Lovey Dovey, Vol. 01

Aya Oda - 2007
    She followed him to the same high school, joined the same committees, and even changed her outward personality to become the right match for Keishi. One day, looking for Keishi in the special section of the school, she runs into the school's trouble-maker Kirisaki Shin. As he begins to bully her, her true personality comes out: loud-mouthed and violent. To her dismay, Kirisaki decides that he likes that kind of girl. Lovey Dovey is the story of Saika's trials and tribulations in a love triangle at a school where "Love is Prohibited."

Get Love, Vol. 01

Gō Ikeyamada
    Moriyama Miki is the girl who admires him despite his small stature. Follow the hijinks and the romance between Sagara and Moriyama as they become closer and conquer the obstacles to their love! Was soccer mentioned?Volume 1 is a prequel to the actual series which begins in Volume 2.* Contains the following short stories:• I Want to Protect You (Volume 1)Yuka is in love with her childhood friend, Haruki. The problem is that Haruki has a peculiar body condition - when people get near him, he gets attacked because of his pheromones. What will happen when they start dating?

流れ星レンズ 1

Mayu Murata - 2011
    After an unexpected event, Risa now finds herself entangled with the most popular boy in her grade, Yuugure. Could this be the beginning of love for Risa...!?

悪魔の苺 [Akuma no Ichigo]

Kayoru - 2012
    But that trivial hobby will let her make an unexpected encounter that we call love...From Chibi Manga

Pink♥♥Innocent, Vol. 1

Kotori Momoyuki - 2007
    So I just started dating my first boyfriend. His name is Renji-kun, and he’s handsome and talented and supersmart. But now that we’re going out, what are we supposed to actually do? Can someone please give me some advice? I’m totally clueless about love! Includes special extras after the story!

Mairunovich, Vol.1

Zakuri Sato - 2010
    In fact, she's apologetic for her very existence because she's not cute. Classmates call her "Poison Mushroom" behind her back and even her own brother treats her with disdain. However, all of that is about to change with the help of her transvestite mentor/neighbor, Fuwari-chan, and the "school king," Kumada Tenyuu!

Naruto: Chapterbook, Volume 1: The Boy Ninja (Naruto

Masashi Kishimoto - 2008
    Younger children will be captivated by these prose stories, divided into easy-to-read chapters and featuring illustrations from the manga.The VIZ Kids line of chapter books debuts with Naruto, the story of a plucky prankster with a powerful secret whose ultimate goal is to be the world's greatest ninja Naruto's training to be a ninja. But he's having trouble keeping his jokester ways under control. He's causing all kinds of trouble at the Ninja Academy. His teachers think he's annoying. And Naruto himself thinks he's going to be the best ninja that ever lived. Only he'll have to prove to everyone that he's more than just the class clown first

Rockin' Heaven, Vol. 01

Mayu Sakai - 2005
    But she never expected the academy to be a previously all-boys’ school! And the head honcho of the school, the class president himself—Ran—doesn’t seem to like her one bit and takes no pains to hide it. At first, adjusting to life at the academy is tough. Sawa is bullied and teased, and the boys in the class even throw her new shoes in the water. While attempting to retrieve her shoes, she falls into the water and is unexpectedly saved by Ran, who up until this point has made her life hell. The newfound gentleness in Ran intrigues her—and she finds herself falling for him. What will her days be like for the rest of her school life?

The Art of Ceres: Celestial Legend

Yuu Watase - 2000
    The first English-language collection of works by one of the most popular anime and manga artists, The Art of Ceres collects Yu Watases color and black-and-white illustrations from Ayashi no Ceres, including paintings and designs.

B.O.D.Y., Vol. 1

Ao Mimori - 2004
    When she discovers he works for a host club--where women actually pay men to date them--will she finally wise up? Or will he leave his job to be with her? Or will she take a job at the club so he can quit and she can be with him...? Only one thing's for sure in B.O.D.Y.--you can't put a price on love!

Love Berrish!, Vol. 01

Nana Haruta - 2006
    This new dorm of hers, the Strawberry Tree Dorm, turns out to be a place with weird people--a girl that touches her chest out of the blue, a guy with one of the shortest tempers ever. But the good thing is, there's a really handsome and nice guy that she fell in love with instantly! Not to mention a crazy cat who adores him (looks can be deceiving...). Yuuya's life has just become much more interesting...

Amai Akuma Ga Warau

Toriumi Pedoro - 2011
    Her best friend is Mami. She visits a girl's school across the road from a boy's school.One day she sees a boy in the window of the boy's school. When she comes home from school the boy she had s... clearHaruru Shirosaki, a girl whose father is a director, is always busy. Her best friend is Mami. She visits a girl's school across the road from a boy's school.One day she sees a boy in the window of the boy's school. When she comes home from school the boy she had seen earlier is there saying he will become her butler? Is this just a dream

The Devil Within, Volume 2

Ryo Takagi - 2007
    But if the perplexed Tenshi doesn't figure out his feelings for her, it could mean the end of them all!

7 Genme wa Himitsu

Kozue Chiba - 2006
    Wanting to change, she transforms herself into a bright girl when her family transfers into a new place. Hoping to fit in, she laughs and smile at everything agreeing with everyone. She starts to fear that her young teacher is seeing right through her. Is she just imagining, or is it true---?Also contains two one-shots, Puberty Baby and Your Kotonoha.

放課後×ポニーテール [Houkago x Ponytail]

Tanaka Teko - 2012
    To repay him, she agrees to be his character model until he fully heals. Kiritani turns out to be a popular shoujo mangaka under the name Ichijou Kiriko, who is also Natsuki's favorite author! Plus, underneath that disheveled hair Kiritani is actually a good-looking man! What will become of these two?