Triplet Babies for my Brother's Best Friend: A Billionaire Secret Baby Romance

Sophia Lynn - 2021

Spano: Foresight: BSC West Book 19 (Badass Security Council (BSC))

L. Ann Marie - 2022

Dirty Hero: Twisted Reapers MC (A Reaper Romance Book 6)

Stella Andrews - 2021
    Hard. Ruthless. Dominant.Dangerous & predatory.A man of duty and yet a renegade.I stepped from one nightmare into another and he holds the key to my prison.I was operating undercover. Then he arrived and everything changed.Locked in a cabin away from civilization, I am stuck with him until he says otherwise.An operation gone badly wrong that will take a miracle to put right.I may have lost everything. My job, almost my life, and now my principles because one look at him changes the rules.He only wants one thing - me and is prepared to wait for as long as that takes.I’ve never been one to run away from a fight, and something tells me this one is destiny or destruction.Will it be mine, or his?If you love a hard, tough alpha male with a soft spot for a beautiful damsel in distress, then this book is for you.This is an intriguing, emotional, and engrossing MC romance filled with thrilling moments, suspense, family, angst, and really sexy and steamy scenes.A must-read if you like rough, dirty, tough, and sinfully delicious bikers and the women they love.

Knocked Up by the Ruthless Boss: A Secret Baby Mafia Romance

Bella King - 2021

Chance's Hell

Elizabeth N. Harris - 2020
    Yeah, life was ugly, he learnt that at an early age. His club went downhill and away from the values his father had instilled. He battled to get clean, his hands got dirty more than once and he put down anyone in his way. He didn't let that bitterness stop him, he got beauty and peace for his brothers.He saw his cousin and Rage MC get what they deserved, the stunning women who handled the Rage brothers like professional wranglers. Now he wanted his turn, his brothers their turn, he was going to get it. She'd been watching, she didn't know he'd been looking right back at her. He had her in his sights and she was going down.A good girl, with a love of bikes and beautiful cars, she spied on Hellfire MC for a long time, dreaming. Then he made a move and laid claim to her heart, she wasn't ready for a man like him, who was? He took care of her and treated her like she wanted, like a precious thing. Only precious things can break, can't they?Did he have it in him to handle her with care, did she have it in her to lay her trust in his hands along with her heart? Hell was coming, and Hellfire is aptly named.

Talon's Haven (Knight's Rebellion MC: Braedon Book 2)

Erin Osborne - 2021

Brooks' Bride: A Poseidon's Warriors MC Novel - Book 4

Darlene Tallman - 2021
    A product of the system, she’s used to keeping her head down and making her way through life unseen. She doesn’t make waves. She doesn’t do anything that could possibly attract the wrong attention. The night she goes to a party with her friend, Elsa, at the Poseidon’s Warriors MC clubhouse, those dreams go up in smoke.Gannon Brooks wasn’t looking for more than a little bit of fun that night. He had no clue who he took to bed, and his efforts to find the pretty little brunette prove fruitless. Restless, he sets out on a sabbatical of sorts to clear his head while checking on a new area for his club, Poseidon’s Warriors MC, to relocate their main chapter. He never expects to see her again and when he does, he’s blindsided.Can two people who are opposites rekindle their one night together? Will Hayley’s news draw him in or send him running? When a life-altering event happens, will it bring them together or push them apart?**Suitable for ages 18+ due to adult content**

B is for Brett: A Secret Baby Mountain Man Protector Romance (Men of ALPHAbet Mountain)

Natasha L. Black - 2022

Phoenix's Plight (Dogwoods Treasure Book 2)

Tiffany Casper - 2021

Secret and Lies: A Secret Baby Romance (Recovery Ranch)

Annie J. Rose - 2022

Hard Ride

Logan Chance - 2022
    Always followed the rules, toed the line. As the police chief’s daughter, it’s been expected of me. But tonight, I’m done with the boring way of life. All it took was to walk inside this bar and one heated glance from the Silas Irons, the MC president.He’s too old for me, he’s dangerous and he’s on the wrong side of the law, and I’ve never wanted something more.SilasI live for my club and my brotherhood. It’s my job to keep everyone in line so I don’t have time for romance. Until the sweetest angel I’ve ever seen walks into our bar and shifts all of my priorities.Betty Hutton, the police chief's daughter.I don’t care that I’m too old for her or that she’s our enemy’s daughter.One taste of her innocence, and I will do whatever it takes to make her mine. When battle lines are drawn, it puts her life in danger. I’ll risk my club, my life, everything to keep her safe.

Delivering Her Gift

Beverly Evans - 2019
    The gift that came as a result was a surprise we didn’t see coming. Logan Ambrose, a gorgeous surgeon with a broken past. A hero, a savior, and the charming doctor that stole my heart. I gave him my v-card and he crept into my heart as quickly as he left. Seeing Logan again and finding out I'm pregnant at the same time? Insane. "Logan you're going to be a dad." How do I begin to tell him this life changing news? I mean, a drunken one-night stand shouldn't be this complicated. I definitely didn't expect what came next... That he would be the doctor that’s delivering our baby!

Shepard: A Spawns of Chaos MC Novel

Rae B. Lake - 2020
    Gerry took product from the Spawns with promises to sell but instead got high with his junkie friends. He was ten grand in the hole and since he didn't have the money, little Gerry had to die.There was nothing about his sister that I was interested in, nothing in her demeanor that said she would be a damn problem for me. She offered herself to clear his debt and that bastard didn't even put up a fight.I don't get involved, I never have, it causes nothing but problems but this one I want to break. I want to see that fight in her eyes dwindle to nothing. I want to drag her down to my hell and see her burn.

The Wildcard (Ghosttown East Book 5)

Amelia Shea - 2022

Razor's Wildcat

Ciara St. James - 2021
    Different was the spice of life. Even when the beautiful dog trainer caught his eye, he did everything he could to stay away and to not respond to her smiles and conversation.Talia had never wanted a man like she wanted Razor, but at every turn, he ignored her or rejected her. She had to face it. He wasn’t interested. One night, he showed her something that made her think it was time to move on.When Talia disappears, Razor knows he’ll do anything to get her back and to show her how he really feels. Only when he does, can he keep from hurting her again? An angry act leaves her doubting him and what they have. Will she stay? Will she go and leave him a husk of a man? Only time will tell what the ultimate story is with Razor’s Wildcat.WARNING: This book is intended for adult readers. It contains coarse language, adult situations, discusses events such as stalkers, assault, torture and murder that may trigger some readers. Sexual situations are graphic. There is no cheating, no cliffhanger and it has a HEA.