Mr. Steel (A Mr. Billionaire Short Story)

Derek Masters - 2019
    I worked in a well respected and established firm. The benefits were fantastic but my favorite benefit was actually the president of the company. During my time at the firm, I worked very closely with Mr. Steel. We had developed a very special relationship, which had to be kept a secret. I understood. I was getting special treatment, after all. Mr. Steel had a way of pushing my buttons. We shared one common interest: bondage. While working many late nights on a high profile case, we developed a relationship that should have never formed. I'm very grateful for it and we kept it extremely secretive. He even uses an undisclosed email address to let me know when he will be at my apartment. It's just one of the means he uses to keep me in line. I love it when he treats me like a bad girl. Just thinking about it gets my juices going. Fourteen #FlirtClub authors have gotten together to do it again with the Mr. Billionaire short story series!! Feeling a little blue? Flirt Club is tickled pink to bring you a full spectrum of fourteen hot, steamy new romances. These billionaires might cause some to be green with envy but their hearts are solid gold. Are you ready to love in technicolor?


Avery North - 2020
    After breaking up with reality TV star Nancy Patterson he decides to leave love alone and focus on his business, helped by a suggestion from an old college friend that they become friends with benefits.Everything in Lucas’s life is going great until he meets gorgeous baker and charity founder Sammy Wicker, and his world is turned on its head. Thoughts of her take over his mind, and he embarks on a quest to know this beautiful independent woman better.Things seem to be on track for the two until Lucas is hired to sell the building Sammy’s bakery is located in, promising to make his company a lot of money. However, the new owner is kicking out the existing businesses for their own plans and Sammy is furious that Lucas is part of it, breaking up with him and refusing to see him.Can Lucas find his way back to Sammy’s heart or will their businesses get in the way of their relationship?

His Temptation

Dani René - 2017
    When I laid eyes on her, I was hooked. It is forbidden. I shouldn’t WANT her. But I do. I can’t deny it. My mind is no longer on my sermons. Every moment I spend working on the good, righteous topics I’d like to teach my congregation, all I can think of is teaching Sage how to take all of me. I need to stay strong. I need to keep my distance. But there’s no way I can resist when she offers herself to me. Even though I’m a priest, I’m a hot-blooded man after all. * When I stepped into confession, I knew what I was going to do. I’d planned it for weeks. What I didn’t count on was what happened after. I’m a bad girl. I’ve always been a bad influence. The naughty girl of the group. But this time, I’m taking it a step further. I’m tempting a man of the cloth. A man with a collar. He’s committed. Married. Taken. But this time my competition is not another woman. No. This time, I want to steal a man from God. Surely that would send me straight to hell. Do I care? Once I’ve felt his touch… not a damn bit! *This is a very short read! Due to scenes of an adult nature, this is for 18+ ONLY. Taboo novella! If you're easily offended, please move along.*


Sophie Kisker - 2018
    All she has left are her dreams of two Anterrin men whose faces she never sees. Siridin Sens is on the run after killing the man who murdered his brother.  When he finds a wrecked ship with a human nectar slave who survived, it’s a complication he doesn’t need. She’s disobedient, even after a trip over his knees for a thorough spanking.  And when she starts telling stories of hearing a ghost, he’s had enough, and vows to get rid of her as soon as he can. But the universe seems to have other plans.Can Keelie convince Siridin that her dreams carry a message for him, too? Can Siridin save Keelie after he makes the biggest mistake of his life?This 20,000-word novella has themes of power exchange, explicit sex, spankings, and menage (m/f/m). Previously published as "The Ghost in the Stars" in the Alien Alphas anthology.


J. Lea López - 2014
    To give her a taste of home, Erik hatches a plan to bring winter to the beach, but it doesn't last long because when their bodies meet, the temperature is always scorching. Short in length but high in heat, this is the perfect little morsel to read poolside as you may find yourself in need of a cool-down afterward. (Story is approximately 4,000 words.)

Taken by the Destroyer

Adrian Blue - 2018
    It was the pit reserved for only the most horrific criminals. A collection of evil overlords, genocidal megalomaniacs, and some creatures with crimes too horrible to fathom. And through some cosmic joke, Elisa was going to be joining them. She would not last the day. She froze and slowly looked over her shoulder, and up and up, until she finally met the gaze of the huge alien behind her. He was easily twice her height and so heavily muscled she could barely make sense of it. His face could have been considered attractive with the high, prominent cheekbones and chiseled jawline, but his golden eyes held as much softness and warmth as actual gold. But none of that was what made her heart stutter in her chest. No. It was the alien’s identity. How could she have possibly forgotten the prison’s most infamous prisoner? He had destroyed entire planets, killed billions of people, and it had taken the galactic army to finally bring him to justice. He was arguably the worst criminal in the galaxy. Adnin, the Destroyer of Worlds.


K. Patrick Donoghue - 2018
    He is joined by flight engineer, Captain Nick Reed, and mission specialist, Dr. Christine Baker. Together they embark on a dangerous journey aboard the spaceship Cetus Prime - dangerous because they know what awaits them around Mars. UMO’s, or unidentified magnetic objects.UMO’s are believed to be an electromagnetic life form feeding on ions caught between Earth’s magnetosphere and ionosphere. The elusive creatures appear as nothing more than small bright lights, but they are capable of supersonic speeds and non-ballistic motion. Space exploration authorities have, at various times, provided benign explanations for these bright lights; melting frost shed by spacecraft caught in sunlight, solar wind particles or flaming meteors bouncing off the Earth’s atmosphere, to name a few. Anything but an alien life form.Disavowed for decades, the UMO’s had been viewed as harmless, amoeba-like blobs that existed only around Earth, as none had ever been observed by deep space probes to other planets in the solar system. But that perception changed with the final photographs snapped by one of the doomed Mars probes. The pictures showed a swarm of UMO’s descending upon the probe in the moments before communication was lost. Instrument readings from the same probe showed huge spikes in electromagnetic radiation in its last transmission.No one knows for sure what happened to the Mars probes, but authorities speculate the UMO’s destroyed them. Now, Avery, Nick and Christine must travel sixty-five million miles to Mars and gather evidence to confirm what destroyed the probes without attracting a swarm of the lethal creatures. For if a swarm of the UMO’s appears, Cetus Prime is ill-prepared for fight and too slow to escape.UMO, a novella, is the first installment of The Rorschach Explorer Missions, a new sci-fi thriller series from mystery-thriller author K. Patrick Donoghue. UMO is also the prequel to the full-length novel, Skywave, which is targeted for release in late November 2018. The Prologue from Skywave is included as a free bonus chapter in UMO.

Bad For You

J.L. Beck
    What happens when you’ve got it bad for your Dad’s best friend, and business partner? He’s everything I want, and nothing I can have, and I’ll do whatever I can to have just one taste.

Checking In

Stylo Fantome - 2018
    All chapters potentially contain spoilers in regards to their previously published full length editions. It is recommended to have read those editions before reading this anthology. Approx. 30,000 words.

Seduced while she sleeps

Terry Towers - 2013
    He has no intention of getting involved with anyone any time soon, but holding himself back becomes harder than he anticipated.

Fated: A Billionaire Romance (Alpha Second Chances, #1)

Rowena - 2015
    But then Brent suddenly vanishes from her life, leaving her alone, confused, and carrying around a huge secret. When she runs into Brent again, both of their lives have changed drastically, and now that her old best friend is a billionaire, she's convinced he'll never want her now that he can have any woman he wants, and especially once he finds out what she's been hiding. But will Brent surprise her after all? Or will he toss her aside again, leaving her alone and broken once more?


Becca Colton - 2020
    It got worse from there.The good news? All those people who say they’ve seen little green men were probably telling the truth. The bad news? Those little green men are slave traders . . . and I’m one of their new slaves.Determined to not live the rest of my live in slavery, my cellmates and I decided to try and escape. It was going fairly well until the ship crash-landed on an alien planet that was mostly jungle. And the alien slavers aren’t thrilled with us wrecking their ship.They have laser pistols and I have . . . well, I have a strong desire to not go back into a cage. And then, suddenly, I have so much more.He looks like an angel but fights like a demon.Andar. Leader of the sky warriors, protectors of the world I now find myself on.He’s handsome, covered in feathers, and he has wings. A warrior who rules the skies. And he’s set his intense golden eyes on me.But the slavers won’t give up. They’re determined to recapture me and the others. They think they can take me from the winged warrior who has claimed me as his.They’re wrong.

Loving My Best Friend's Dad

Lila Younger - 2017
    I'm shy, innocent, and I wouldn't know how to play the game. But she insisted, and for once I decided to let loose a little. I even went home with a man who was more mature, more handsome, and definitely more experienced in bed than any college frat boy on campus. It was the perfect one night stand, the kind I'd never forget.But then I go home with Renee the next morning, and my one night stand turns out to be her father.Everything about it was wrong, and I told myself that he's off limits.Only my body refuses to listen. One look from those blue eyes and I'm practically dripping with desire. Forget about one week, how am I going to last one night under his roof?And what am I going to do when he says he wants more than just my body?(Lila Younger writes hot, steamy romance with no cheating and a HEA every time because love stories are always a little better when they're naughty. If you're looking for a novella that's guaranteed to leave your heart - and your panties!- melting, then start reading!)

Addicted to His Touch

Sam Crescent - 2017
    That’s all for him, and he wants every inch of her. Freya’s had a crush on Jared all of her life. Only she doesn’t believe any man can be faithful. She’s witnessed it through her mother—men only use women, and so the crush she has on Jared must stay that way. However, she’s no longer a little girl, and that crush grows into an attraction that's getting harder to deny. Jared knows that once Freya is in his home, and in his life, all it will take is time. He’ll prove to her that he wants more than her body. He wants her love, her heart, her mind, and her soul. He’s not a gambling man, but he’ll take a risk for her, because that's what true love is all about. Can Freya get over her insecurities for a chance to be happy? **This is a very safe read. Jared only wants one woman, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to have her. #BBW #SAFEREAD #OLDERMAN

The Reluctant Heiress: A Novella

L.M. Halloran - 2017
    I keep my head down, ignore the tabloids, and devote my time to worthy causes. But no matter how much good I do, nothing and no one can fill the void in my heart. Because that’s what a void is, right? A bottomless hole of nothing.Only one man has come close to scaling down the dark walls of my deepest self. We were doomed from the start—thrown together by circumstance, torn apart by uncertainty and fear. I wish I could erase the mark he left on me. My dark prince. My forbidden desire. Sebastian Bellizzi.My brother’s best friend.Author's Note: The Reluctant Heiress is a companion novella. Although it can be read as a standalone, it includes characters and spoilers from The Reluctant Socialite.