Becoming Vexx: An Eve's Fury MC Prequel

Rae B. Lake - 2021

Devil's Due: Sarge (The Bedlam Horde MC 2)

Sarah Zolton Arthur - 2021
    She fights me at every turn, yet I can't stop thinking about her. Her disdain for most men is palpable, but I can't stop myself from making her aware of my presence—to touch her, to breathe her in. Her smart mouth is bound to get her in trouble and I can’t help but smile at the kind of trouble she’ll find with me.When an outside threat, a threat she’d been running from, catches up with her, threatening her life, which means threatening my plans for trouble, I’ll give everything I have to neutralize that threat and see her safe.GreerI’m not like the other women who sheltered at the safehouse in Texas. My problems with men were a different set of problems, and now they’ve caught up to me. If that’s not bad enough, I have Sarge to contend with. He’s pushy and loves to bark orders to hear himself speak. He’s also tall, tatted and a god among men who moves me to hurt him before he hurts me. A man like him, that’s exactly what will happen once he finds out my truths.This man has the power to ruin me more than any other, and I’m scared that I’m ready to let it happen.Gun the engine and prepare for one wild ride! USA Today Bestseller, Sarah Zolton Arthur, delivers sizzling romance mixed with a thrill a minute adventure in the Bedlam Horde series!

First Rage (Rage MC #6.5)

Elizabeth N. Harris - 2021
    A heart so full of love, it had been broken so many times. His blood rejected him, and he made family from Rage. He thought life was done, he'd received all the bounty life had to give. But life wasn't finished with him, not yet.At fifty-five life had sped by and she realised while she was busy, her life lacked love. Respected, educated, and a dedicated to her career, she had a spine of steel and generous heart. But she was lonely and that pair of sharp blue eyes was telling her she was missing something.Two lonely people who weren't even aware they were seeking a soulmate, come together. There's a twist coming that not even he could foresee, as the Founder of Rage, meets his match.

Reaper and Abby (Satan's Sons MC Book 4)

Simone Elise - 2021

Dragon Riders MC Series, Books 1-5

Savannah Rylan - 2021
    Motorcycle Romance best selling author, Savannah Rylan, brings you another series full of delicious biker boys and the sassy women who win their hearts.Murder and kidnapping all while fighting a rival gang.Life ain't easy being a Dragon Rider.But fire destroys everything in its path.And these boys know how to burn.LinkShe follows the law.I break it.Joanna is a damsel in distress.And hell, if I ain't her knight.She's a lawyer, and I'm deep in the MC life.We're complete opposites,But the way her hips sway?They don't know the difference.Her body calls to me, and I'm not saying no.She knows I'm no good for her.But when her sister is in trouble, and she needs my help?Suddenly we're on the same team.Rules are meant to be broken.And we're breaking all of them.BowserShe's off-limits.Definitely.So why can't I get Hope out of my mind?Joanna's little sister means trouble for me.Link told me to keep an eye on her.And I like what I see.But in order to keep her,I have to end Skeleton.Forever.The Red Pythons will help out.We'll destroy him from the inside.And then Hope can be mine.Right?AshNo one will touch her.Hannah is feisty AF.She's sassy and got a fire in her,That sets my sheets ablaze.But she's got a past.Hell, we all do.Her's involves an asshole ex,I'm going to have to deal with.She's not willing to take any risks with him around.And my girl can't feel like that.So I'll end him.Simple.Except nothing's simple in the club life.KnucklesRide or die.That's what they say right?Well right now, I don't know which to do.When Melanie shows up I know I'm in trouble.She was my foster sibling once.Off-limits.And now she's on her own.No family.Nobody to care for her.Except me.I always knew there was something more to us.But I didn't know she'd be mine forever.SlyI'm not supposed to love her.I didn't even try.When I met Tara I didn't know she was Chains' little sister.The cop who's investigating our club.She's not involved in any of this.She's the Juliet to my Romeo.And I'd do anything for her.But when the club decides to take down Skeleton once and for all,I know I can't put this innocent beauty in harm's way.Once he's dead?She's mine.


Nikki Riker - 2019
    Can she deal with him and how his bike club handles business?After Holly tries to help her brother with his gambling problem, she is forced to give herself up as some kind of servant to put off his death. She has no idea what she’s in for - but Cruz, her Keeper, is as gentle as he is brutal. If only his enemy didn’t know of his growing feelings for her.

The Miles Between Us

Kay Marie
    She plans to make it the best week ever before heading back home, where she's subjected to being the perfect daughter, student and friend.Easton Rhodes is on a vacation with some of his closest friends from the Marine Corps. It’ll be a weekend dedicated to cheering up his heartbroken friend and having the time of their lives. Which is much needed after everything he's gone through.What they never anticipated was to be meeting each other. The catalyst of their meeting was by happenstance. The sparks between the two of them are undeniable, but everyone in their lives tells them it’ll never last -- it’s just puppy love.Lynly and Easton are sure set to prove them wrong. They're both determined that nothing will keep them apart. Not college, or the Marine Corps, or the hundreds of miles between the two lovebirds.

The Right Curves: The Prequel To Big Girls Love Bad Boys Series

Summer Rose - 2021

Sandman's Awakening: Twisted Iron MC

Kayce Kyle - 2019
    It’s in my blood. I was born and bred MC. My father was the club’s original enforcer. When I was grown and man enough, I followed in his footsteps. What none of the brothers realize, is that my father wasn’t the same man at home as he was in the clubhouse. Having big boots to fill, I’ve always strived to be not only a better man than him in general, but a more lethal enforcer. The day I met Aria Stevens, she was my salvation, my light, the one person who made my miserable existence worth fighting for. The day I lost her was far worse than anything my twisted mind could fathom. From that moment on, Hawke ceased to exist, and Sandman was born.


The day I first laid eyes on Hawke Morgan is one I could never forget. I was new to our high school and when some ill-intended boys attempted to corner me, he was my only hope. After that, we were inseparable. He spent most evenings with me and my family. He never fully opened up to me about what was happening to him behind closed doors, but I knew it wasn’t good. After his father's passing, he began to bring me around the clubhouse and the people he called family. He seemed to be happier and our relationship grew and flourished rapidly. That was, of course, until the day I was taken. Even during my darkest nights, I never gave up hope that he would find me—and he did. Things will never be the same after this for either of us. And even though he’s fully embodied the road name Sandman, I know somewhere underneath it all is Hawke. My only problem now is convincing him of that. How can I assure him that he has been, and always will be, my savior? Or is it too late for us and the life we once dreamed of sharing?

Hellbound Lovers MC (Books 5-8): SETH, GUNNER, DIESEL, KNOX

Crimson Syn - 2018
    The Hellbound Lovers are tough, ride hard, and love fiercely. And when they set their heart on something, There’s nothing stopping them from getting what they want. Especially when that something involves top of the line curves That make their engines rumble and purr like a smooth dream. When these men fall, they fall hard, And when impending danger threatens what they love most They’ll do whatever it takes to protect it. Duty and honor collide with wild passion in this sexy and dirty MC Romance.

Wayward Ryder (Wayward Saints MC, Novella)

K. Renee - 2016
    She broke my heart when we were eighteen and never looked back.Instead like the fucking idiot I am, I answer it and save the damsel in distress.I want answers and I’m not letting her leave until I get them.

Black Angels MC, Books 1-3

R.A. Black - 2019
    Get ready to be consumed by the breathtaking and sensual Black Angel MC complete series! Outlawed Lust: I won’t hesitate to get my hands bloody for her. I saw the pain in Elizabeth’s eyes when I rescued her from an attacker. Quiet, mousy, and beautiful. The girl is cloaked under the invisibility of dirt and stigma. She keeps to herself in the community of homeless people. But I will not let her painful past haunt her anymore. Her scars tell a story that makes my blood boil. I see her. I want her. I thought Black Angels was my only obsession until I met her. The club was formed after my brother’s tragic death. It transformed my life. It gave me the power and reach I need to save Elizabeth. And I will not stop at anything until she’s safe in my arms. I need to mark her as mine. Forever. Vengeful Wrath: Black Angels has been a rollercoaster for me. I’m known for being a magnet for serious trouble. And that’s exactly what I attract the night I see her for the first time. Amaya… She’s a rockstar and I can’t tear my eyes away from her tight, leather pants. Hell, I can barely handle watching her set the stage on fire. I go for what I want. So, it doesn’t take me long to make my obsession known to her. The hiccup, though? A vicious betrayal by the one person closest to her. Now she thinks that our relationship meant nothing more than a fling to me. But I’m about to prove her wrong. And I’ll destroy anyone that tries to come in my way. Broken Pride: The club was my entire life. That is, until I met her. I’m the wrong man for Sophie. Drugs, danger, and death. My work requires me to pay a heavy price. These past 16 years have been a mistake. And what’s worse? My destructive life could get her killed. She’s too innocent. Protecting her is my duty. Her luscious curves, my obsession. I need to make her mine. To claim her sweet body. But she’s about to find out what I’m made of. Can she get past the darkness that’s hidden within me? The club was my entire life. That is, until I met her. I’m the wrong man for Sophie. Drugs, danger, and death. My work requires me to pay a heavy price. These past 16 years have been a mistake. And what’s worse? My destructive life could get her killed. She’s too innocent. Protecting her is my duty. Her luscious curves, my obsession. I need to make her mine. To claim her sweet body. But she’s about to find out what I’m made of. Can she get past the darkness that’s hidden within me?

Night Rebels Motorcycle Club Series (Books 1 - 4): Night Rebels MC Romance Box Set

Chiah Wilder - 2019
     Four full-length, heart-pounding MC romances filled with suspense, explosive chemistry, and hot bikers who will take you on a fast and steamy ride. Book One: STEEL Steel is the fierce and feared President of the Night Rebels MC, one of the most notorious outlaw clubs in Colorado. With his tatted muscular body, ebony hair, and green eyes, he is a magnet to women. Never turning away a sexy body, he indulges in casual sex, but nothing more. Until he meets his daughter’s feisty social worker, Breanna. Their attraction is intense. Steel has his hands full when danger comes knocking at his door. Time is running out as a dark force threatens to destroy his family and Breanna—the woman whom he has vowed to make his own. Book Two: MUERTO Muerto, six feet of muscles and tats, is an officer in the Night Rebels MC. Women clamor to him, but he’s never found a woman who stirs something deep inside him. Until Raven comes into the club’s pool hall, hustles the customers, and then gives him some attitude. Her boldness and sassiness pique his interest, and her smoky gray eyes pull him right in. Raven is drawn to the handsome biker, but she’s sure he’s nothing but a heartbreaker. Slowly she lets her guard down and allows herself to trust him. But unknown to her, someone is lurking in the darkness watching her ... waiting to strike. Will Muerto be able to save her in time? Book Three: DIABLO Diablo, Sergeant-At-Arms of the Night Rebels MC, doesn’t chase women the way his fellow brothers do. Even though women flock to him, he pushes them away. His past haunts him and rage burns deep inside him. But when he sees Fallon—his employer’s daughter—her hazel eyes reflect sadness and regret, and he’s drawn to the loneliness that fills her up. He knows he should stay away from her but he can’t. Fallon doesn’t trust men, but when her eyes lock with Diablo’s, she sees kindness behind his rough and gruff exterior. Just when Fallon and Diablo learn to trust each other, shadows from years ago emerge from the darkness, turning their world upside down. Book Four: GOLDIE Goldie, Road Captain of the Night Rebels MC, loves women and women love him. He’s a simple man who only needs his Harley, whiskey, and women—in that order. But when his best friend's little sister stumbles into his tattoo shop, wanting an ink job on her sexy bottom, his easy life becomes complicated. Hailey can’t believe what a hunk her brother’s best friend turned out to be all these years later. She’s always had a crush on him, and now they are both all grown up. Goldie appreciates that Hailey has filled out so nicely in all the right places, and he knows he should stay away from her. She’s off limits and he should forget all about her. The problem is that he can’t Hailey or her sweet tattoo out of his mind. Forbidden love never tasted so sweet. Now all they have to do is make sure no one finds out and all will be good. Yeah … right. Each of the books in the Insurgents MC Romance Series are standalone romance novels. The books contain violence, sexual assault (not graphic), strong language, and steamy/graphic sexual scenes. They describe the life and actions of an outlaw motorcycle club. HEA. No cliffhangers.

The Locklaine Boys: The Complete Series

Jessica Prince - 2019
    A volatile combination that should never work together. Unfortunately, fate has other ideas. A spark like theirs left ignored has a tendency to burn out of control, leaving everyone to wonder who will be left standing when it finally explodes. OPPOSITES ATTRACT They are complete opposites in every single way. But for some reason, fate has decided to force the two of them together. Despite the chemistry, they're determined to fight the attraction growing between them. Besides, what could a florist with horrible taste in music and an attorney from Connecticut ever really have in common? ALMOST PERFECT A man with a hero complex and a woman with a fierce independent streak should never work. However, fate has other ideas. Besides, sex that good can't be a fluke, right? With an attraction like theirs, Devon and Collin have no other choice but to dive in and see where it leads them.

Wild Kings MC

Erin Osborne - 2018
    **This book is intended for mature audiences, 18+