I Fell in Love with my Girlfriend’s Brother

Nisansul - 2017
    He disguised himself as a girl and met the man named Liu Ye on that very evening. That night Liu ye and Qiu Zinan then had a one night stand. Zinan has always been obsessed with him. He didn't expect this man to be his sister’s boyfriend three years later.

The Fox's Kiss, Vol.1

Saki Aikawa - 2017
    The overly self-confident fox demon Iori takes a liking to her. The sudden kiss was a ritual of engagement?! What will happen to Koharu now that she has to live with Iori in human form...?!

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!, Vol. 1

Yuu Toyota - 2018
    Unfortunately, the ability just makes him miserable since he doesn't know how to use it well! And to make matters worse, when he accidentally reads the mind of his very competent, handsome colleague, Adachi discovers the guy has a raging crush on none other than Adachi himself! Things are about to get VERY awkward!

The Crimson Spell, Volume 1

Ayano Yamane - 2005
    To break the spell, he sets out on a journey with the sexy and gorgeous magician, Havi. Bald has no idea that when he turns into a beast at night, Havi uses his unique talents to pacify his beastly appetite... The luscious journey of Bald and Havi begins.

Loves True Shape (3 Book Bundle)

Liam Kingsley - 2018
     Hunter's Promise Alpha's Forbidden Love Loves True Shape

The God and the Flightless Messenger

Hagi - 2019
    In order to complete these tasks, such messengers require wings.Shin, however, can't fly. His tiny, useless wings make him the target of ridicule and scorn among the other messengers and have kept him from being able to serve a god... until now. Determined to prove himself as a capable messenger despite his flightlessness, Shin accepts his assignment to a mysterious being on one of the nearby mountains. At first, it seems an easy task to keep his charge safe and happy — especially when the deity in question is just a cute, fluffy ball of fur. But things aren't always what they seem. Recently, messengers flying over the strange god's mountain have been disappearing. Even as suspicion mounts against his deity, Shin just can't bring himself to think that such a gentle god could have a dark side. It's strange, but for some reason... the mysterious, fluffy being feels so familiar to him.

Bleach Piano Music Score Book

Tite Kubo - 2007
    Bleach Piano Music Score Book Contains : Music Score for PianoBook Score Format: A4 size - 8.25 x 11.75 inches / 210 x 297 mmPages: 108 pagesFeatures : 18 titlesRelease date : 29/8/2007

No. 6: The Manga, Volume 01

Atsuko Asano - 2011
    6, life is carefully choreographed. School, study, and the occasional visit with his friend and classmate Safu. One fateful day, however, he takes a misstep, sheltering an injured boy his age from a typhoon. Known only as Rat, this boy is a VC – a fugitive living outside the computerized tapestry of city control – and helping him will throw Shion’s life into chaos and start him down a path to discovering the appalling secrets behind the superficial perfection of No. 6.

Seaside Stranger: Umibe No Etranger (Seaside Stranger, #1)

Kanna Kii - 2021
    One day, he meets Mio, a high school student who recently lost his own parents and now spends his days sitting by the sea. The two young men begin to open up to each other...until Mio reveals that he's leaving. Three years later, an adult Mio returns to the island to confess his true feelings, but is Shun ready for a relationship?

ねえ先輩、教えてよ [Nee Senpai, Oshiete yo]

Naho Watarumi - 2013
    Morioka Touji, Haruto's guidance manager, has a "black" rumor going on in the school and he didn't fulfil his job to guide Haruto. However, Haruto finds that Morioka actually isn't as bad as everyone thinks he is...?

Versatile Mage: Volume I - The Old World is a New World

Chaos - 2018
    His usual school had become a place that taught magic, encouraging everyone to become a mighty magician, and outside the city, many wandering magical beasts and monsters attacked and preyed on humans. The world of advanced science that Mo Fan knew so well suddenly turned into one that praised magic. Despite this, his social status remained the same; one of the dregs of the society with a struggling father and a disabled step-sister who couldn’t walk. One thing had changed, however. This was a world of magic, and his ambition now burned bright with the knowledge that he could be something far beyond what his former world would ever have allowed him! From the lowly dregs of the street, one day he would fly under his own power! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From the editor: Versatile Mage is a direct transmigration/world-hopping novel of the “magical student” kind. The twist is that the main character comes from a world of science, and suddenly his world changes to one based on magic instead of science, without changing what he has already learned! So he goes to school and instead of literature, history, math, and biology, they are teaching proper magical incantations, astronomy, magical theory, and talking about magical beasts as if they are real. However, he quickly realizes that this kind of world is built on individual power, not just wealth and influence, and it doesn't matter that he's a discredited kid from the lowest levels of society with a lousy record in school. He realizes his life can be totally turned around if only he can become a magician! Also, he could learn to fly… He throws off his slacker past and dives whole-hog into the reality of becoming a true Magician, the likes of which the posing natives of this universe have never seen!

Descendants of Darkness, Volume 1

Yoko Matsushita - 1997
    Asato Tsuzuki works as a Shinigami, or "Guardian o Death," in the Ministry of Hades. It's his duty to make sure that the souls of the dead reach the afterlife, but contrary ghosts and humanity's evils keep getting in the way of a job well done. With all these problem assignments, will he ever get a bonus...or will he be stuck paying back damages for all eternity?As a Guardian of Death, Asato Tsuzuki has a lot to think about. First of all, there are all those dead people. Someone's got to escort them safely to the afterlife.Then there's all that bureaucracy. The affairs of death come with a lot of paperwork, budgetary concerns and endless arcana.Combining supernatural action with heavy dollops of romance, sex and humor, Descendants of Darkness proves one thing: Death is big business...and business is good!

魔道祖师 [Mo Dao Zu Shi]

    In the end, he was back-stabbed by his dearest shidi and killed by powerful clans that combined to overpower him. He incarnates into the body of a lunatic who was abandoned by his clan and is later, unwillingly, taken away by a famous cultivator among the sects—Lan WangJi, his archenemy.This marks the start of a thrilling yet hilarious journey of attacking monsters, solving mysteries, and raising children. From the mutual flirtation along the way, Wei WuXian slowly realizes that Lan WangJi, a seemingly haughty and indifferent poker-face, holds more feelings for Wei WuXian than he is letting on...

Don't Rub Yourself Against My Ass

Sakira - 2013
    Anri has grown up and wants to show his gratitude to the one person who's ever cared about him in an ass loving way. Featuring heated sexual tensions aroused from a dominating young master and a bara uke detective with some fun time sex toys. In My Ass Is In Love, Kenji enjoys solo anal masturbation and can't cum without it. One day he's caught by his brother's best friend, Yuta who wants to join in while sporting a massive hard-on. In the Last Trap comes Liz, the innocent flower with a charismatic secret side to him. He may look like a fragile uke but is actually a devilish seme with some hardcore S&M tendencies!

モンスターぷちパニック [Monster Petite Panic]

Neko Kanda - 2014
    The fantasy campus unfolded. Metamorphic・Love・Comedy❤ Love developments! Drawings and new stories enclosed☆