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Sonata For My Love by Irma Walker


No Sex Please, I'm Menopausal!

Stevie Turner - 2014
    This is unfortunate, as her husband Neil still does. When he discards her after 35 years of marriage like an old worn out shoe, Lyn moves to Cornwall to start a new life. However, new friends are hard to find, and she feels lonely. On the spur of the moment she decides to join an online dating site, ‘MatchULike’, just for companionship. Amongst the peculiar people she meets is Peter; shy, and conscious that his ‘gentleman’s’ operation has rendered him an unattractive prospect in the marriage stakes. Lyn makes a friend of Peter, but when Neil gets to hear about the friendship he realises too late that there is more to a relationship than just sex, and he suddenly starts to appear back on the scene and wants to turn her life upside down all over again!

Finding Abel

Stephanie Hoffman McManus - 2018
    I knew the moment I claimed her first kiss that I wanted to own all of them right up until her last. I was going to make all our dreams come true. Instead, I broke a lot of promises and both our hearts along the road to fame. Now, a woman I don’t love wears my ring on her finger, and I don’t know if Abbi will ever forgive me for what I’ve done. Little by little, I gave my heart to Abel McCabe, and piece by broken piece he gave it back to me. Now, he wears the face of a man I hardly recognize, but his eyes still look at me like the boy I’ve known and loved all my life. I know I’m not supposed to. I know we can’t ever be what we were, and I know what we’ve become is killing us both. But I don’t know how to stop. Until the night I sit waiting for him, only to turn on my phone and see his engagement announcement plastered all over the internet, and a text message with two words. I’m sorry. He asks me to trust him. He begs me to forgive him, but I don’t know what to believe anymore. The Rebel Hearts series is a spin off of the Ever After series, but can be read alone


Harper Bentley - 2016
    I married him.I thought life was good.Now he’s dying.Beck—I married an addict.I didn’t know it at the time.She hid it well.Now she could die.When Bernadette—Birdie—Chapman and Beck Griffin meet in grief counseling they have an instant connection. For Birdie, it’s a comfort to share her feelings with someone who knows what she’s going through. For Beck, it’s an outlet, someone who understands his anger.But neither is prepared when they fall in love.And the guilt is almost too much to bear.The Wait series—a love story of two broken hearts that find each other…and try to become a whole…


L.D. Cedergreen - 2013
    He stirs up old emotions that send Kendall spiraling back in time, remembering all the moments that led them to her ultimate deception.Will revealing the truth of what transpired all those years ago provide her the self-forgiveness that she desperately craves or will her devastating secret destroy the only man she has ever truly loved, shattering her heart in its wake?

The Moment of Truth

Shari Low - 2015
    Finding that forever love is something Laney knows all about. Her marriage to Cameron is blissfully content and she has never doubted they’ll live happily ever after.Then Cara Deacon walks into their office.When Cara enlists their help to set up a romantic engagement to her boyfriend, they visualise a breathtaking scene under a moonlit Manhattan sky.Laney’s excitement rises, until she realises that the man Cara intends to marry has the same name as her own husband.Cameron Cochrane.A bizarre coincidence? Identity theft? A cruel joke?Or is Cara’s dream about to become Laney’s worst nightmare?The only way to know for sure is to plan the proposal and see it through to the end.But whose heart will be left intact after… The Moment of Truth?

Hope Trilogy

Bink Cummings - 2019
    You just make the best of it no matter what happens. That's pretty much been my go-to since infancy. Then the charming, bald headed, blue eyed, Brent came along and I thought all the suck in life had been flushed down the drain. Ha! That's when my true journey began--motherhood.This is my story, on how I took life by the go-nads when I decided I needed closure from my past--my father's sudden death in particular. But what happens next wasn't anything I expected... It's hopeless... shattering....exciting ... scary...joyful...priceless... and I owe it all to one man... Bear, a chapter president of the Sacred Sinners Motorcycle Club.-HOPEFUL WHISPERS-Pregnant- ✔Single mother of two - ✔Biker best friend - ✔Ex that's still a D-Bag - ✔ ✔New Years is the time for new beginnings. I thought I'd gotten that when I visited Texas over Thanksgiving. Then again, very little has changed. I'm still a librarian living in the same house. My daughters are growing up fast. Sure, I've acquired a new best friend, who's convinced me it's time to give dating fair shot. Which isn't exactly easy when I'm pregnant with an As*hole's baby. Does that complicate matters? Sorta. But there's nothing left for me to do except move on. The jagged edges of my shattered heart have been polished, questions answered, and blank holes from my past plugged. Now I'm ready to take the plunge into uncharted waters to build a happier life... until a bomb comes along and tests my strength like never before. Nobody fu*ks with my family and gets away with it. Not even you.-HOPELESSLY DEVOTED-Pregnant- ✔Deaths - ✔A Baby - ✔Stress that could make even the strongest woman crack - ✔ ✔A year ago if you told me I'd wind up where I am today, I'd have you committed for insanity. Now that I've opened Pandora's Box and survived more than most have in their lifetime, Death has knocked on our doorstep and welcomed himself inside. Learning that life isn't always fair comes at a price. The question is, how much do I have to pay before I get a real chance at happiness, or am I destined to be alone forever?Warning: Contains adult sexual content, the excessive use of the F-word, cheating, and whatever else that makes it unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18.COMPLETE TRILOGY

Surrender Collection (Surrender #1-4)

Melody Anne - 2016
    Arianna (Ari) Lynn Harlow has led a charmed life until tragedy strikes her family. He’s looking for a no-emotions attached mistress, she’s looking for redemption. They are not a pair that should ever work, but undeniable attraction and devastating tragedies bring them together in the city by the bay where he fights to keep their relationship nothing more than an enjoyable way to meet his needs, and she battles to not lose herself in him. Spending time with Ari starts cracking the hard shell that Rafe has built around his heart, but he denies the affect she has on him until it’s too late to stop the inevitable conclusion that their relationship is headed for.Just when Ari has sunk to the lowest she’s ever been she finds an ad in the paper announcing a job that’s too good to be true. It turns out she’s right. She makes it through the intense rounds of interviews only to find out the job is for a mistress to the powerful Rafe Palazzo, owner of Palazzo Enterprises. Rafe gives her a day to think about whether she wants the position or not, and she’s sent on her way, only to find out her mother’s near-terminal position has taken a turn for the worse. Her mom’s only in the hospital because Ari messed up, and her mother’s the one who paid the price. Is Rafe her savior, or will he take her with him straight to the depths of hell?Submit:Arianna Harlow has a choice. Does she choose love or self-respect? Will she give up her freedom and become nothing but a shadow of herself? This is the exciting sequel to the NYT’s and USA Today best-selling book Surrender. In Submit, Ari faces an impossible ultimatum. She needs to decide whether to accept Raffaelo Palazzo’s indecent proposal and stay at his side as his bought mistress, under his complete control in his world and in his bedroom. Rafe holds the keys to her mother’s happiness, and Ari must choose love for her mother or respect for herself and for the morals her mother instilled in her. You’ll find out that decision in this book and discover the unexpected repercussions of what Ari does choose. Who will submit? Will it be the women or the men?Seduced:At the end of Submit, Arianna Harlow had enough pride in herself to walk away from Rafe Palazzo, who had started their relationship using blackmail. Though she’d fallen in love with him, she was strong enough to say goodbye. We saw the softer side of Rafe, especially toward the end, but it was too late… Or was it? Seduced begins almost two years after Ari starts her new life. She is teaching at a community college, and when she asks the class whether they have any questions for her, Rafe is there and has only one: Will you go on a date with me? What is Ari’s answer? You’ll find out in the third installment of Melody Anne’s New York Times best-selling series, Surrender. This story continues the lives of Ari, Lia and Rachel. These three women are resilient, determined, and worth loving. The question is, whether the men in their lives strong enough to keep them.Scorched:Has Rachel been taken against her will by the powerful King Adriano, known to her as Ian? You will find out in the beginning of a story filled with romance, lust, conflict and heat. The king recently ascended the throne of Corythia, and his brother, Gianni, is out for revenge, for what he feels is rightfully his, a kingdom he once renounced.

The Billionaire’s Surprise Heir

Tara Brent - 2019
    Tall, Dreamy totally irresistible …every girls dream drool… He said he couldn’t resist my red hair that I drove him crazy. But then he walked out of my life. Now after years of silence he’s back asking for a second chance. Sure, he’s a filthy rich Italian stallion that any girl would want to hook…. But me, I’m not so sure… Why? Because I have a secret that will blow his mind! And I’m keeping it to myself. Yes… I am… Calvin Every redhead turns my head. It’s my greatest weakness. Why? Tiffany…that was her name, a redhead hottie from my college days-drove me nuts! Imagine my shock when I meet up with her again on a blind date! Now, I’m not the kinda guy to go on blind dates, but I’m glad I did. This woman rocks my boat and now she’s in my life again I won’t let her go. Yet, she always pushes me away. Talk about a she-devil in disguise. She’s dodging me and lying too. What game is she playing? I WILL find out, even if it means stalking her! Will Tiffany’s secret blow up in her face and destroy her Happy Ever After? -with the only man she has ever loved…. **A Full Length stand-alone novel. No cheating with a heartwarming happy Ever After.

Always Yours

Grace Owens - 2019
    A hot guy. A mind blowing night you can’t remember. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Right?Gertie Anderson had never wished for anything as badly as she wished for that statement to be true when she wakes up married to her high school bully. A bully who has grown up into a man who has no intentions of letting her go when he finally has her exactly where he wants her. As his. Cailean Baker ruined my life and now he’s done it again when he tied me down in ways a divorce can’t even fix.

His End Game

R.B. Hilliard - 2014
    With a new job slinging drinks behind the bar at Charlotte’s latest hot spot and a crush on her deliciously sexy bar manager things are finally starting to look up. New job plus new man equals the perfect anecdote to help Ellie forget all about bad boy Max McLellan…or so she thinks.This is Ellie’s journey and it isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always neat.It isn’t always happy.But it’s hers.

The Sheik's Missing Mistress

Erin Snihur - 2019
    Right in Khalid Abdul Majeed, a billionaire mystery man who has swept her off her feet, literally! The only thing standing in their way? His wedding. To another woman. Heartbroken at being considered Khalid’s mistress, Amelia flees, but Khalid doesn’t give up that easily. He has promised to have Amelia, even if it means risking everything from his Crown to his family.

Axyl: Broken Angels, MC

Riki Bishop - 2021
    That is until she had to go home to seek protection from...him... and there was only one place she could go where she would be completely safe. This place happens to be where her one true love is. Home...back to the Broken Angels, MC. Axyl is the VP of the Broken Angels, MC. Since his father and the President stepped down. He and Westyn Carter, the new MC President, took over. He's been having issues with his wife and when the one that got away came back into his life looking for protection, everything he tried to push away, comes back to the forefront. His best friends younger sister. Aliana, the one that has had his heart for as long as he could remember.

Love Triangle: Three Sides To The Story

Brenda Barrett - 2011
    He had an affair with Karen, a young woman who worked at his bank and who knowingly got involved with him, even though he was married to Marie. A glimpse into the world of cheating, the story is told through the eyes of the wife, the mistress and the husband. Someone will get hurt, who will it be?

The Broken Road to Forever

Rhonda R. Dennis - 2016
    We struggled and fought for our happily ever after, so why do I find myself knee deep in laundry, bills, and ungraded papers years afterwards? Why is he distant and more worried about football plays for his high school team than our happiness? Where has the spark gone? The broken road of life happened, and it's painfully relentless. Is our journey one even worth continuing? To better grasp our future, a visit to our past is needed.    Take a trip back to the 90s, and enjoy the story of Mallory and Brent's high school shenanigans, their crazy college days, and eventually, their journey into adulthood. The Broken Road to Forever chronicles an emotional voyage across the decades as an unconventional couple struggles to keep their love alive.

High Hopes

Sue Lilley - 2016
    Is it too late for second chances? Can a future be built on the quicksand of secrets and lies?Grace gave up her baby and the secret broke her heart. Years later, a letter changes everything. The baby’s father is her best friend. They were penniless students and their one stolen night was a drunken mistake. She never told him about the baby. Now their long-lost daughter is searching for answers.Grace has lived with the guilt for twenty years and she yearns to make things right. But if she confesses now, she’ll blow his cosy world apart. Set in the wilds of Poldark country – the stormy cliffs and windswept beaches of Cornwall, High Hopes is a second-chances love-story filled with suspense. If you like engrossing love triangles, don’t miss this tale of passion, mistakes and making amends. Scroll up to get your copy now.Highly recommended finalist in the Book Excellence Awards and the Wishing Shelf Book Awards, High Hopes is described as “…a cleverly plotted, sassy romance…”