Stone Dragon

Klay Testamark - 2013
    Dwarves are mystical craftsmen, humans are big and strong, and halflings breed explosively, but none of them can match elves for sheer magical firepower.Angrod Veneanar is a young elf. He’s nearing the end of a long apprenticeship and looking forward to going home. As a nobleman he loves wine and women—he doesn’t care at all about shadow conspiracies, forgotten magics, or long-lost royal heirs. Unfortunately, there is a prophecy, and it looks like he’s in it.Now he’s on the run. Accused of murder, what seems like the entire kingdom wants him dead. He has knights, mages, and even arcane assassins on his trail. Worse, something is riding in his head and threatening to take over his body.To survive, Angrod must use all his skill in weapons and wizardry. He must find new allies and uncover fresh strength. And if he is to stand a chance of defeating his greatest enemy, he must rediscover a master spell that’s been lost for centuries. If he doesn’t, he’s just going home—to die.

Dragons of Summer Tide

Robert Barton - 2014
    Elves and dwarves also had both passed into legend. And very few believed that any of the ancient tales were true or even could be true. There had assuredly never been dragons in the skies, or elves in the mountain forests and dwarves in their deep halls under The Elder Mountains – The Dragon Mountains. There were those from time to time who claimed to have caught a glimpse of a dragon but everyone knew that was as ridiculous as believing in real mages.Then a young man from the folk who live on the edge of the Kingdom in the hills at the feet of the ancient mountain finds that legends are coming to life. In a day he sees his first dragon, finds his home and family destroyed, sets out on a journey and is attacked by a dragon. Then he is bonded by another dragon and he finds that wondrous gifts are bestowed on him.In his journey he befriends other orphans and he is being followed by orphaned baby dragons and they begin to bond his new friends to save their lives. Each dragon bestows a special skill, magic, tracking, warrior, leader and more. Soon each orphan has a special skill. As their journey continues, their opponents mount and the odds of success seem to dwindle. And then new allies step out of legend……Show less

Binding Magic: Dragons of Arethia Book Two

Nikki Bollman - 2015
    In between attending make-up magic classes, dragon training lessons, and simply learning her way around the big city of Areth, Tesa can't help but try to uncover the secret behind the symbol-engraved stones Berick used to enslave her. With all her new dragon rider friends away from the city searching for the stolen egg and kidnapped guard, Tesa must find new friends and allies as she searches for the answer to the spellstones. What she finds may put her--and the dragons--in more danger than ever before.

The Dragon's Son (Tales of the Wovlen #1)

Kathryn Fogleman - 2014
    If only he had known then what that choice would mean. Thirteen years later, Keegan, no longer a boy, learns that his younger sister survived the massacre and sets off to be reunited with her. When Keegan accidentally interrupts a plot against a princess, his simple trip turns into a complicated struggle for survival. A mysterious elder appears, full of wit and riddle. Mythical monsters shed their fictional skin and hungrily pursue Keegan and his dragon. Haunting nightmares begin to tear at his mind. As he continues on his quest to be reunited with his sister, Keegan is only just beginning to understand what it means to be... The Dragon’s Son

Leaving The Nest: A Dragon's Curiosity

Chunwa - 2016
    Through the cultivation of mana and aura heroes emerge and legends are born every day in the battle of civilization against the wilderness. Humans, elves and other humanoid races band together to face the threat of monsters and beasts hiding in dark places.In the forest the child of the strongest monster race is born. Abandoned by its clan and left only with its siblings as family. Taking the seat of a ruler among other monsters was not enough for the beast and it set out to explore the world.Follow the steps of this child as it leaves the forest and learns to fend for itself and discovers the many wonders this world still hides.

The Aegis of Merlin Omnibus Vol 2

James E. Wisher - 2018
     But the danger is only beginning. What seems like a simple bodyguard job will see Conryu dragged halfway across the world and into a war between monsters. If that isn’t bad enough, the La Fey Society is mixed up with the mad emperor. After surviving the war it’s time for some fun and games. At least until a group of terrorists show up intent on killing all the contestants. Despite Conryu’s best efforts, The Le Fay Society is on the verge of freeing their leader. If they succeed, all Hell is going to break loose. The Aegis of Merlin Omnibus Vol. 2 contains four complete novels: Escape the Dragon Czar, Wrath of the Dragon Czar, The Four Nations Tournament & Death Incarnate.

Warrior Academy: The Hiroic Trio - Episode 2

G.L. Rathweg - 2018
    Now in a world forever changed, a place where magic is real, and monsters have come to life. A place where magic and science blend with pop culture… Welcome to Warrior Academy. Welcome back to Warrior Academy. Rejoin Hiro and friends as they continue their journey. Meet new friends and enemies. More food, fighting, and music. If you like video games, music, anime, and just pop culture in general… you will love Warrior Academy. Its Harry Potter meets Naruto with a little Dragon Ball Z and Dungeons and Dragons thrown in for fun, oh and don’t forget a smattering of High School Musical… This is the second episode in a 13 episode series. (P.S. There is an attached Youtube and/or Spotify playlist meant to be listened to with the episode. Think of it as a Soundtrack.) #LitRPG #GameLIT

Shadow at College

Jan Stryvant - 2020
    This short story is the beginning of Shadow's. It tells of the events that lead Sean to meeting his mentor, the man who trained Sean to be a better fighter and gave him a rigid code and set of ethics to live by. Who taught Sean that the gift he had been given was meant to be used. Whose teachings brought Sean a sense of peace and acceptance, being the first person to whom Sean had ever told the truth about him and his past. This short story takes place before Sean became Shadow, back when he was known more simply as 'The Jersey Devil', a mysterious killer who left no clues and was never caught. Warning: While there is no sex in this story, there is a fair amount of violence and what some may find to be troubling ethics.

Riding Hard For A Thug 3

Nikki Brown - 2017
    Char feels the severity of the situation and doesn’t know if she will be able to handle it and Rachel’s drama helps to solidify her doubts. Will Rondo be able to keep his promise to Char while being a good father to his son or will this be the end? Neala is patiently waiting for Zan to wake up, while she’s dealing with news that could either make or break them. She’s trying so hard to keep it together but when she finds out who was behind Zan’s shooting she’s pissed and ready for war, too bad she won’t be able to act on it. Ky is running around town like a maniac trying to find answers as to why his best friend is laying in a hospital bed and he is killing anyone in his path. While he’s out running the streets he forgets about the one person that means the most to him, Asta. Will he be able to balance his relationship and his need for revenge. In this last instalment relationships are tested and love is on the line. Will the ladies let the drama swallow them whole and walk away or will they RIDE HARD FOR A THUG?

Don't Feed the Trolls (The Antiheroes Book 2)

Jacob Peppers - 2021

Only the Good Mages Die Young: Casino Witch Mysteries 7

Nikki Haverstock - 2021

The Golden Persuader

Michael Reisig - 2015
    The device had the power to make anyone that it was aimed at do the bidding of the holder. What sounded like a unique opportunity for Dax actually becomes more trouble than he bargains for as people around him keep coming after him and the device.

The Way to Freedom: The Complete Season Two

H.M. Clarke - 2019
     This Box set contains books 6 to 10 of the fantasy saga, The Way to Freedom. Save 40% versus buying the individual books! Book 6: The Searchers Book 7: The Whisperer Book 8: The Deceiver Book 9: The Great Game Book 10: The Gathering

The King's Spy

Guy Antibes - 2021

The Pokemon Diary of a Mew [An Unofficial Pokemon Book] (Pokemon diaries Book 1)

Ash Redmon - 2017
    Find out what cute little Mew does every day in The Pokemon Diary of a Mew! GET THIS BOOK FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED! This is an unofficial fan fiction book and in no way associated with the Pokémon Company. All references to Pokémon, its characters and other trademarked properties are used in accordance to the Fair Use Doctrine. Pokémon is a trademark of Nintendo. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tags: pokemon diary, pokemon book, pokemon fanfiction, pokemon go, pokemon books for free, pokemon guide, pokemon story, mew, pokémon.