking about her new man. She’s not ready to share him with her family, not just because they treat her like a baby. Look at the way they go on at her about her drinking? It’s not a problem, she likes a party, who doesn’t? No, he’s her secret, and for now, it has to stay that way, but keeping secrets can be tricky and knowing when you’ve gone too far can be even tougher. What Goes on Tour Join Moira and Mammy on their hilarious journey of self-discovery Moira and Maureen O’Mara aren’t on your usual mother, daughter trip. You won’t spot them browsing the shops on Grafton Street, followed by a spot of lunch in Dublin’s iconic Bewleys. Oh no, Moira and her mammy have just arrived in Vietnam.

The Fae Mage

Whiskey Flowers - 2018
    His stepmother hated him almost immediately, Fae were looked down upon and to make matters worse when Glen developed magic it was so weak many began to pity his family. Despite his handicap Glen was determined to make a go of it, when the powerful Salsian Empire invaded his kingdom many magic users in the kingdom found they were no threat for these new invaders. What the invaders did not count on however, was facing the Fae Mage.

The Silver Chair

Perspecty - 2016
    Narnia...where owls are wise, where some of the giants like to snack on humans, where a prince is put under an evil spell...and where the adventure begins. Eustace and Jill escape from the bullies at school through a strange door in the wall, which, for once, is unlocked. It leads to the open moor...or does it? Once again Aslan has a task for the children, and Narnia needs them. Through dangers untold and caverns deep and dark, they pursue the quest that brings them face and face with the evil Witch. She must be defeated if Prince Rillian is to be saved.

The Undoing: The uncertain nights of the Peterson children

Gloria Watson - 2014
    wants power and excitement. Driven by his psychopathy, he plans and executes horrific acts of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse against his five children. Gripping and horrific, not for the faint of heart.

Final Whistle

J. Jackson Bentley - 2010
    As Alex Carter tries to deal with the death of his friend he finds himself inextricably drawn into a world of ‘in play’ betting corruption that threatens everything he holds dear. Can he recover from injury and overcome depression quickly enough to save himself, his family and the game he loves? Only time will tell. J Jackson Bentley’s fast paced soccer thriller is authentic and absorbing as it races along at the speed of light, it is told in around 95,000 words.

Superguy (Superpowers Series Book 1)

T. Jackson King - 2016
    Ever since he was four years old he’s been able to teleport himself to distant places, read minds and move stuff around with mind power. But growing up in Los Alamos, home of the atomic bomb and lots of scientists, taught him the dangers of standing out. With both parents dead, he holds down a simple job but wonders what he should do with his life. Help people in danger? Block terrorist schemes? Become famous for his unique abilities? Watching him is FBI Special Agent Janet Van Groot, newly assigned to monitor adult children of people who work at the national labs, in hopes of catching a hidden foreign spy. What happens after Jeff’s first rescue effort leads him, Janet and the entire nation into a future no one could have expected.

Snow Rush

James Easton - 2020
    But the quiet resort is about to become the venue for a brutal clash between dangerous men who feed on violence and a woman of honour who won’t back down.Ex-firearms cop, Carolina Carrasco, is reluctantly chaperoning precocious teenager Miguel on a snowboarding trip when a group of heavy-duty criminals moves in next door. So does Robin King, a journalist chasing a career-defining interview with the gang’s leader, the notorious Jean Haim.A chance event leads Carolina and Haim into a deadly game of cat and mouse. When Haim targets Miguel, Carolina unleashes in defending him and there is only one way it can end.Snow Rush is a fast, violent, sexy origin story for Carolina Carrasco, a hero who works, loves, and always, always shoots straight.

A Spy by Nature / The Spanish Game

Charles Cumming - 2011
    So when a chance encounter leads him to MI6, Alec thinks he’s landed the perfect job for his talents. But working alone, relying on instinct, he’s soon spinning a web of deception that has him caught between his new masters and powerful opponents. For in his new line of work the difference between the truth and a lie can be the difference between life and death. And Alec is having trouble telling them apart …The Spanish GameAlec Milius quit the spying game six years ago – or so he thought.Living in exile in Madrid, he is lured back into a brutal world of lies and deception by the mysterious disappearance of a prominent politician. Forced to work alone, without the support of his former masters in London, Alec comes face to face with the nightmare of modern terror. And this time there's no-one to call for help…

Corruption in the O.R.

Barbara Ebel - 2019
     Anesthesiologist Viktoria Thorsdottir is no ordinary physician and she’s accustomed to working temporary assignments. In her travels, however, she’s never been greeted by such a stark, icy-cold reception from O.R. personnel like the one she encounters at Masonville General. ˃˃˃ Viktoria is an expert at making her patients comfortable, so why do they continue to feel pain? Dr. Thorsdottir discovers that there are forces at work in this Northern Pennsylvania hospital that she doesn’t understand; forces that the doctors in charge pretend don’t exist. In the face of growing animosity towards her, she begins to stealthily monitor the nurse anesthetists she supervises, and must become as diabolical as they are to discover the disturbing truth of the community’s anesthesia services. As Viktoria’s situation becomes more complex, it is apparent that there is more than one sinister secret hidden in the department! ˃˃˃ This is Book One in the Outlander Physician Series. Scroll up and Grab Your Copy of Corruption in the O.R. today.