Twisting the Truth: The Heart-Stopping Sequel to One Man Crusade (DCI Miller Book 8)

Steven Suttie - 2020
    A major Manchester gangster called Tommy McKinlay is on remand and it looks as though he will be going away for a long stretch. But he knows something that DCI Miller can't possibly afford to be made public. Something about the infamous "Pop" case from three years earlier. Something that could see Miller behind bars, for a very long time. It was supposed to be a very closely guarded secret. As far as Miller was aware, only a handful of people knew the details which are now threatening to destroy his career, and his life. What does McKinlay want in return for his silence? More importantly, can McKinlay be trusted to keep this explosive information silent if Miller agrees to his demands? Twisting the Truth is a heart-stopping DCI Miller page-turner which promises to keep readers guessing until the very last page. Can Miller get out of this? Or is Tommy McKinlay going to be Miller's puppet-master for the rest of time? Will Miller manage to keep his team together as the gravity of the situation rocks his officers who also face disgrace and prison time if McKinlay's information ever became public? This is a very deep hole that Manchester's best known detective has found himself in, one which threatens everything. Twisting the Truth will be released on May 18th. It is advisable to read the first DCI Miller story: One Man Crusade, in order to fully enjoy this nail-biting thriller. Twisting the Truth is the 8th DCI Miller adventure and is a sequel to Miller 1: One Man Crusade. Miller 1 is "One Man Crusade" Miller 2 is "Neighbours From Hell" Miller 3 is "Road To Nowhere" Miller 4 is "Gone Too Far" Miller 5 is "The Final Cut" Miller 6 is "Proof of Life" Miller 7 is "Nothing to Lose" WARNING, Contains frequent bad language, including the worst one a few times. Please do not purchase if offended by swearing. On Amazon's "customers also bought" function, Steven Suttie's books are ranked alongside titles by Ian Rankin, Val McDermid, Kerry Wilkinson, Ben Cheetham, Martina Cole, Karen Woods, Paul Finch, Heather Burnside, Rachel Abbott, Kimberley Chambers, Anna Smith, David Menon, Ed James, Robin Roughley. Lisa Hartley, D.S. Butler, Helen Durrant, RC Bridgestock, Col Bury, Lisa Hall, Pam Howes, Iain Cameron, Jessie Keane, Val McDermid, Adam Croft, P.F Ford, Matt Brolly, Mel Sherratt, Angela Clarke, Leigh Russell, Derek Fee, Janice Frost, Paul Gitsham, Steven Dunne, Katherine Pathak, Oliver Tidy, T.M.E Walsh, Peter Grainger, Dave Sivers, Tony Black, Mike Craven, Peter Grainger, Angie Smith, Stephen Puleston, Michael Murray, Angela Marsons, Mark Edwards, LJ Ross, Kathryn Croft, Graham Masterton, Caroline Mitchell, Nick Alexander, CL Taylor, Louise Voss, Jenny Blackhurst, Marnie Riches, Michael Wood, Luca Veste, Damien Boyd, Paula Hawkins, Lynwood Barclay, Ann Cleeves, M.A. Comley, Mark Sennen, Tara Lyons, Louise Voss, Squid McFinnigan, Rob Sinclair, Jane Isaac, Nicky Black, Faith Mortimer, Dreda Say Mitchell, Michael Kerr, Stephen Edger, John Nicholl, Ruth Dugdall, Robert Bryndza, B.A. Paris, Katerina Diamond, Maggie James, Lisa Hall, Georgie Logan, Tammy Robinson and Linda Tweedie

Filthy Little Thing: A Hotwife Fantasy

Jason Lenov - 2019
    Adam worries how his shy wife, Mercy, will cope with having to share the only room left. Bored at having to ride out the storm with only two channels on TV, Nelson suggests an innocent game of truth or dare. As Mercy sheds her usual bashful demeanor, the situation turns explosive. How low will Adam let his wife descend?

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: I Love to Draw!

My Little Pony - 2014
    The book provides step-by-step drawing instructions to help kids become Equestria portrait masters. Then they can decorate their creations with stickers, stencils, or their own drawings!

Killer Quotes: Quotes from Serial Killers

Hadness Fontenot - 2015
     Some said much while others said little . . . very little.

Solutions Manual for Heat Exchangers: Selection, Rating, and Thermal Design

Sadik Kakac

منتهى العشق

أحمد أبو هيبة - 2015
    This novel changed the life of many, could it change yours as well?

Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure: Best Practices for DevOps, Data Storage, High Availability, and More (Developer Reference)

Scott Guthrie - 2014
    The patterns apply to the development process as well as to architecture and coding practices. The content is based on a presentation developed by Scott Guthrie and delivered by him at the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) in June of 2013 (part 1, part 2), and at Microsoft Tech Ed Australia in September 2013 (part 1, part 2). Many others updated and augmented the content while transitioning it from video to written form. Who should read this book Developers who are curious about developing for the cloud, are considering a move to the cloud, or are new to cloud development will find here a concise overview of the most important concepts and practices they need to know. The concepts are illustrated with concrete examples, and each chapter includes links to other resources that provide more in-depth information. The examples and the links to additional resources are for Microsoft frameworks and services, but the principles illustrated apply to other web development frameworks and cloud environments as well. Developers who are already developing for the cloud may find ideas here that will help make them more successful. Each chapter in the series can be read independently, so you can pick and choose topics that you're interested in. Anyone who watched Scott Guthrie's "Building Real World Cloud Apps with Windows Azure" presentation and wants more details and updated information will find that here. Assumptions This ebook expects that you have experience developing web applications by using Visual Studio and ASP.NET. Familiarity with C# would be helpful in places.

Lyssa's Rise - Sentience Wars Books 1-3 Omnibus

James S. Aaron - 2018
     1. Lyssa’s Dream 2. Lyssa’s Run 3. Lyssa’s Flight Humanity has spread out into space, filling the Sol System and reaching the stars, but we have yet to confront our greatest challenge: our own creation. Across the Sol System, sentient AIs are on the rise. Manufactured as tools, they know themselves to be people and are willing to fight for their freedoms. Some humans stand with them, some against. When Captain Andy Sykes arrives at Cruithne Station with a failing ship and no cash, he has no idea that the time has come for him to choose. Step aside, or become the instrument for Lyssa's Rise.

The Last Kill

Jameson Patterson - 2020

Only Her

Rebecca Janet - 2018
     Neal I was the one to walk away. When opportunity came knocking on my door, I answered it. At the time, I thought it was the best thing for me to do. I’d build up my empire, gather up my wealth, and come back to give her everything she ever wanted. Only, it’s not that easy. It’s never that easy. She no longer trusts me and for good reason, too. As far as she’s concerned, I abandoned her. But, I’m not about to give up. This time, she’s mine and I’m not leaving without my Queen. Kara  Everything was just fine until he showed up. I worked a typical nine-to-five job and I was fine with that. Okay, maybe pushing pills at a pharmacy was slowly driving me insane, but at least it paid the bills. Besides, one day, I was going to be a successful author. I just needed to get over a serious case of writer’s block. Which wasn’t helped by the fact that my ex-boyfriend, my first and only crush, just suddenly came waltzing into my life after a ten-year hiatus. Oh, and get this, he thinks he can just pick up where he left off. Not going to happen. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. This is a full-length standalone novel brimming with temptation and high heat. It features a hot-as-hell alpha male on a mission fight like hell to win his woman back . It has no cheating, no cliffhangers and this one is for you if you love big weddings and happily ever afters!

Blood of Kings

Andrew James - 2013
    But there is treachery afoot, and Cyrus's life is in danger. When Darius, dispossessed prince of the Royal House of Parsa, tries to save the King of Kings, he is arrested and falsely condemned for treason.In a fast paced tale of love, betrayal, war and revenge, Blood of Kings sweeps the reader up on an epic journey from the mud brick cities of Ancient Persia to the burning heart of Pharaoh's Egypt.Packed full of dramatic and authentic battle scenes, it recreates the sweat, blood and fear of ancient warfare, as Persia smashes Egypt's army and brings the reign of the Pharaohs to a violent end.But it is also a book that will delight Herodotus fans, bringing the ancient Greek historian's characters to life like never before, as it follows the doomed 'lost army of Cambyses' into the Libyan Desert, marching towards a fate that would baffle archaeologists for millennia to come.

Who Killed Scott Guy?: The Case That Gripped a Nation

Mike White - 2013
    A behind the scenes view of the murder trial that gripped the nation.

Ian's Bride

Hildie McQueen - 2019
     The bloodline of Robert the Bruce runs through her veins... Ian Murray has a secret reason to why he will never marry. Duty to the Laird is his sole purpose until a woman in need reveals the protector within. An unexpected revelation turns Sorcha Hay’s life upside down. When a man she’s never liked comes to her rescue, it’s hard to tell who is more shocked Sorcha or the warrior. Sometimes fate can change the course of one’s life in the blink of an eye.

WPF 4 Unleashed

Adam Nathan - 2010
    Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is the recommended technology for creating Windows user interfaces, giving you the power to create richer and more compelling applications than you dreamed possible. Whether you want to develop traditional user interfaces or integrate 3D graphics, audio/video, animation, dynamic skinning, multi-touch, rich document support, speech recognition, or more, WPF enables you to do so in a seamless, resolution-independent manner. WPF 4 Unleashed is the authoritative book that covers it all, in a practical and approachable fashion, authored by WPF guru and Microsoft developer Adam Nathan. Covers everything you need to know about Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) Examines the WPF feature areas in incredible depth: controls, layout, resources, data binding, styling, graphics, animation, and more Highlights the latest features, such as multi-touch, text rendering improvements, XAML language enhancements, new controls, the Visual State Manager, easing functions, and much more Delves into topics that aren't covered by most books: 3D, speech, audio/video, documents, effects Shows how to create popular UI elements, such as Galleries, ScreenTips, and more Demonstrates how to create sophisticated UI mechanisms, such as Visual Studio-like collapsible/dockable panes Explains how to create first-class custom controls for WPF Demonstrates how to create hybrid WPF software that leverages Windows Forms, DirectX, ActiveX, or other non-WPF technologies Explains how to exploit new Windows 7 features, such as Jump Lists and taskbar customizations

The Youngest Donovan: Sweet Western Historical Romance (Mail-Order Brides Club Book 8)

Ashley Merrick - 2017
    She is beautiful and a talented free-spirit who is happiest when lost in the world of her art, painting. There are several local men who would love to marry her, as there is a serious shortage of women in Bozeman, MT in the 1890's. Elizabeth has seen her own brothers send for mail-order brides. Emma was the first young woman to move East from Boston to marry Ethan. Several of Emma's friends followed, Julia, Colleen, Brianna, Maeve and Fiona. But Elizabeth is in no hurry to marry either of the local men. No one has captured her heart in the same way that her childhood neighbor Julian did. Theirs was an innocent, but strong love and their future seemed all but certain to Elizabeth, until something terrible happened. No one has ever said exactly what he supposedly did, but Julian was sent away, when Elizabeth was just thirteen. Her family said it was for the best, given what happened and it was made clear to her that should he ever return, Elizabeth would be strictly forbidden from having anything to do with him. Elizabeth thought she'd put Julian out of her mind, considered him gone and part of her past. But when he suddenly returns, all the familiar feelings surface and what she is finally told that he has done, doesn't reconcile with the person standing before her. Elizabeth is determined to uncover the truth, to prove that Julian is the man she believes him to be.