Book picks similar to
A Table For Two by Janet Albert


The Hired Hand

Delilah Devlin - 2015
    A Dominant cowgirl proves to her sexy femme employer that she's not missing a thing... Note: This original 5100-word short story may be short in length, but it's not short in passion!

Designed for Love

Erin Dutton - 2008
    The project becomes more interesting when she meets the devastatingly attractive contractor, Wil Johnson. But Wil wants nothing to do with her. She's been underestimated for most of her life and is not about to get involved with a big-city snob.

Strollers and Swings

Erica Lee - 2020
    She expected there would always be ups and downs, but what she didn't expect was for marriage to be THIS hard.In this heart-wrenching sequel to the best selling lesbian romance, Sunsets and Shades, Kinsley and Grace Harper-Scott are met with a whole new set of challenges as they embark on the journey to parenthood. Grace can't figure out why Kinsley won't take the process seriously, while Kinsley wonders if her wife will ever be happy again.Life isn't easy as attempt after attempt fails, but their love can survive anything, right?

Life After Love

K.G. MacGregor - 2014
    Facing unrelenting heartbreak, she learns to embrace it, oblivious to the toll her grief is taking on her body and spirit. Her only hope is for Melody to realize her mistake and come home.Bea Lawson notices Allyn’s decline because she too once suffered a shattering loss and struggled to put her sorrow to rest. While neither is yet the woman she wants to be, it soon becomes clear their lives are better together…until their budding love is threatened by choices they never expected to face.

You Can Go Home

Mia Archer - 2020
    She swore she'd never return when she left the place in her rear-view mirror a decade back. Then a public offering left her wealthy and without a purpose in life. So she returned to the only other home she'd ever known in search of a new purpose in life. What she found was Christine. Christine had built a good life in that town Laura never wanted to come back to. She did good business selling overpriced renovations to rich people with more money than time, and she was content with the quiet life she’d built for herself in the small town. Until she drove past Laura’s house one morning and saw that the big city had come to pay a visit, bringing back painful memories she’d thought dead and buried a decade back. To say Laura and Christine have a complicated past would be an understatement, but it’s a past they’ll have to untangle as sparks fly between them all over again!

Sea of Grass

Kate Sweeney - 2010
    When she’s called back to the sprawling Double R cattle ranch and her ailing father, Tess is thrown back into the world she had nearly forgotten since the death of her brother two years earlier.Unsettling memories boil to the surface for Tess, and her only pleasant distraction is the new cook Claire Redman and her son Jack. However, there is more facing Professor Rawlins than dealing with the memory of her brother or her attraction to Claire. Tess must figure a way to save the Rawlins’s five thousand acres of rich grassland. It has thrived for five generations, when her great-grandfather started the dynasty in the 1880s; now she may lose it all to an unscrupulous land developer.Set in the foothills of the Bitterroots, Tess and Claire find themselves in the fight of their lives—for love and the sea of grass.


Rachel Spangler - 2012
    Blue-collar boi Joey Lang is too insecure to even approach her—that is until her well-meaning but meddling best friend Lisa decides to break the ice and makes Joey a life-coaching appointment with Elaine. A session meant to bring clarity only leaves them both feeling more confused about their purpose in life and love.Will Joey be able to find the strength to chase the woman of her dreams, and even if she does, will Elaine be willing to risk the life she loves for the woman who could be the love of her life?

The Fifth Stage

Margaret A. Helms - 2003
    She muddles through daily routines, her only respite coming in the form of a harmless crush on Rebecca Greenway. Claire believes that the sexy restaurant manager is safely unavailable. But when Rebecca shows signs of interest, Claire's past unravels, revealing an immeasurable love and a dark secret. .an outstanding contribution to lesbian fiction. Author Margaret A. Helms deftly alternates past and present events in the life of Claire Blevins to build an enthralling and intriguing story. Her rich prose, compelling plot, lively pace, and strongly-drawn characters make The Fifth Stage an outstanding contribution to lesbian fiction. -- Nann Dunne, editor and publisher of Just About Write (, author of The War Between the Hearts, and other stories.

Love's Someday

Robin Alexander - 2009
    Her relationship becomes the casualty when the past and present collide.Erica Barrett’s world is turned upside down when she is forced to watch Ashleigh confront old demons and become someone she doesn’t recognize.Is love worth fighting for when you realize that you never truly knew the person you’ve shared five years of your life with?

She's The One

B.L. Miller - 2007
    Looking or not, she finds it, and her routine life is turned upside down. Sure that Nicole feels the same, Laurel takes a chance. Will her heart be broken in the process? Nicole feels the pull, and wants to give in, but she's been hurt in the past and has a rule to never date anyone she works with. Can Laurel get through this roadblock and convince Nicole, She's The One?

Prairie Heart

Marian Snowe - 2017
    Many of the couples in the tiny Colorado ranch town of Prairie Winds have Eleanor to thank for their happily ever after. But when her best friend, Morgan, asks for Eleanor's help to set her up on a date... Well, that's where it gets complicated. Morgan is funny and dashing, and she’s sexier in blue jeans and a cowboy hat than any ranch hand has a right to be. She also just came out. The thing is? Eleanor's had a crush on Morgan since forever, and has spent her entire life convincing herself that Morgan was off limits. Now that Morgan's told her she's not exactly straight--and that Morgan needs her help to find the right lady--Eleanor's heartbroken that this "right lady" is probably not her. Ever the great friend, she knows her own ex-girlfriend is absolutely perfect for Morgan... A sexy camping trip, a tornado and an intense love triangle round out this heartwarming romance by best-selling author Marian Snowe!

True Confessions

P.J. Trebelhorn - 2011
    Lynn finally sees her chance, and during a game of True Confessions, expresses her love for Jessie. Expecting rejection, Lynn is shocked to realize that the feelings might be mutual.But for Jessie, nothing has ever been simple. Her father was abusive, and she married a man just like him. Her husband has already put her in the hospital once and has threatened her since they separated. All Jessie cares about is protecting the people she loves, and that includes her six-year-old daughter.When Jessie’s husband shows up looking to make good on his threats, will Lynn and Jessie be able to weather the storm, or will he succeed in keeping them apart forever?

Fierce Overture

Gun Brooke - 2010
    Prepared to break her contract if necessary, all Noelle wants is a chance to sing her own songs. Desperate, the producers bring in their CEO, business tycoon Helena Forsythe, who is infamous for not taking any prisoners. Noelle expects the CEO to be the company bitch everybody fears but she is not prepared to be so affected by Helena's formidable presence and charisma.For Helena, it's all about the money, so why change a winning game plan? However, when Noelle shows unexpected strength and courage in the negotiations, Helena knows she has to change her usual steamroller approach. Trying charm instead of brute force, Helena is blind-sided by her own unexpected feelings. When Noelle responds in kind, the stakes escalate for both women, who risk not only their professional futures but everything when it comes to their hearts.

Lady Pilot

Nicolette Dane - 2019
    Captain Elaine Cole is an accomplished and popular commercial airline pilot. She’s spent her entire career bouncing from one airport to the next, and one lover to the next as well. Being a pilot has made it hard for Lanie to settle down and find love, and now that she’s in her forties it’s really starting to wear on her. When Carrie Haden is assigned as a flight attendant on her route, Lanie feels herself falling for the beautiful younger woman. But Carrie is different than the flight attendants Lanie has been with in the past. There’s something else there—a brighter spark, a deeper affection—and Lanie can’t help but feel that this is her opportunity to finally find the love she seeks. Building trust and committing to a relationship is difficult for a pilot like Lanie. Could Carrie be the one who finally inspires Lanie to change her ways?

Come Back To Me

Maria Jackson - 2017
    A chance encounter with her older sister's best friend leaves her speechless. Back in high school, Callie was a million times cooler than Robyn could ever hope to be. So why does she suddenly want to hang out with Robyn? Callie's left behind her guitar-playing days, and the lifestyle that went along with them. These days, she spends all her free time with her energetic puppy. When she runs into Robyn, she's instantly drawn to her changed, confident new self. And although Callie always thought she was straight, Robyn is... hot? As the two women spend time together, Robyn's years-old crush intensifies - and Callie's certainty about her orientation falters. But if they admit their feelings for each other, will the present be able to overshadow their past?