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Planning with Kids by Nicole Avery


Creative Home Schooling: A Resource Guide for Smart Families

Lisa Rivero - 2002
    Parents will turn to curriculum chapters again and again. Features interviews and tips from many home school parents as well as long lists of resources. 430 pages of tips and tools!

The Complete Sleep Guide For Contented Babies Toddlers

Gina Ford - 2003
    Getting enough sleep is vital for the health of a growing baby or toddler, and the sanity of mums and dads. Yet striking the right balance between their differing needs can be hard to achieve. Once sleep problems set in, they can fast demoralise and exhaust parents, undermining confidence in their ability to cope.Gina Ford has come to the rescue with her answer: the key to a good night's sleep for the whole family lies in teaching parents to understand the changing sleep needs of their growing baby. This book informs and reassures parents, dispelling many common myths and anxieties and offering practical solutions that work.By creating a structure of regular feeding, sleeping and playing times, Gina explains how parents can help their baby to find a rhythm that will be comfortable for all concerned. Whether parents want to establish good sleeping habits from the start, or find they need to cure sleep problems and get their child back on track, Gina has the answers.

10 Secrets Wise Parents Know: Tried and True Things You Can Do to Raise Faithful, Confident, Responsible Children

Bruce A. Chadwick - 2004
    Top and Bruce A. Chadwick have done. Based on a major, ten-year study they conducted with more than 5,000 LDS teens and an additional 1,000 young adults, they have honed in on ten parenting principles that surfaced again and again in the happiest families. This book shares those principles in such chapters as "Build a Household of Faith," "Dare to Discipline," and "Praise More Than You Criticize." Real-life examples and practical counsel make this an indispensable parenting resource.

The Modern Girl's Guide to Motherhood

Jane Buckingham - 2006
    With the appearance of one little extra line on a pregnancy test, you're thrown into a world of covering up leaks on shirts and taking a pacifier away from a two-year-old who has the grip of a pit bull.In this funny, smart, and honest book, Jane Buckingham cuts through the clutter to give you simple information and practical advice for navigating the different stages of motherhood. From how to get your child to sleep and how to wean, to how to get him off the pacifier and how to stop his tantrums, this book will help moms feel in the know and in control! Some of Buckingham's favorite tips:If your baby has a hard time feeding because of a stuffy nose, turn on the shower to steam up the bathroom and feed her there.Put your children's paints in an empty egg carton -- it's the perfect size, and there's no mess to clean up when you're done. Use an old raincoat with the arms cut off as a smock.You should buy a new car seat, rather than borrowing a friend's old car seat, as there are constant safety upgrades. Also, be sure you are the person registered to that car seat (send in that registration card!) so that you'll be notified in case of a recall.Keep the three-day rule in mind: Almost any bad habit can be broken in three days. Granted, they may be tough, torturous days, but you can do it!The Modern Girl's Guide to Motherhood helps modern moms do it all with love, style, and flair!

Kid Wrangling: Real Guide to Caring for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

Kaz Cooke - 2004
    Featuring solid advice from experts, including real moms and dads, KIDWRANGLING is funny, reassuring, practical, and completely devoid of judgmental guruspeak about the right way to do things. The range of great solutions for new parents includes:Babies *getting through the first weeks * boobs * bottles * sleeping *crying * coping * new mom and newborn health * bonding * the blues * mom'¬?s post-baby body * equipment * first food * teething * pacifiersToddlers and Little Kids (Ages 3 to 5) * using the toilet * family food * teaching kids how to behave * child care * dealing with common illnesses * exercise * getting ready for schoolPlus * emotional and physical development 0 to 5 * immunization * safety * what dads need to know * birthday parties and presents * being at home * paid work * travel * best-ever lists of where to go for extra help * games, toys, and activities * and much moreNot to mention the hilarious How to Be Perfect Routine ("Adjust push-up bras, exfoliate feet, clean up vomit")

Homeschooling: Take a Deep Breath-You Can Do This!

Terrie Lynn Bittner - 2004
    Many people believe they can't homeschool because they are lacking some magical quality or skill successful homeschoolers have. The truth is that homeschooling can be done, and done well, by most ordinary people.Terrie Lynn Bittner's book will take you by the hand and show you how. She breaks the job down into doable chunks and carefully explains each part, giving you the confidence you need to get it done. Her explainations are clear and thorough.Down-to-earth and practical ... sensible and direct ... Designed to empower the novice toward home-schooling success, this book is friendly, reassuring and endlessly supportive ... like a very well-informed neighbor. (Publishers Weekly)In this honest and commonsensical book ... Bittner ... offers sound advice on legal issues, lesson plans, curricula, testing, teaching, values, preparing for graduation, and college ... This is an encouraging and helpful resource for parents considering homeschooling their children. (Booklist)

A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide: Bringing Your Ragdoll Kitten Home

Jenny Dean - 2010
     A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide: Bringing Your Ragdoll Kitten Home is a comprehensive guide that covers every aspect of kitten care a new owner needs to know written in a warm, friendly tone. What if you knew what to expect and prepare for before you even picked your Ragdoll kitten up? Wouldn't it be nice to know how to kitten proof your home? Or what about what to buy in anticipation for your little one's arrival? Looking for recommended products for a new Ragdoll kitten? Looking for suggestions on everything from water fountains to scratching posts, pet carriers, cat litter, litter boxes, cat bowls, etc....products that a Ragdoll cat owner just can't live without? How about vet visits and cat health insurance? There's a lot to consider and prepare for. A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide includes links to videos and products, and the information presented is from real life experiences, not repeated from other cat books. There are many quick, simple tips that can be used with Ragdoll kittens. The author also has a corresponding website, where you can easily connect with other Ragdoll cat owners. Here's a peek inside of A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide: Chapter 1 - Getting Your Kitten Safe-Room Ready, Kitten-Proofing, and Other Things Chapter 2 - First Days with Your Kitten and Things to Watch Out For Chapter 3 - Diet, Food and Water Bowls, Treats Chapter 4 - Scratchers, Trees, Toys and Beds Chapter 5 - Vets, Carriers, Vaccinations and Cat Health Insurance Chapter 6 - Nail Trimming, Declawing and Grooming Chapter 7 - Litter Boxes, Automatic Litter Boxes and Litter Scoops Chapter 8 - Dental Care, Teething and Teeth Brushing BONUS: How to Introduce Your New Ragdoll Kitten to a Resident Cat BONUS: Bringing Your Ragdoll Kitten Home Checklist BONUS: Questions to ask Ragdoll Breeders Carefully researched, this guide is a fast and enjoyable read with lots of photos and recommendations for the Ragdoll Kitten owner. Everything is broken down into easy chapters, and Jenny writes as if she is there with you to take you there through the various steps.

Jo Frost's Confident Toddler Care: The Ultimate Guide to The Toddler Years: Practical Advice on How to Raise a Happy and Contented Toddler

Jo Frost - 2011
    Packed with practical advice, reassurance and simple yet effective techniques to help you deal with all the challenges that raising a toddler involves, Jo will give you the confidence and the know-how to raise a happy and contented toddler. She addresses common battlegrounds, such as mealtimes, dressing, sleeping and potty training, and takes you step-by-step through her tried-and-tested techniques to deal with them simply, patiently and effectively. Jo also offers guidance on how to plan your toddler's day hour by hour to ensure he or she is getting the right balance of stimulation and relaxation, offers support and guidance for working and single parents, and shows again and again that far from being an exhausting challenge, the toddler years are the most fun, entertaining and unique years to be cherished and enjoyed.

The Mother's Almanac

Marguerite Kelly - 1975
    A national bestseller with more than 750,000 copies in print, now revised for the new mothers of the '90s -- the latest findings on health, advice for working mothers, facts about the influence of TV, and more.B & W illustrations throughout.

Sleeping Like A Baby: Simple Sleep Solutions for Infants and Toddlers

Pinky McKay - 2006
    Are you obsessed about your baby's sleep? Do you feel "weak" because you can't leave him to cry himself to sleep? Do you need to relax more and enjoy being a parent? Parenting expert Pinky McKay offers a natural, intuitive approach to solving your little ones' sleep problems and gives practical tips on how to understand your baby's tired cues, create a safe sleeping environment, gently settle babies and toddlers, and feed infants to encourage sleep. Sleeping Like A Baby is a must read for stress-free, guilt-free parenting, and offers down-to-earth and heartening advice on helping babies (and their parents!) to sleep better.

Mary Pride's Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling: A Practical Homeschooling Book

Mary Pride - 2004
    From taking the plunge to tapping into the myriad homeschooling resources, parents will discover: -- The ten essential steps to homeschool success-- Curriculum options organized by grade level, religious preference, and Educational philosophy-- Help for homeschooling both challenged and gifted children-- Inspirational vignettes about successful homeschooling-- Resources for planning and record keeping -- and teaching tips galore!

Simplify Your Life with Kids: 1 Ways to Make Family Life Easier and More Fun

Elaine St. James - 1997
    Here is the paperback edition of Elaine St. James's best-selling guide to making life with children easier, simpler, and happier.Everyone with children has experienced the frustrations of trying to juggle softball practice, PTA meetings, meals, laundry, and comforting a crying child with marriage, a hectic career, and what used to be a social life. It's a familiar challenge in many of today's harried households. In fact, in nearly three-quarters of American homes with children under eighteen both parents are employed full-time. Life can quickly get complicated.Simplicity expert Elaine St. James now has solutions for beleaguered parents everywhere. Simplify Your Life with Kids offers practical, down-to-earth advice for the vital, time-demanding, perplexing issues that all parents face; it promises to be an easy read for busy parents whose lives are so hectic they don't have the time or energy to wade through a heavy tome.Like St. James's previous simplicity books, Simplify Your Life with Kids will become the classic gift choice for anyone with kids, for anyone who's expecting kids, for older boomer parents, for parents of the currently developing baby boomlet, and for everyone who knows anyone with kids.

Convict Conditioning: Ultimate Bodyweight Training Log

Paul Wade - 2012

Mama Rock's Rules: Ten Lessons for Raising a Houseful of Successful Children

Rose Rock - 2008
    There is absolutely nothing as great, challenging, or rewarding as raising a child." So says Über-mom Rose Rock, who has raised 10 children in addition to caring for 17 foster children in her 40-plus years as a mother.As a mother who does not shy away from the hard conversations, Rose isn't afraid to present strong ideas about boundaries, discipline, choices, and consequences—and she tells it like it is. In Mama Rock's Rules, Rose shares the funny and highly practical lessons she learned both as a parent and an educator, while offering strategies for teaching a child to be self-reliant in this world.Written with a kicky blend of maternal spirituality and a "don't mess with me or you won't get old" sense of authority, the book spotlights 10 vital rules, each tackling a specific parenting issue. From "I Am Your Mama, Not Your Friend," which helps parents regain their authority and establish respectful relationships with their children, to "Don't Lie Down with Anything You Don't Want to Live with Forever," which takes a different approach to the often tricky conversation about sex, each topic is lovingly explained and bolstered by stories from Rose Rock's own childhood and parenting experiences. We will also hear from her own kids, as they share memories and anecdotes about what it was like to grow up in the Rock household.Rose's heartfelt and no-nonsense advice—delivered with a dose of wit and homespun humor—will resonate with thousands of parents and will inspire them to teach their kids right, whether their brood is one child or ten.

More Than Enough: Grow Your Confidence, Banish Burn-Out and Love Your Homeschool Life

Kara Stephenson Anderson - 2021
    There are hiccups and bumps, and there will be plenty of times that we doubt if we are really capable of teaching our kids well. In More Than Enough, unexpected homeschooler of 12 years Kara Stephenson Anderson shares with warmth and honesty about real-life homeschooling.Written for any parent - those brand new to homeschooling and those who have been at this for years, More Than Enough is a guide for putting connection ahead of perfection, letting go of standards and expectations, and living a life of learning and love together.More Than Enough will help bring you the peace you've been craving so that you can enjoy your days together.Here's the truth:All homeschool parents struggle with doubtBut you can build your confidenceAnd you can discover that your family is enough (just as you are!)Don't let the fear hold you back.You are enough. Your family is enough. And your love for your kids is more than enough.