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Dancing Tides by Vickie McKeehan


Celestial Desire

Abbie Zanders - 2015
    Pet a snake. Get a tattoo. Have wild, hot sex with a gorgeous stranger. Recently divorced from her abusive ex, Celeste Harrison is creating a new life for herself, and hot ex-Marine Zane Fagan is perfect for crossing at least one item off her bucket list. Celeste isn’t Zane’s usual type, but there’s something about her that keeps him coming back for more. In addition to being sweet and incredibly sexy, she’s smart, funny, and when he’s with her, the demons that haunt him are quiet. It’s all fun and games until her ex tracks her down. Then Zane must decide if he is going to be the man she thinks he is, or the man he was.


London Casey - 2016
    There's a bullet waiting for me as punishment, but in the meantime, I'm sent to protect Winter from someone who wants to kill her.Our destination for the grave isn't the only thing we have in common. The attraction is instant. But she's grieving and I'm broken. She comes with more than natural curves and enough beauty to tame a fighter's wild heart.She comes with secrets.I need to focus on keeping her alive and nothing else. But then I start asking questions... and the truth changes us both forever.They told me to protect her. I didn't plan on falling for her.~*~Karolyn is the author of the bestselling rockstar romance series BROTHERS OF ROCK. Under the pen name London Casey, she has written the chart topping motorcycle romance series BACK DOWN DEVIL MC.Don't miss any releases from Karolyn by signing up for her mailing list here (also includes mailing list ONLY contest, offers, ARC books, etc.) social with Karolyn here...KarolynWrites.comOn Twitter up on Karolyn James books on*~Ana is the author of the bestselling motorcycle romance serial series, DEVIL CALL MC. Other projects have included BY HIS COMMAND, FULL MOON MERCY, & RAW RIVER WILD.Don't miss out on *new releases* *excerpts* *cover reveals* and some great *contests* ... sign up for the *official* Ana W. Fawkes newsletter RIGHT NOW: up on Ana Fawkes books on

Lover's Intuition

Noelle Greene - 2015
    On the night she meets reclusive vineyard owner Will Holloway, her sixth sense goes haywire.Although Camille’s intuition whispers that evil will strike, she doesn’t know when, why, or where.Sweet and sexy Camille is Will’s worst nightmare. She’s the only one who senses deep passion beneath his icy indifference. But tenderness checked out of Will’s soul long ago, and logic — unlike the people he loved — has never abandoned him.After a friend is brutally murdered, Camille resolves to use her psychic gift to help find the killer. Now she and Will are in the crosshairs of a sociopath with powers of his own and a shocking secret.Camille must outsmart both the sociopath and the drug cartel thugs tailing him, or she and Will won’t survive to find the love they deserve.If you like intense romance with a touch of the supernatural, you’ll enjoy Lover’s Intuition, Book 1 in the Blue Mill Intuition series.

Danger Incorporated Books 1 - 3

Olivia Jaymes - 2016
    She and Jason are instantly attracted to one another but the evening quickly goes down hill when she ends up in the interrogation room of the local police. An unknown dead man had her address clutched in his hand. The authorities – and Jason – think she’s the key to finding a cold-blooded murderer. With a first date like that Brinley’s not sure she’ll survive a second. Then again she’s never met anyone like Jason. The ex-DEA agent is not the typical boy-next-door. He’s all man. And with a little luck, he could become all hers. They just have to stay alive long enough to catch a killer. HIDING FROM DANGER: Georgette “Gigi” Sidney is a woman on the run. Her ex-boyfriend’s love was controlling, obsessive, and deadly. Now she’s hiding out in Tremont, Montana spending her days as a waitress and her nights in West Anderson’s bed. She ought to be moving on to the next town but her feelings for the handsome detective have complicated her plans. When Gigi’s past interferes with the present she has to finally tell West the truth…about everything. She needs twenty-four hour protection and he’s just the man for the job. If West has his way there will be no more running, no more excuses, and no more lies. He’s determined to put the past to rest so that he can be her future. All he has to do is catch a madman and keep her alive while doing it. INDECENT DANGER: Successful businessman Travis Anderson is thrilled to be escorting Aubrey Grayson on a romantic and elegant weekend getaway in Florida. Unlike the women before her, she doesn’t care about the beautiful gowns and fancy jewels. What she does care about is bumping into a hateful man from her past who decides it would be fun to tell Travis all the shameful secrets she has tried so hard to hide. When a dead body shows up as an uninvited guest, Aubrey quickly becomes a suspect and has to come clean to Travis about everything. Nothing in the world could be worse than admitting the whole sordid story… unless it’s being branded a killer. But there’s no way Travis is going to allow Aubrey to go to prison for a murder she didn’t commit. If he has to catch the real killer himself, that’s just what he’ll do.

Dangerous to Love

Toni AndersonPamela Clare - 2020
    I couldn't put it down!” —New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh on COLD SIGHTDANGEROUS TO LOVE is a limited-time boxed set of TEN full-length novels by some of the most exciting Romantic Suspense authors in the business.Included in the box set: Cold & Deadly by Toni Anderson Desperate Play by Barbara Freethy Endgame by Dee Davis Cold Sight by Leslie A. Kelly Watch Me by Cynthia Eden Broken With You by J. Kenner The Coming Home Series Boxed Set by Meli Raine Blindsided by Gwen Hernandez Hard Target by Pamela Clare Covert Evidence by Rachel Grant"Powerful and absorbing! Barbara Freethy writes sheer hold-your-breath suspense." —New York Times bestselling author Karen Robards “Grant sets a new gold standard for romantic suspense." —New York Times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz"With a hot love story and a cold-hearted villain, ENDGAME is romantic intrigue at its best.” —New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart“Toni Anderson delivers another fantastic read with COLD & DEADLY. Her crisp writing, attention to detail, characters that walk off the page and taut suspense put this book on my keeper shelf!” — USA Today bestselling author Rita Herron"Clare is a dazzling talent.” —New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster“Blindsided is a thoroughly entertaining, fast-paced romantic thriller that makes excellent use of the cyber-crime plotline.” —All About Romance

The Thief

V.R. Marks - 2012
    On the run with incriminating evidence, she heads for the safety of her hometown where she can hide in plain sight among the close knit community where everyone knows her and she’ll definitely be innocent until proven guilty.Since his separation from the Army, Ross Carpenter has made a name for himself and his private security firm, often recovering things and resolving situations people prefer to keep off the police record. When a new client brings him a photo of his high school sweetheart, accusing Allie of serious crimes, Ross must get involved. Even if it means returning to the hometown he left behind and the woman who stole his heart.

The SEAL's Surprise Baby

Rachel McNeely - 2018
    At least not until he rescued Kayla Townsend in the parking lot outside Ace’s Bar and Grill. Kayla secretly longed to meet Jackson, but her distrust of men kept her away from him. After he rescues her, she relaxes her guard and they spend one night of passion which leads to more. Kayla’s old fears of distrust returns when Jackson doesn’t call her after their time together. She fears it’s over and then an unexpected pregnancy changes everything. When Jackson returns and danger stalks Kayla, Jackson will do anything to keep her and their unborn child safe.

Dangerously Taken

Sidney Bristol - 2018
    She hoped she'd put her days dodging bullets behind her. Now, her only salvation is in the arms of a slow-talking man who makes her heart remember what it's like to love again. Retired Army Ranger Riley Smith knows what it's like to fight the past every time he closes his eyes. Erin's dark, haunted eyes only tell a fraction of her story, and when she reaches for comfort, he can't tell her no. She makes this broken man want to be whole again. The closer Erin and Riley get to the truth behind Erin's kidnapping the more dangerous their path becomes. Someone wants Erin silenced at any price. Riley can’t let that happen, but keeping her alive means facing that their no strings attached arrangement is a lie. Aegis Group Lepta Team: an Aegis Group spin-off Dangerously Taken Dangerously Involved (2018) Dangerously Deceived (2018) Dangerously Broken (2019) Dangerously Entwined (2019) Aegis Group Dangerous Attraction Dangerous in Training Dangerous Games Dangerous Assignment Dangerous Protector Dangerous Secrets More soon! Aegis Group Alpha Team: an Aegis Group spin-off Dangerous in Love Dangerous in Action Dangerous in Transit Dangerous in Motion Dangerous in Charge Twisted Royals: an Aegis Group spin-off Twisted Royals Origin Story Alpha Prince Her Prince Bad Boy Prince Noble Prince Ransom Texas SWAT; an Aegis Group spin off Fighting Redemption Stolen Redemption (2018) Reckless Redemption (coming soon) Hot Redemption (coming soon) Rebel Redemption (coming soon) Filthy Redemption (coming soon) Body of Danger Heart of Danger Mind of Danger (2018) Soul of Danger (2019) Gone Geek; an Aegis Group spin off Beauty and the Geek Mr. Purr-fect and the Geek The Jock and the Geek The Gamer and the Geek The Adorkable Girl and the Geek The Fake Boyfriend and the Geek

Angel Eyes

Jaycee Clark - 2006
    Psychic Cora O'Donnell doesn't care what the majority of people think about her. She's got her successful new age shop, Mystic Moons, and now dark, strange dreams keeping her busy. Rogan Duran, ex special ops, is tracking a killer he swore he'd find if it took him the rest of his life. What he doesn't plan on is a woman he thinks is weird. Rogan tells himself he's just sticking around to keep Cora safe. Cora doesn't want anything to do with the know-it-all, she just wants her peace back, and no amount of yoga is giving it to her. But she can't argue with one fact. There is a killer out there and not only can she sense him, she's got what he wants.eyes a pale hypnotic blue. She knows sooner or later she'll be the next woman the killer goes after. The one with Angel Eyes.

Make it Rain

Terri Marie - 2013
    He'd just narrowly escaped a five-year relationship with a nutcase. All he had to worry about now was avoiding damsels in distress, his weakness, and sheltering his brothers from generations of family secrets that could change their lives forever.Renee Preston is on the run. Her abusive husband, Robert, is after her…but so is Tyler Montclair. She doesn't need a knight in shining armor to rescue her, so she avoids him like the plague. But every time she closes her eyes, there he is. Up close and personal.But for these two lost souls, fate has a different plan. Before they know it, their lives are entwined in ways they could have never imagined. When an unlikely series of events sends everyone's world into a tailspin, the Montclairs band together for a fight they never expected.Castle Lake is their destination. The family secrets could be their undoing. Robert could be their demise.

Tahoe Blues

Aubree Lane - 2014
    In her quest for a new life, Cara is able to reconnect with some old friends. She finds a new home, a new love and a new piece of jewelry around her ankle. Under house arrest and accused of a crime she didn’t commit, Cara must rely on a funky group of misfits to uncover the truth and set her free. Believing himself above society’s mores, Duncan Alexander doesn’t know what he has until his beautiful college professor wife walks in and finds him in bed with another woman. Losing Cara is not an option and Duncan will do anything to get her back. With a family whose wealth was built on profiteering during the Prohibition years, Duncan is not above doing what he deems necessary to retrieve his queen. His family sits on the sidelines. They have given Duncan free rein, but in the end will Duncan be able to retain his throne?

Laws of Attraction

Diana Duncan - 2012
    When their quests for vengeance collide, Undercover DEA Agent Dallas McQuade and Mia Linden, a disbarred lawyer whose personal life has been destroyed by drug lord Esteban Montoya, are forced into a reluctant partnership—and a quickie Las Vegas wedding.Dallas vows to protect his temporary wife, but Mia has plans of her own, and they don't include leaving all the heavy lifting—or bullet-dodging—to Dallas.Neither of them planned on falling in lust, let alone love. But they can’t fight the passion…and emotions…ricocheting between them.But will Dallas choose vengeance—or love?Maybe they can heal each other. And their make-believe marriage can become real.If they survive.

Allen Securities Box Set #1

Madison Stevens - 2015
    Three women in danger ...This box set contains the first three novels of the Allen Securities series:Book 1: ReedBook 2: KaceBook 3: Liam** * * * * * * * * * * **Book 1: REED:Olivia Cross left behind her abusive alcoholic mother to move on to a better life, a new job at a library and a chance to actually get ahead. All of that is threatened when her brother drags her back into the seedy world of greed, violence and corruption she’s tried desperately to flee.Private security contractor Reed Allen isn’t about to let a burning attraction rope him in again. He’s already felt the sting of letting his heart rather than his head lead him. He’s just there to do the job and get paid, even if a certain spunky beautiful librarian has him feeling things he thought long since buried.Keeping Olivia safe is the easy part. Resisting their passionate urges could prove to be much harder.They’ll have to mend their broken hearts and move on from their painful pasts for a chance at a future.** * * * * * * * * * * **Book 2: KACE:Jessica Tamm is just trying to get ahead in life and escape the cloud of her father’s criminal past. Though, it’d probably help if she hadn’t taken a job managing a club owned by the head of the local Irish mob. As far as she’s concerned, her own discomfort is a minor price to pay to earn the money she needs for her sister’s education. Unfortunately, the Russians interested in taking over local organized crime don’t seem to care that her job has nothing to do with the criminal world of her boss.Monitoring the Russian and Irish mobs is just another step in the promotion ladder for cop Kace Allen, or at least that's what he keeps telling himself. Babysitting a mob boss club isn't what he’d call a fun time, but the scenery, particularly the sexy manager, is nice. Too bad he can't trust the daughter of a criminal who works for a criminal. He’s sworn to uphold the law, and no one, not even a beautiful woman, has made him question that before.When the temperature rises between the Russian and Irish factions and Jessica’s caught in the middle, Kace starts to see the lines between good and bad, law-abiding and criminal, are a lot blurrier than he ever realized.** * * * * * * * * * * **Book 3: LIAM:Meg Allen traveled to London to learn new skills for her brother’s security firm and try and bury her feelings for a certain sexy co-worker, Liam. A summer away in London hasn’t cooled the flames of passion. Equipped with a defiant attitude and a new hairdo, she has to face the man she’s pined after while also dealing with an unknown enemy targeting her home.Liam Grant is still coming to terms with his deepened and shocking connections to the Irish mob. He has to make a choice of either his blood family or the Allen family and his career at their security firm. With Meg threatened, he pushes aside his own concerns to focus on the investigation. Though he tells himself that his family connections are just another danger to Meg, his passion risks burning away his objectivity and could blind him to the truth of who is actually targeting the woman he desires.


Christopher Harlan - 2017
    Filled with action, suspense, true crime, and love stories, the New York City’s Finest series will take you on a roller coaster ride (sometimes literally) through the five boroughs of the city.REVIEW BLURBS:“Great book! There was a lot of substance to it, which I really liked...the author is a great writer! He's good at describing scenes, and I just liked the writing style in general.”“This book was outstanding! I simply couldn't put it down.”“Christopher Harlan does a phenomenal job of sharing the extremes of police work.”-Amazon ReviewersIn Calem, the first of the New York's Finest series from contemporary romance author Christopher Harlan, a renowned psychologist and an embattled NYPD detective join forces to end the city's reign of terror, finding salvation in each other in the process.Dr. Cordelia Summers is a brilliant psychologist. Well respected among her peers and patients alike, she lives only to help others with their problems. While consulting with her colleague on a case, she realizes that her feelings towards him are more than just friendly.Enter Detective Calem Walters: brave, intelligent, and a reluctant hero, he's the best the NYPD has to offer. He's worked some of the city's most dangerous cases and his latest may be the worst. His self-sacrificing nature calls him to duty, but he's struggling with the stress of a failed relationship, and the burden of a long chase with one of the worst criminals of his storied career. Can Cordelia help unburden him and help him catch the man who holds the city in his grasp?The events of book 1 take place in Manhattan. Book 2, Jesse, will be set in Queens.*Not suitable for readers under 18. Contains mature themes and situations of crimes which may not be appropriate for younger readers.


Anna Brooks - 2018
    Too young. The boss’s daughter. Forbidden.I knew it all along, but it didn’t change the absolute possession I felt when it came to her… nothing would change how I felt about her. So I did what I had to; I waited until the time was right to make her mine, only to find out there is one thing that could ruin it all.