Lesbian: Wrapped Around Her Finger

Katrina Nash - 2016
    One night, Celia and Danielle have a few drinks when they’re in Celia’s basement watching a movie. They’re both back from college for the summer and are trying to spend every second of their time at pool and house parties, and going to the beach, just trying to bond with one another.But the night that Celia and Danielle drink together, they wind up sleeping together. Though the next day they feel awkward around each other, they already made plans to attend a beach party at someone’s private beach house. They wind up touching each other in the ocean and tensions rise as they travel into the house.Not wanting to get caught, they sneak around their friends and lie about what’s going on. Their relationships aren’t too serious, but their boyfriends also would be angry if they found out they got cheated on.But what happens when Celia and Danielle feel they can’t remain a secret any longer? Sparks fly and friendships get destroyed in this sizzling story, Wrapped Around Her FingerWRAPPED AROUND HER FINGER is book 1 in the hot & steamy Summer of Seduction series by Katrina Nash!WARNING: This erotica book contains steamy sex scenes and therefore is intended for adults only! ⚢Help other customers & me and leave an honest review! Download your FREE copy now! TAGS: first time lesbian, lesbian romance, lesbian erotica, lesbian fiction, lesbian fiction 2016, lesbian sex, lesbian romance free books, lesbian sex free books, lesbian sex stories, erotica, erotica short stories, free erotica, erotica for women, erotica romance, erotica menage, free erotica kindle books, gay erotica, bisexual erotica, mm, bisexual, mmf bisexual erotica, bisexual menage, bisexual romance, leabian queen, lesbian outdoor, lesbian girls, lesbian xx, lesbian ownership, lesbian kindle unlimited, lesbian romance 2016


Jade Winters - 2020
    Though there's an obvious attraction between the two women, Amelia questions whether it's real or all in her head. A fantasy that can never become a reality. After all, Vogue is rich, talented and beautiful, and can have any woman she wants.Unknown to Amelia, Vogue is hiding behind a façade. Bereft after her best friend betrays her, Vogue is torn between the life she thought she knew and the reality she now faces, as the threat of losing her business looms over her.Both women have to decide whether to put their hearts on the line and risk opening themselves up to the unknown. If they don't, they risk losing so much more.

Forgotten Memories

Kat Smith - 2019
     Investigative reporter Claire Weatherly assigned to write the in-depth article on Elise and Forest Ridge faces her own challenges. Her mother, a resident at Forest Ridge, is about to participate in a new clinical trial. As the interview gets underway, Claire’s partner, Detective Megan Wolfe, is injured in the line of duty. Elise rushes Claire to the hospital where she finds another woman has already arrived at Megan’s bedside. As Elise and Claire navigate the professional and personal challenges in their lives will they be able to forget the painful memories of their failed relationships and move forward to find love again?

A Place to Call Home

Jenny Bloom - 2019
    She has never been on a plane before. She’s upset and nervous enough, but she just has to get out of Chicago for a little while to clear her head. Lindsey never thought one meeting on a plane would change her life forever. Is there true love out there? She didn’t think so after what she’s just been through. After meeting Kelli Monroe, Lindsey can see that she’s bubbly, kind and nice. They sit beside each other on the plane. Lindsey likes her positive attitude. It’s just the thing she needs to pull her out of her gloom and pity. Kelli comforts Lindsey on the plane without even personally knowing her! Lindsey finds out quickly that Kelli is also from Chicago. What are the odds that they are from the same place, going to the same place? Lindsey thinks. So when Kelli asks to exchange telephone, Lindsey is all in. There’s nothing wrong with making a friend along this rough road of life. Little does Lindsey know just how much Kelli is going to change her life, how much she is going to learn from her. How she can turn any heart that’s bitter, into wanting to love again. Kelli shows Lindsey just how strong she is when she feels like Lindsey can’t make it through at all. Please Note: This book contains adult language and steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only. Novel, approximately 40,000 words in length. HEA (happy ever after ending). Does not end with a "cliffhanger."

Piece of My Heart

Saxon Bennett - 2016
    Even though she believes true love will never find her, Jenna vows to help other women find their own true loves by opening a dating service. If she can’t find love for herself, she’s determined to find love for her hopelessly inept clients. Through messy mash-ups and zany adventures, Jenna and her best friend and business partner, Dale, help a Turret’s juggler lose her balls, an Elizabeth Taylor impersonator drop her White Diamonds, and a woman with multiple personalities find a girlfriend that adores all of her. Along the way, Jenna discovers that just because she’s given up on love, that doesn’t mean love has given up on her.

MILF Next Door

Amanda Martinez - 2019
    He wanted to be off in Europe with his friends, or off on a beach somewhere. Anywhere, would have been better than back home at the family business. He was resigned to a boring summer, until Frank caught a glimpse of the new neighbor his parent’s had. She was tall, blonde and single. It was the winning combination, as far as he was concerned. Frank was starting to see a glimmer of hope for his summer. All he had to do, was convince Julie.

Texas Blues

Ashley Quinn - 2016
    Trying her best to hold it together in Chicago, she is battling both the effects of her mother’s death and the betrayal of her ex-girlfriend. Opting to throw herself into work and the gym, she at first ignores an invitation from her largely absentee father to take some time off at his estate in Texas. He may be the Chairperson of Foster Oil & Gas, but it doesn’t change the fact that he was never part of her life. Besides, she’s up for a big promotion and sees it as the solution away from her one-way track into deep depression. In many ways, Natalie Silva is the complete opposite of London. Where London is pale, Natalie is sun-kissed. In that dark space deep down where London is filled with regrets and bitterness, Natalie radiates warm light. As a Texas native and sort-of Southern belle, Natalie is compassionate, kind and raised with a healthy dose of Southern hospitality. She’s followed her passion for baking throughout her adult life and it’s led her to being a co-owner of Mission Bakery – A popular bakery and food truck she manages with her lesbian aunts and the occasional help from her best friend’s precocious daughter. After a years-old heartbreak, the one lesson she has taken through her life is to never fall for an outsider. You know the type – The mysterious, attractive out-of-towners who offer equal promise of passion and complications. London and Natalie are less than impressed with each other upon their first meeting. But fate and Texas have a very different and much more sensual plan for these two polar opposite women. In the sultry-hot summer heat, they will learn just as much about themselves and their lives as they will about each other…And it might just be everything they want.

There's A Possibility

Lou J. Bard - 2018
    The only problem? Penelope is straight. Penelope Bennett has been picking up the pieces of Diana's failed and flawed flings since high school and wants for her best friend to find happiness; but is certain that is not with her. A two-month long overseas work excursion puts twenty-four years of friendship to the test when Diana returns home with more than just a new cultural experience and Penelope must decide once and for all if there's a possibility for more between them.

Cry Of The Heart

Ana McKenzie - 2019
    When she lands a job looking after the horse, it is like it was meant to be, and she thinks that bringing the rescue animal back to health might be as healing for her as it is for the horse. What she doesn't count on is Josie Tearney, owner of the horse, and the most startling, intriguing woman Colette has ever met. The attraction, it turns out, is mutual, but the last thing Colette thinks she deserves is a relationship with someone who's grounded, competent, and whole – all the things Colette isn't. Josie, who runs her own business making witchy teas and essential oils, is as planted on the land where she lives as is her garden – which makes her strong, centred, stable – and lonely. All her friends have moved to the city, and she's not at all sure that Colette won't leave as abruptly as she arrived. Josie lost her mother when she was young – and she won't take the risk of being abandoned again. But healing can happen when you least expect it, and the heart, that most magical part of ourselves, knows how to lead the way.

A Good Woman

Liz Cronkhite - 2018
     Aly, recently divorced, with no career and no family, considers herself someone who is just drifting through life. She finds employment as a nanny for an acquaintance, Erika, an attractive lawyer she feels is “out of her league”. To resist her attraction to Erika, Aly maintains her image of Erika as an Ice Queen, despite evidence to the contrary. When that falls away Aly, who values Erika not for her outward success but because she is loving and thoughtful, is still certain Erika would never fall for her. As they grow closer, Aly hides her love for Erika. In time, through Erika’s friendship and her own growth, Aly comes to realize that she, too, is a “good woman”. With her obstacles to Erika gone, only Erika’s lack of interest in her stands in Aly’s way. But is Erika really not interested?

Anonymous Bidder

Robin Roseau - 2015
    Violetta's agreement is reluctant, sure the only women who might want have a screw loose. She feels her suspicions are confirmed when it is an anonymous bidder who wins the date, and things go from weird to weirder after that. This is a novella of 30,000 words.

Until We Break

Cynthia Dane - 2020
    The only thing missing from her picturesque, countryside life is companionship. But with a great distaste for dating – and the city – Stefani approaches an international service to make her marital dreams come true.Enter Yulia, the alluring Russian woman with a penchant for heavy flirtation. She occasionally puts her money where her mouth is, too, driving Stefani wild with fantasies that this marriage might be more than convenience.Yet she can’t shake the feeling that Yulia has an ulterior motive. Or maybe that’s the Valettis’ collective past coming back to bite them.YULIA PETROVAYulia Petrova will do whatever it takes to get to America. Specifically, the Pacific Northwest, where the only person who matters is waiting for her.She’ll even marry a total stranger. A woman, no less.The trick isn’t balancing her own preferences. No, the trick is keeping her new fiancée from finding out the truth too quickly. First, she must ensure that Stefani is in love with her. Then, Yulia must reveal the tragic truth that has brought her to America.DO SVIDANIYA, MI AMORETheir budding passion and rising trust in one another is about to be severely complicated by the illness sweeping the world. For Stefani, that means shutting down the winery and hiding behind her chronic anxiety. For Yulia, that means taking all matters into her own hands. The whole world could burn, and she would still get what she came here for.And she will do it alone – with or without the woman she’s come to love

Before Her

Grace Parkes - 2020
    Will Frankie's secrets shatter their relationship before it begins?A sizzling hot Age Gap Romance from Grace Parkes.Cara Taylor has spent her life in a small village without much excitement. She works in a bar, lives with her best friend and without realising is in need of something new and exciting.After meeting her best friend’s new tenant Frankie, she is desperate to find out more.Can Cara break down Frankie’s barriers and find love in the land that time forgot?

Finding Faith

Kim Pritekel - 2020
    Considering he was the only parent she had left after her mother's suicide when Faith was just a child, she thought that's what it would take. She was wrong. What she dreamed would be glamorous and satisfying turned out to be grueling and thankless. Since she wasn't willing to play the game between the sheets, she was forced to stay in the cubicle jungle doing all the heavy lifting while the men got the credit and the rewards. Deciding she is done, Faith packs up and, with the flip of the bird to the rearview mirror, leaves New York and heads home to Colorado. She has nothing there: no job, nowhere to live, no relationship with her father. Truth is, she barely has a relationship with herself. On the drive home, she finds herself in Wynter, a tiny mountain town at the foot of the Rockies. Looking more like it belongs in a made-for-TV Christmas movie than on the map, Faith is utterly enchanted. When she tries her luck and buys a raffle ticket at Pop’s, Wynter’s charming café, her prize is far more than meets the eye—or the heart. Enter Wyatt, a feisty, sexy southerner and waitress at Pop's, who just happens to be married to a local sheriff's deputy. All is not as it appears with the All-American boy and his Georgia peach.A colorful cast of unforgettable and charming characters will teach the jaded attorney that sometimes to find yourself all you have to do is go back to the basics…and have a little Faith.

She Can’t Tell

Carla Whein - 2020
    But being an air force cadet isn’t the only new thing she’s dealing with—she can’t get her best friend out of her mind.After some not-so-mixed signals, Alexis bounds off to the academy, ready to start her life anew, until she catches the eye of an upper-class cadet on the first day. Cadet Teason is hot, strong, and attentive toward Alexis. Only problem is… Cadet Teason is a woman. Battling whether or not to confront her lesbian identity, Alexis must traverse the unspoken fears plaguing those who are gay in the military. But the fears of being kicked out are not strong enough to restrain her passion any longer.She Can’t Tell is a coming of age new adult lesbian romance set in the Air Force Academy. As Alexis keeps her eye (and hands) on Cadet Teason and a surprise best friend, readers are taken on her path to gay pride through self-discovery, self-respect, and self-love.