Book picks similar to
Conard County Marine by Rachel Lee


Millionaire's Last Stand

Elle Kennedy - 2011
    But no one doubts that her estranged husband, Cole, killed her. No one except FBI profiler Jamie Crawford. Though their electrifying attraction threatens her objectivity, Jamie's unerring gut tells her the magnetic tycoon is innocent.Cole's disastrous marriage has shattered his trust. But in Jamie's alluring presence, his protective armor melts away. Now, as their mutual fascination ignites into a mind-melting attraction, a killer is targeting Jamie. And Cole will risk anything to protect the woman who's restored his shattered heart….

Dark Whispers

Debra Webb - 2016
    An injury has left Natalie Drummond with gaps in her memory, and she sees and hears things that aren't there. But she's sure she shot an intruder in her Birmingham mansion. So where's the body, the gun, the evidence? When it's clear someone is trying to kill his vulnerable client, Clint appoints himself her protector, working overtime not to fall for her. But someone is dead set that Natalie never regains her memories—or makes new ones with Clint.

Live A Little!

Nancy Warren - 2001
    She hoped her colorless fiancé would get into the spirit of things when she brought home Raunch magazine's fantasy issue, but she was wrong. Her ex-fiancé left her naked and tied to the bedpost after being called away on business during "Ravaged by a Dark Dangerous Stranger."Luckily, Cynthia's new neighbor—gorgeous, sexy FBI agent Jake Wheeler—rescued her from her very compromising position...and her boring existence. She wasn't about to correct his impression that she was a very bad girl. Which meant that Raunch magazine might not go to waste after all.... At last, she was going to live a little!

Glass Houses

Anne Stuart - 1989
    She had spirit. She also had the colossal gall to challenge the most powerful and feared man in Manhattan.Michael thrived on challenges and welcomed a battle of wills. And this was one battle he was going to love.

An Unlikely Setup (Welcome to Otter Tail Book 1)

Margaret Watson - 2009
    Now Quinn runs the Otter Tail pub that Maddie inherited and needs to sell. Too bad Maddie's high school crush on Quinn is still alive and kicking. Quinn wants to buy the pub, but can’t afford Maddie’s price, so he plays dirty. His smile, bright blue eyes, and broad shoulders are just his initial bid. As they get reacquainted, they realize someone else has plans for the pub. Plans that endanger Maddie and Quinn – and the rest of Otter Tail. Can Maddie and Quinn save the pub? Can they put their past behind to create a future together?

Coming On Strong

Tawny Weber - 2009
    Who once jilted Mitch at the altar. Oops...When Mitch's new hotel falters, he needs a pro. Enter the It Girl of event planning: the traitorous, damnably sexy Belle. Time for some red-hot revenge! But Belle has her own secret agenda for her ex-fiance. And in the meantime, she'll enjoy how Mitch still makes her legs--and every other body part--deliciously quiver. But it's strictly business between them this time. At least it is... until Belle decides that the best sexual revenge goes both ways!

Colton Baby Rescue

Marie Ferrarella - 2017
    The Coltons and Gages have feuded for generations; Carson is convinced the cowgirl is hiding his prime suspect on her ranch. But the beauty and her baby stir unwelcome yearnings in his calloused heart. After all, Carson has learned the hard way what vulnerability can cost. When Serena and her child become targets of a mysterious assailant, Carson’s protective urges take over. Can an irresistible attraction prove stronger than old family hatreds and help them capture a criminal?

Stockyard Snatching

Barb Han - 2016
    When rancher Dallas O'Brien sees the skirmish, he bravely saves the infant and his lovely mother. Single and new in town, Kate accepts the handsome cowboy's offer of a safe haven at his ranch. Spurred on by their Texas-sized attraction, Dallas and Kate untangle a web of lies that throws the baby's paternity into question. And Dallas wonders—could he be a father? Could he be a husband? But when bullets start flying, the real question is, will he survive to find out?

Cold Case at Camden Crossing

Rita Herron - 2013
    She survived the bus accident that left several dead and two missing, but the severe trauma left her with amnesia. So when she returns to her family's ranch after seven years, Sherrif Chaz Camden presses her to help locate the girls who were never found—including his own sister. But someone in town is threatening to kill Tawny-Lynn to keep the case closed. Now she must trust that the sexy sheriff she once loved will protect her and show this murderer that in Camden, accidents don't happen…justice does.

Don't Play Games

Emma Darcy - 1985
    When Alex played, he played to win. He sized up the odds and never underestimated his opposition.Kate knew she wanted what Alex offered... but she couldn't understand what he wanted with her.

Not Without Risk

Suzanne Brockmann - 1995
    Unfortunately while on a short overnight cruise in his yacht she overhears a conversation that tells her he's into something very illegal. She sneaks away from her daily routine to let the police know what's going on -- and after waiting in a room for a long time, who shows up but the man who broke her heart, Jim Keegan.

Living with Adam

Anne Mather - 1972
    The Adam she met in London now was a successful doctor--a sophisticated man of the world, who, after all, was not actually related to her.Loren Griffiths was another unexpected factor. She made it clear that Adam was hers and she'd deal ruthlessly with any competition.

Grave Secrets

Skye Jordan - 2018
     Forced into early retirement, former black ops operator, Ian Heller, has a couple of choices-playing security guard to an entitled hip-hop mogul or working for the civilian counterpart of his elite military unit, Manhunters, Inc. Tasked with terminating a cell of counterfeiters, who open the door to a fresh wave of terrorists, Ian must get close to the ex-wife of a key suspect. Sparks ignite between them, but Ian knows crossing the line with this woman would be the last thing he needs on his first assignment with his new team. Savannah Bishop is trapped. Her ex-husband, the sheriff of Hazard County, Montana, runs his department the same way he tried to control his marriage-with intimidation and force. With her divorce final, Savannah can her taste freedom-until she is hit with a custody suit. Desperate to escape the daily harassment and hold onto her young son, Savannah accepts help from the only man in town willing to defy her ex. But when she discovers Ian is as much a chameleon as her ex, Savannah's hopes for both a new love and a fresh start are threatened.

The Tycoon's Temporary Baby

Emily McKay - 2011
    But when Wendy's very rich, very successful, very sexy boss offers himself as temporary husband, she's reluctant. In such close quarters, reining in her crush will be tough—and necessary. Because tightly controlled tycoon Jonathon Bagdon can only be proposing for one reason: to stop his star assistant from leaving. But when he plays the role of newlywed with passion, it becomes crystal clear that going from boardroom to bedroom will change both their bottom lines.

Dear Maggie

Brenda Novak - 2001
    Maggie Russell, a police reporter in Sacramento, works the night shift. She's divorced and the mother of a very active three-year-old son. Maggie may not have much time for a social life, but she's recently begun an email correspondence with a man named John.WHAT MAGGIE KNOWS ...She's finally stumbled on the big crime story that will truly establish her career --- if it doesn't end her life. A serial killer who moves from one city to the next. A murderer who chooses a female reporter and writes her letters ... before he kills her.As if things aren't complicated enough, Nick Sorenson, the paper's new photographer, seems to be taking an unusual interest in this case. And in her.WHAT MAGGIE DOESN'T KNOW ...Nick's an undercover FBI agent tracking the killer and keeping an eye on Maggie --- at work and through his email persona, "John." Maggie doesn't realize that she's falling in love with a man who's not what he seems to be. A man whose deceptions may save her life.