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Pet Sanctuary by Mina Katz


Beautiful Pleasure - Complete Series

Lucia Jordan - 2016
     The three of them were always together. They were a team. They grew up together, went to school together, and even graduated college together, but something in their world is shifting. Lily is beginning to see them differently. She doesn’t want things to stay the way they are. Her heart races when they are in the same room together. She imagines their hands on her body. What happens when her secret dreams become reality? Is she willing to cross that line? If she does, there will be no coming back.

A Slave To Him (Book 3) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

Kelly Favor - 2016
     And when he decides he wants something, or someone, he gets it. If he chooses you, be ready to give him everything. Be ready to take everything you can take. Be ready to be… A SLAVE TO HIM.

The Sister-in-Law Submissive

Sylvia Redmond - 2015
    She may have been pompous and arrogant, but she had a body that was built for sin. She was sweet and succulent, the textbook definition of a MILF. She also happened to be my brother's wife....... She never liked me, and I have only ever tolerated her. That is, until I found out she has a secret. A deep, dark secret. And she’ll be willing to do almost anything to keep her secret from being discovered. It looks like it's time for us to get to know each other better... *** This is an erotic first in series about a submissive relationship between two consenting adults. Who are married to other people. And one of them is quite twisted. It is lewd, tawdry & over the top, enjoy if you dare! FF, MF, FFM, Bondage, BDSM ***

Owned By The Casanovas

Myra Brightholme - 2018
    But I agreed to something I surely never would have done in my right mind. Maybe it’s too late to back out now… Spring Break was supposed to be Fiona and I living it up in Miami. Of course, we got a little too drunk our first night out on Ocean Drive. That’s when I met Mark and agreed to something no v*rgin would dream of doing. He proposed the idea of me being not with one person – but all of his colleagues. I was both thrilled and horrified by the idea. Conflicted, because it’d be like accelerating from 0 to 100 in seconds, and thrilled, because it fit right in with my best fantasies. But what kind of girl would agree to something like that? Turns out, this one does. This is a 35,000 words novella with an HEA.18+ Only. Enjoy!

Strength of Desire (Desire, Oklahoma #16)

Leah Brooke - 2021
    She loved the sense of community and hoped to become a part of it. She’d forgotten what it felt like to belong. Love wasn’t in her future, but she’d made her peace with it. But she couldn’t deny her attraction to John Dalton and Michael Keegan, the owners of the bar in town. Their need to share was one thing, but expecting her to submit was another. She couldn’t lose control. Before she could begin an affair with them, the nightmares began, plaguing her sleep and soon she thought she was losing her mind. Worried about the change in Ava, John and Michael took charge, furious when they learned that someone was stalking her. And when they learned why, and just how much danger it meant for her, they stayed close. Close enough to know they wanted her forever. [Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage, Romantic Suspense, MFM, HEA]

At His Mercy

Mimi Wilde - 2013
    Ann was proud of her husband, and he might one day be Mayor and maybe even Governor. But politics is an ugly business and someone has dug up some dirt on Ann back when she was a California college student. It wasn't just that she had radical friends, but she lived with them, like hippies, in a run-down building and every night there was booze, drugs and orgies. Ann has a shock when she finds out it's her own father in law investigating her, especially when he makes her an offer. She can keep her secret but the price is high, total submission to her father in law.

Bound by The Triple Dom's : a BDSM Reverse Harem Menage Romance (Satin Cages)

Harper West - 2020

Used: To Satisfy (The Billionaire's New Toy Book 3)

Tanya Colt - 2014
    I couldn't stop thinking about the dirty things he did to me. Was I a slut for enjoying it so much? I no longer cared, I needed more from him. When I got that phone call, I knew what was coming. This is part 1 of The Billionaire's New Toy ( 1. Summoned: For His Pleasure ( 2. Forced: To Enjoy ( 3. Used: To Satisfy Enjoy your reading time again!

Irresistibly British (British Romance Trilogy #3)

Scarlett Avery - 2020
    No M/M.PLEASE NOTE: This romance was previously released as Deliciously British. This edition has been completely revised and shortened.

Well Written

Avery Gale - 2017
    They still carry the strength of the sun and the brilliance of a million stars when you are confronted with their true meaning. Nate and Taz Ledek’s business is booming. All the hard work has made Mountain Mastery one of the hottest BDSM clubs in the country. Things seem to be falling into place… until they find themselves the unwitting stars in an erotic romance novel. While the tales of their sexual expertise might be flattering, the book also describes classified details of several of their SEAL missions. Someone close to them knows too much…the question is who. Every time Kodi Green is certain her life can’t get any more complicated… it does. But things look up when she gets her job back at Mountain Mastery. The best part is interacting with the two men who’d starred in her fantasies long before they’d even met. However, when their attention turns to her, she realizes she never truly knew the meaning of “complicated.” As the brothers search for the source of the leak, they are stunned to realize one of their employees is the woman they’ve been waiting for. What will it take to convince Kodi being with them is worth the effort? Can they exploit her obvious interest in the D/s lifestyle to their advantage? And how will they find the mystery author before too much is revealed?

The Billionaires' Assistant

Shae Sullivan - 2018
    And make her beg for more… Cheated, heartbroken, worn out—that was me. But it turns out that my Ex's betrayal was just the push I needed. So here I am in New York, bunking with my best friend. She swears it’s the city of dreams. A city bursting with incredible opportunities and new love interests. At first, I don’t believe it. Until I meet them. They’re seductive and alluring, the two things I have never encountered in my eight years of monogamy. So I give in. One night of freedom and indulgence before I play it smart—and safe. I don't even care if there’s only a curtain separating us from the rest of the party. I just want to be both of them. But before I can submit, they send me off, aching and confused. I never expected to see them again But I do... Because I’ve just started my new job . . . and they’re my bosses. My number one rule was not to fall in love again. Especially not with my bosses. But what happens when my bosses try to convince me otherwise? The Billionaires’ Assistant is a steamy read about your favorite kind of threesome... in the boardroom. If you like bossy alpha males who’ll make your heart melt, this book is for you!

Disciplining Their Little Girl (Historical Tale)

Diana Quippley - 2015
     Young, inexperienced Anna is a lonely girl with lofty, passionate ambitions. And so, when she finds herself running away from home, off to chase her dreams and start a new life... she jumps aboard a speeding train, and hides in one of the rear compartments for the night. But suddenly Anna is awakened by a powerful, handsome, and mature figure in the form of Lord Devon. A strict man with unique methods of teaching the unruly girl all sorts of forbidden pleasures... Anna finds herself being satisfied in ways she never imagined by the strict Lord and his many friends!

The Experiment

Holly Hart - 2018
    Forbidden. Teased. Denied. I need to break the rules. It's time for an experiment... Someone just tried to kill me. Maybe I'll pretend they did. Learn who's after me and make them pay. I hole up. I lay low. And then I meet her. The girl next door, literally. I can't tell her my real name. But she didn't ask: she's hiding too. Pretending to be someone she's not. And Lily is different. She knows what she wants. Firm, yet submissive. A mystery, and the clue. I'm supposed to be lying low... Not lying next to Lily. Then pinning her against a wall. Smacking my palm against her @ss Collaring her, then making her beg for release... But this could never last. They were after me. But now they're coming for her. Lily has woken the beast inside me. And if they want her... They'll have to go through me. Holly Hart loves happy endings and hates cheating. So when you pick up one of her books, you know exactly what you're going to get! She's a twice USA Today as well as WSJ Bestselling author, and she's a five times Amazon top 20 bestseller! This full length novel also contains hot bonus material!

Taken by the Alphas

Loki Renard - 2017
    Exhausted and desperate, she takes shelter in a cave, only to witness a series of events so unbelievable that she promptly writes them off as a dream.Addie awakens in the home of a man who introduces himself as Adam. Her handsome rescuer explains that since the snowfall has made the journey out of the valley impossible, she will need to stay with him until spring. Irritated by his commanding tone, Addie responds rudely to Adam, but to her shock he pulls her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom soundly.Despite her fury at being punished in such a shameful fashion, Adam's dominance ignites desires in Addie that she never would have expected, and soon she is begging for more as he takes her long and hard. Addie's situation becomes far more complicated, however, when a huge, ruggedly attractive brute of a man named Armel confronts Adam and attempts to claim Addie for himself.As events unfold around her, it eventually becomes clear to Addie that what she saw back in the cave was no dream. Adam and Armel are both shifters, one a wolf and the other a bear, and they both want her as their own. Will Addie be forced to choose between them, or can the two fiercely dominant beasts find a way to share their headstrong little human?Publisher's Note: Taken by the Alphas includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

The Everett Gaming Series Box Set #1-3 (Everett Gaming #1-3)

Drew Sera - 2018
    A broken submissive. One shared love. When Colin Everett and Anthony Graves suspect the beautiful and shy Sydney Burke is in need of help and discover she’s interested in their alternative lifestyle, they take her under their wings and introduce her to a world she never knew. Through careful instruction, they open Sydney’s eyes to what love and friendship meanwhile helping her overcome the wounds of her past. Three hearts become one as scars and tortured pasts are exposed, but can the unconventional love between them survive the threats both from within and from the outside? Fragile, Belonging, and Us are the first three books in Everett Gaming Series and introduce you to the world of lust, love, and acceptance in the unique relationship between best friends and the woman who owns their hearts.