Zara Phillips

Brian Hoey - 2007
    In this fully revised and updated biography, Brian Hoey paints a revealing portrait of Zara, the Queen's oldest granddaughter. From her Sports Personality of the Year award in 2006 through to her marriage to former England rugby captain Mike Tindall in 2011, her silver medal at the London Olympics in 2012, and the birth of her first daughter in 2014, this is an insightful, comprehensive and entertaining story of one of Britain's favourite Royals.Brian Hoey has been a writer and broadcaster for over 40 years.He secured the first ever TV interview with the Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, and was later to become her official biographer. He collaborated with NBC’s Barbara Walters to cover the Investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales in 1969, and subsequently covered many Royal events, including the wedding of Charles and Diana in 1981, and was a commentator at Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997.Brian has written over 25 books, many of them about the British Royal Family given his extensive access. They have all been serialized in leading international newspapers. He has also interviewed a wealth of celebrities ranging from the Hollywood greats to British national treasures and residents of the Oval Office.

Azarão: The Dark Horse (Austin Family Farm Book 1)

David Foster - 2019
    Follow as the rescue of a horse in trouble attracts many who would like to help him. Feel the energy in their attempt and the family that is created by the endeavor. I think Haley says it best: “No Heather it’s not like that. It’s just the opposite. I realized that I was no longer just a project. I’m a member of a team and a proud member of this family. We came together to rescue a horse and ended up helping each other. Every one of us has suffered a tragedy that crippled us for a time. We all know what happened to you. Cole lost his wife, Abbi her mother, although she’s still alive. God only knows what happened to Scott in Afghanistan. Bobby is an orphan being supported by his tribal council. Shattered people coming together to help a horse return to the land of the living. It’s like a piece of mosaic art. All broken pieces of glass put together to make a beautiful tapestry held together by a common dream. Azarão, may be the grout that glues us together, but the frame is made of love. Love for a horse. Love for all horses and for this business. Most of all love for each other. We may think that we rescued Azarão, but the truth is … he rescued us.”

Kicking On (Equestrian Romance Series Book 2)

Laurie Berglie - 2019
    However, all that changes in an instant when tragedy strikes, and Macy is forced to return home to Maryland for good. Even with the love and support of her best friends, Macy is left trying to salvage the bits and pieces of her former life. Then new neighbor and racehorse trainer, Adam Cleary, enters her world and complicates life even further.Even though Macy’s heart is broken and life seems to be spinning out of control, she knows that she must keep kicking on.

Autumn Blues (Show Circuit Series - Book 4)

Kim Ablon Whitney - 2017
    It’s now fall—nearly a year later. Hannah is at college, making new friends and riding on the IHSA team. Chris is recently back from Europe and competing in the east coast fall shows in hopes of qualifying for the World Cup Finals. Both are trying to forget about each other. At first, they succeed in doing so as Hannah becomes involved with Theo, a basketball player, and also finds herself attracted to Nolan, the lone guy on the IHSA team. Meanwhile, what was supposed to be a European fling with the Princess of Denmark turns more serious when the Princess follows Chris back to U.S. soil. As the colors change and the colder weather sets in, forgetting about each other becomes harder and harder for Chris and Hannah. Will they be able to stick to their plans to live their own lives—or will they come back together?

Born in the Saddle (Born to Ride Series Book 1)

Samantha Walker - 2020
     At age fourteen, she's a know it all teen living alone with her mum in London - not a horse in sight. Can a few weeks staying with her grandparents back at the stables change all that, or has she really put horses out of her life for good? Meet the whole Michaelson clan, and their four-legged friends, at the Quicksilver Stud in Book 1 – Born in the Saddle. Teen fiction for horse lovers, especially eventing fans. Ideal for fans of Claire Svendson, Amanda Wills or Samantha Alexander.

Julia Jones - A Horse Named Bella, Book 2 - Friendship Frenzy

Katrina Kahler - 2014
    In this ongoing adventure, Julia has to face the serious injury of her beloved pony, Bella and is warned to expect the worst. Then as if she doesn't have enough to deal with, she is also confronted with friendship problems when two mystery girls appear at her front gate one day. Who are these mysterious girls and what impact will they have on Julia's world? Will they become Julia's new friends and will Bella survive the terrible trauma of the storm? Julia Jones - Friendship Frenzy will keep you guessing from start to finish as well as inspire readers of all ages. Another engaging and inspirational story for young girls.

On the Sidelines (Full of Running #1)

Grace Wilkinson - 2017
    But three-star event rider Rose Holloway isn’t what Sybil was expecting, and despite initial reservations, she warms to Rose, if only for the sake of her pony, Jupiter. Maybe change won’t be so bad after all… But after a disastrous event, Sybil’s plans are ruined, and a summer of eventing is no longer on the cards, leaving her on the sidelines as her friends move on to FEI ponies. A flighty and sensitive pony arrives at the yard to be sold. The mare is everything Jupiter is not, and certainly not the kind of pony Sybil would have ever thought of riding, but she accepts Rose’s offer to help train her, though Sybil doubts whether she is up to the challenge.

No Further Action - The Truth Behind the Smile

Jim Davidson - 2014
    Twelve months later, the public voted to crown Jim Davidson as the winner of the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother. Finally, with all charges dropped and no further action being taken - and with the public offering him their staunch support - Jim can finally look back on his year from hell.Facing a series of damaging false allegations, Jim was forced to fight, not just for his reputation and his career, but for his freedom too. Mounting legal costs and a deepening sense of injustice saw Jim sink to the lowest point of his career as the Yewtree investigation threatened to ruin him both financially and emotionally. Finally, after months of pain came the words he and his supporters had been waiting to hear: 'No Further Action'.Now, with the public's approval, Jim reflects on this painful period with the regular dose of wit and humour that have made him so successful. Searingly honest, No Further Action pays tribute to those who stood by him and takes a wry look at what life is like under investigation in the public eye.'YOU CAN'T FAIL TO BE MOVED BY THIS STORY' -Daily Express

Everyday Horses

Genevieve Mckay - 2021
    She knows the mountains and rivers like the back of her hand, and every day she can spend exploring with her horse, Beatrice, is a great one.But, tragedy strikes and the whole family is forced to move to the sprawling, manicured estate of grandparents they’ve never met. And their Grandfather makes it no secret that he doesn’t want any of them there.The only bright spot is that there are horses everywhere and Fina soon finds herself caught up with the wild, charismatic girls who own the fancy stable next door. But will following her new dreams mean giving up on Beatrice and the family she loves?

Horses Of The Rain (The Outback Riders Book 4)

Leanne Owens - 2019
    The peace is fractured by the brewing storms, and hot days end with lightning in the distance as the monsoonal band heads their way, bringing record floods. There are personal storms, as well, with Dane struggling with depression as his family and friends seek to help, and Amy desperate to discover if her father is still alive. When the record rains arrive, their part of the outback becomes an inland sea, and a neighbor's horses and cattle are doomed to drown unless the outback riders saddle up and risk their lives to save them. Horses of the Rain is the fourth in The Outback Riders series, and the teens are a bit older and facing problems that many teens need to overcome. They are falling in love, making plans for the future, and finding their way through life. Polo, the rock star, returns to ride with them, and the Min Min lights continue to watch over them. Leanne Owens lived in the outback for many years and saw the Min Min lights, she teaches high school students, and has won dozens of national titles with her horses - so The Outback Riders is the perfect 'write what you know' series as she knows the outback, teenagers, and horses. This version has U.S. spelling.

Stake Night

Susan Archer - 2016
    For the owners, it is about wielding power through money in their quest to proudly hold the prestigious World Championship trophy. For the riders, it is about demonstrating technical skill and nerve by out-riding their competitors and maneuvering their horse in the frenetic ring so the judges notice it. For the trainers, it is about finding the key that makes your horse out-perform others that might actually be more talented and achieving the professional recognition that leads to new clients and financial security. For everyone, it is about settling scores and finding a way to win the championship. The central character is Jennifer, a young, relatively unknown trainer. She can’t believe her luck when a rich client brings her the reigning world champion horse and tells Jennifer to prepare the horse for her timid daughter to ride. Jennifer quickly learns that this horse and rider are a dangerous and doomed combination, and she must move carefully to find an alternative that keeps her important client from leaving the barn and ruining Jennifer’s chances to finally join the ranks of the most well-known and respected trainers.

Blackpool's Angel

Maggie Mason - 2019
    She has a small but comfortable home, a loving, handsome husband, two beautiful little'uns - Babs and Beth - and she earns herself a little money weaving wicker baskets. Life is good. Until the day Tilly returns home to find a policeman standing on her doorstep. Her Arthur won't be coming home tonight - nor any night - having fallen to his death whilst working on Blackpool tower. Suddenly Tilly is her daughters' sole protector, and she's never felt more alone.With the threat of destitution nipping at their heels, Tilly struggles to make ends meet and keep a roof over her girls' heads. In a town run by men Tilly has to ask herself what she's willing to do to keep her family together and safe - and will it be enough? The perfect read for fans of Mary Wood, Kitty Neale, Val Wood and Nadine Dorries

Hellraiser: The Autobiography of the World's Greatest Drummer

Ginger Baker - 2009
    A pioneering drummer who has transcended genres, he did much to popularize world music with his fierce passion for the rhythms of Africa. He is that rare thing, a critically acclaimed musician who has enjoyed global success with not one but several supergroups to his name, including Cream and Blind Faith. Here, Ginger tells his story for the first time and without any self-censorship. It's an often harrowing, but honest journey from his humble beginnings in war-torn south London to his adopted home in South Africa's beautiful Western Cape. He tells of his life-long love of jazz, how he discovered the drums and African music, and life on the road. He also confesses to the heroin use that should have killed him in his colorful 1960s prime, working and playing with the biggest names of the time. In the 1970s, he came up with a trans-Saharan trucking scheme, was a successful rally driver, built an ill-fated recording studio, and discovered a consuming passion for playing polo. He talks candidly of the loss and recovery of his fortune, his three marriages, Cream's 1993 induction into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame, their subsequent successful reunion in 2005, and his hopes for the future.

Backstretch Girls

Dawn LeFevre - 2019
    A jockey tested by tragedy. A rejected racehorse. A three million dollar race. Teagan Sullivan is a golden disappointment in the show ring. To make matters worse, her family are big deal Olympic equestrians, so she skulks off to pony Thoroughbreds at a rundown racetrack. But while she excels at equine relations, she sucks at human ones—just ask her sexy blacksmith/sleepover buddy Screaming Wolf. And if she hadn't gone and rescued that stupid jockey wannabe Anne Simmons, she wouldn't be saddled with a new roommate, a broken down racehorse and a chance to prove herself to her family at last. Born two months premature to an anorexic mother, Anne was a longshot just to survive. Now eighteen, she arrives on the backstretch with nothing but a duffel bag and Derby dreams. But the horsemen don't trust the naïve newcomer, so she's stuck ponying horses instead of riding races. She is still chasing their respect when a near-fatal accident shatters her body—and her spirit. As Anne struggles to find the courage to ride again, Teagan wrestles with her feelings for Screaming Wolf. Horse racing's richest race, the Breeder's Cup Classic, offers them both a chance at redemption. Will Teagan and Anne conquer their fears in time to claim the things that they love most?

Haunted Ohio V: 200 Years of Ghosts (Buckeye Haunts)

Chris Woodyard - 2003
    You ll meet the ghosts of the Indian martyrs of Gnadenhutten, a spectral soldier from the siege of Ft. Meigs, the phantom Phoebe, keeping an eye on the canal boats at Roscoe Village, the African American ghosts of Prospect Place, a stop on the Underground Railroad, and many other tales that reflect the history as well as the ghostly lore of the Buckeye State. You'll also meet a real-life Hatchet Man, possibly Ohio s first serial killer, the sad ghost of a wife slaughtered by her husband at what is now a Victorian tea room, and the spirit of a mad murderess in a remote farmhouse. Stories from the following counties:Adams, Ashtabula, Athens, Belmont, Clark, Clermont, Clinton, Coshocton, Crawford, Cuyahoga, Darke, Erie, Fairfield, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Guernsey, Hamilton, Hardin, Henry, Highland, Jefferosn, Lake, Lawrence, Logan, Lorain, Lucas, Madison, Marion, Montgomery, Morgan, Muskingum, Paulding, Pickaway, Pike, Portage, Putnam, Richland, Ross, Shelby, Stark, Summit, Tuscarawas, Union, Van Wert, Warren, Wood