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Longarm in the Big Bend by Tabor Evans


Victoria's Walk

Christopher Nicole - 1986
    Having spent six years in Africa with her English missionary husband, she knows that the desert is not as empty of water as most suppose, if one knows where to look. Thus she leads her party on an epic two hundred mile walk to gain the fertile grassland to the south. To achieve this, she must drive them ever onwards, quell two mutinies and watch some of her party die. Their lives are saved when they reach an oasis, but to gain true safety they must now face Arab slaver traders, bloodthirsty Ashanti warriors, and the all-consuming forest. Victoria's walk has hardly begun. Set at the turn of the 20th Century, when the British Empire was approaching its zenith, with a handful of administrators and soldiers endeavoring to rule vast areas and dominate peoples they did not understand, VICTORIA'S WALK is a tale of the human spirit at its highest and lowest, its most courageous and its most bestial, of one woman's unceasing fortitude, of the men who loved her, and the women who hated her.

The Everlasting Covenant

Robyn Carr - 1987
    The setting is fifteenth-century England, during a time of confusion and bloodshed. As the Wars of commence, the York versus Lancaster battle for the throne overturns family fortunes, divides once-close friends, and stifles budding romance between those who think to rise above the turmoil.Lovely Anne Gifford, ignored by her family and destined for the convent, shares a secret, passionate love with Dylan deFrayne, youngest son in a family with whom the Giffords have engaged in fierce rivalry for decades. Their blossoming love seems doomed. The couple's troubles are compounded by the times, as war aggravates the families' differences and the feud escalates with this excuse for violence. On the eve of their planned elopement, the battles begin, drawing Dylan far from Anne's side.Though Anne has pledged herself to Dylan far all time, she must marry another to save herself and the child that she and Dylan, unbeknownst to anyone else, including Dylan, have conceived in the desperation of their love. With a new monarch in place, Dylan is exiled to France. Yet the love that Anne and Dylan feel is just beginning. Love takes them on a tortuous path through long separations and attendant troubles, enduring through intervening marriages and deaths, and finally leading them to reunion and the mending of their families' feuds. As the Wars of the Roses end and Henry Tudor is crowned king, Anne and Dylan find the happiness they have long deserved.In this saga, spanning twenty-five years, Robyn Carr once again transports her readers to another, nobler time -- a time of chivalry and honor and love that survives against overwhelming odds.

The Cousins

Rona Jaffe - 1995
    Twice-divorced Olivia who, after a difficult past, wants security and serenity most of all, is faced with a choice that may separate her from her family--and so from her very self.


Frederick Barthelme - 1987
    Frederick Barthelme creates an unforgettably wistful cast of characters, ordinary people moving carefully and curiously through a gently painful world.

Dream Warrior: His Savage Kiss

Bobbi Smith - 1993
    He is an Indian warrior who will protect his people at all costs. Yet resisting the desire he feels for Cari McCord is a battle he will never win. For when he saves Cari from certain death in a blinding Dakota Territory blizzard one night, her beauty mesmerizes him and her passion leaves him yearning for more. THE WOMAN HE YEARNS FOR But Cari McCord shares the same beliefs and customs of the white men who have brought so much misery to his tribe. She is one of them. How can he ever trust her with his heart and soul? But the more he denies his love for Cari, the more he is drawn to her and he surrenders to a temptation that could set him free—or devastate him forever. BONUS This edition includes a bonus excerpt from WANTED: THE HALF-BREED by Bobbi Smith. REVIEWS OF DREAM WARRIOR 4.07 average rating all editions, 96 ratings, 6 reviews, added by 301 people, 68 to-reads, 90% of people like it–Goodreads4.4 stars out of 5 stars (13 customer reviews)—Amazon“I enjoyed this book very much! Cari stood up for Silver Wolf at the end and believed in his innocence which is very commendable. I would recommend this and other Bobbi Smith books so everyone. Keep up the great work.” –Valencia Verified Purchase, Amazon ABOUT BOBBI SMITH Bobbi Smith, “The Queen of Western Romance,” is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author with more than 6 million books in print. She has been awarded the prestigious Romantic Times Storyteller of the Year Award and two Career Achievement Awards. Since she sold her first book, Rapture’s Rage, in 1982 she has published more than 38 books and contributed to six collections of short stories. When she’s not on deadline, Bobbi teaches writing at The Write Stuff at the University of Missouri, St. Louis, and is a frequent guest speaker for writer’s groups. Her western historical romances appeal to readers of C. J. Petit, Shirleen Davies, and Judith E. French. Bobbi Smith is the mother of two sons and lives in St. Charles, Missouri, with her husband and three dogs.

Legacy of Love

Caroline Harvey - 1983
    When she reaches the British lines in Kabul she is bewitched by the exotic world of Afghanistan -- and by Alexander Bewick, the scandalous adventurer who arouses an instant response in her heart. As bloodshed and misery crumble Kabul, Charlotte is forced to choose between her devoted husband and her reckless lover.Always shadowed by her legendary grandmother Charlotte, Alexandra has been raised by resentful mother in a gloomy Scottish castle. Can she find the strength to reach out and create a life of her own?Filled with the wildness, passion and also the selfishness of her great -- grandmother Charlotte, Cara smoulders with resentment over the care of her crippled mother. As the tragedies of World War II slowly erode her life, she discovers she has also inherited Charlotte's courage -- a courage that will eventually bring her happiness.


Judith Rossner - 1997
    Sexually voracious and dangerously self-absorbed, Anita Stern competes with the teenage Maddy over everything--achievements, looks, even men. With Maddy's affair with the seductive Geraldo, the threatened loss of control over the Santa Fe art gallery Anita has built up, and Maddy's planned departure for college, their home becomes a battleground that explodes into violence--and death.This is Judith Rossner's tenth novel and the first, since "Looking for Mr. Goodbar, " in which she has dealt with those forces in "ordinary" people that are so dark as to lead them to murder. Smart, desperately funny and shockingly real, "Perfidia" is simply impossible to put down.

The Scarlet Cloak

Jean Plaidy - 1957

Come Pour the Wine

Cynthia Freeman - 1980
    As a native teenager from Kansas she comes to New York in search of fame and fortune. The pursuit of her dream leads her into marriage, motherhood, a heart-rending seperation and then divorce. At the age of forty five, she meets a man who not only gives her a renewed sense of her Jewish heritage, but also offers her the chance for total fulfillment as a woman.

Until Proven Guilty

Christine McGuire - 1993
    Kathryn Mackay -- a divorced mother determined to make her mark in a testosterone-driven field. But when she's tapped to lead the investigation, Mackay discovers that everyone has an agenda: the ratings-hungry TV newsman who knows more about the D.A.'s moves than any outsider should; the brilliant mind-hunter from the state capital, who's eager to apply his psychological profiling techniques; and the killer himself, who begins to send Mackay cryptic, taunting notes. ""Run, run, as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread man."" And run she does -- after false leads and obscure clues, through a gauntlet of media and political pressure, into the dark tunnels of the killer's brain. As Mackay closes in, she must fight the suffocating fear that she's engaged in a deadly "pas de deux" with the killer, who's carefully stalking his fourth victim: her.

Hard Rain

Peter Abrahams - 1988
    Suddenly, her daughter and ex-husband disappear. Jessie finds a warning on his answering machine, but later it's erased. Then her best friend, wearing Jessie's slicker, is run over. Jessie sees a sinister pattern, but the police dismiss her fears. As Jessie tracks her daughter across the United States, she uncovers a deadly secret from his college days during the Vietnam era. Hard Rain is a solid mystery/political thriller about a self-reliant average woman thrown without warning into a smoky conspiracy.

Whistle for the Crows

Dorothy Eden - 1962
    Still grieving over the accident that killed her husband and baby daughter, she hopes to lose herself in other people's lives. But something sinister is going on at the ancient castle at the edge of the moors . . . something beyond the scandalous skeletons rattling around the O'Riordans' closets. The former heir was killed three years earlier in a suspicious fall. The same night, the family matriarch suffered a stroke that left her mute. Despite the malice that surrounds her, Cathleen is drawn to the brooding, darkly passionate man who is plotting to control the family. But even he may not be able to protect her when the crimes of the past reach into the present to terrorize the living.

Tender Warrior

Fern Michaels - 1982
    He rescued her from a nightmare, only to betray her, until he became possessed by her....Only Fern Michaels could conjure this blazing tale of intoxicating romance and longing, set in beautiful, exotic Spain.

Until Tomorrow

Jill Marie Landis - 1994
    She’s nothing but a backwoods girl with sky-blue eyes living on a Kansas homestead, making rag dolls . . . and dreaming of a better life. Desperate to find someone to share his burden, Dake uses his sweet-as-molasses drawl to coax Cara into leaving everything behind and joining him on his journey. As Dake and Cara travel to a place they both hope to call home, Cara dares to dream it’s not just the child who needs her tender touch . . . but the man.Jill Marie Landis is the New York Times bestselling author and seven-time Romance Writers of American Finalist for the RITA Award. Long known for her historical romances, Jill Marie Landis also now writes The Tiki Goddess Mysteries (set on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, where she lives with her husband, actor Steve Landis).

Sweet Savage Heart

Janelle Taylor - 1986
    Then the white man Travis Kincade appeared in her camp, and the flame-haired beauty's peace was shattered forever. But when he traded a few trinkets for her freedom, Rana vowed to slay him before returning to her people.