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Panic by Ryan Ringbloom


UnStable (West Family Series Book 2)

M. Piper - 2017
    She says I’m an alcoholic. I say I’m living in the moment. She says I’m immature. I say she’s stuck up. She says I need to be more serious. I say I tried that, and it broke my heart. She says I’m the best she ever had. ...I tend to agree. She says we’re not good together. She’s lying. After losing the love of my life before my twentieth birthday, I was sure I’d never love again. I’ve spent the past five years living like it’s my last day on earth, every day. Girls, booze, and as much family time as possible filled my weeks. But mostly the booze... Then, Mackenzie walked into my life and suddenly I have purpose again. She’s made me care. She’s made me feel. She’s made me love. The only problem is that she doesn’t understand me, and her heart’s been crushed too hard and too recently to take a chance on the city’s ‘wild child’. She’s convinced I’m not in it for the long haul. I’m about to prove her wrong. As long as I can make it past December 4... *18+ *This is the second book in the West Family series, but it CAN be read as a standalone. *Book 1 is UnPlanned*


Piper Frost - 2018
    It’s either marry your high school girlfriend or pray someone new comes around so you can knock her boots off before anyone else does. If that fails, maybe the next town over has a good time to offer. Unless you’re me. I’m Brandt Kenshaw and I fell in love with the one girl I wasn’t supposed to. My step sister. She moved in straight from rehab and is now living on my dad’s ranch in the guesthouse. My guesthouse. With me. She’s a drug addict. Or she was. Covered in tattoos and pitch-black hair, she looks about as at home on this farm as I’d look in her big city. She sleeps all day, eats all my peanut butter, and refuses to help out on the ranch. Doesn’t matter though. Not much does when I realize she’s the spur to my boot and I don’t fight it for near as long as I should. As if hiding the relationship from our parents isn’t hard enough, my crazy brother is determined to watch it go up in smoke. We’re addicted to each other, but this is one addiction I hope she doesn’t kick.

Scattered Colors

Jessica Prince - 2015
    Happiness. Family. Love.Until the unthinkable happens and she's forced to grow up and face reality. The once bright colors of her life fade into black and white, leaving her a colorless shell full of loneliness.Then she meets him.Parker Owens is broken, hiding his sorrow behind a mask, pretending to still be the popular boy with all the answers. But Freya sees through his façade. Suffering lingers in his soulful eyes, creating a connection between the two kindred spirits. Together, they begin to heal.He breathes life back into her world. She gives him peace.But happiness isn't a guarantee. Sometimes you have to fight for what you want. And sometimes, if the person you love can't share their secrets, you have to walk away.

Asher's Mark (New Adult Contemporary Romance)

Amy Durham - 2014
    When she was sixteen, he became her hero, and she fell head over heels for the boy with a ring through his eyebrow, a big heart, and an unending sense of justice. But two years ago he left for college without a backward glance, leaving Grace to wonder if she'd imagined everything. With no reason to wait for Asher to return, Grace moved on, and Asher's brother, Adam, stepped in to help her pick up the pieces. But Asher never left her thoughts... or her heart. Now, two years later, tragedy brings Asher home and back into Grace's life. The boy who left her behind is now very much a man - a licensed tattoo artist, much to his parents' dismay, and still carrying a major torch for Grace. But two years apart has changed them both, and the things that happened during their separation may create a divide that can't be crossed. Asher and his brother both left their mark on Grace's heart. Will Asher's be able to stand the test of time? * This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance featuring characters who are 18 years or older. However, this title does NOT carry a warning for readers younger than 18.

Dream Gone Wild

Lucia Ashta - 2020
     Gorgeous and tough, he was my high school’s bad boy. A motorcycle lover with a craving for danger, I thought I’d hold on to him as long as he let me. Fast forward twelve years… I ended up with a man who was the wrong sort of trouble. The kind that hurt me. The kind that left me in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury that erased the last twelve years of my life. Now I’m back in the small town I ran away from. And Jace is here. And he’s sexier than ever. I broke his heart. He’s right in not wanting anything to do with me. I shouldn’t want Jace anymore. I should definitely stay away from him... ** Dream Gone Wild is a full-length, small town, second chance romance with a happily ever after. Each book in the Seize Your Wild series can be read as a standalone, but is best read in order.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

L.A. Sable - 2019
     But they’re thinking it. And let’s be honest, some of them are probably saying it too. But I don’t run. Where I came from isn’t where I’m going. They won’t make it easy, I know that. And the most popular boys at Northlake Prep — the Diamonds — they don’t just want me gone. They want me destroyed. Child-star that’s all grown up. Trust-fund brat without a conscience. Mischievous twins who are the entitled sons of rock royalty. All of them are out to get me. Unless, I get them first. The game is on. *****

The Allendale Four: The Complete Series

Angel Lawson - 2019
     I learned that lesson the hard way when I agreed to help my friend Justin with a favor. My platonic friend Justin. A favor that helped him with his reputation but turned mine into the trending topic at my school. In a matter of days I go from quiet, nobody to school slut. The problem with that? I’m still a virgin. The whispers, the stares and the constant gossip could bring me down but I’m tired of hiding in the dark, covering up my anxiety and being alone. I decide to take on the bullies and find a few surprising allies along the way; the Allendale Four. Oliver, Anderson, Jackson and Hayden make up this tight-knit circle of friends and they make it their mission to protect my reputation, my heart and my soul. For the first time I’m not alone and I’m not afraid, but will the closed-minded town of Allendale accept our relationship? In this COMPLETE series, follow Heaven and the Allendale Four as they navigate trials of high school, college and beyond, balancing love, life, careers and everything that comes with the complications of unique relationships. Please note a Piece of Heaven is a contemporary young adult, Why Choose novel that deals first love, the hardships of life with anxiety and depression; including the topics of bullying, social issues and self-harm.

The Italian Kitten Meets The Russian Wolf

Grace Reagal - 2018
    This is our story, Valentin’s story…my story. In the world of the filthy rich, two of the most infamous crime families rule with iron fists. Drug trafficking, gang killings, ruthless wars—these are the men who have no moral compass. Meet the Russian Mob, and the Italian Cosa Nostra. His family…and mine. My name is Caterina Giovanni, daughter of the Italian Mafia. I’ve been clueless about who my family really is, what they’re capable of—until I meet him. Valentin Nikolaev, son of the Russian Mob. Born and raised to one day take his rightful place as leader of his family, Valentin has one goal, and one goal only—to annihilate the Giovanni family. My family. In the end only one mafia will be left standing on the ashes of the other. Are you ready to find out which one?

Unbreakable Devotion

Amanda Chayse - 2013
    His new friends are rich, cool, and popular...everything Erin isn't. But even the hot cheerleaders throwing themselves at his feet can't stop him from thinking about Erin as more than just the girl next door he grew up with.ErinErin has never been able to trust anyone. Her dad left her when she was young, and ever since then life has been a string of disappointments. The only thing holding her together through the struggles has been Devon. And now he's too good for her.When Erin's world is shattered by a horrific event, Devon can't stop himself from getting involved, but will it rip apart their relationship forever in the process?Nothing could break their friendship... until one summer changed everything.

Duly Noted

H.M. Shander - 2016
    Death snatched her mom and sister away, destroying her family in a heartbeat. In its wake, it left her alive, but barely living; her only means of surviving includes copious amounts of Percocet and Xanax. Terrified of stepping beyond her backyard, the broken-hearted and physically damaged nineteen-year-old doesn’t need anyone, anyway. Until she meets him.Shy and smoking hot, Nate is hooked by Aurora’s sarcastic wit and curious about her fear. A man on a mission, he wants to help her overcome the issues chaining her to a mediocre life. He needs to, if he’s ever going to have her as part of his world – a passion he keeps hidden from her. If he succeeds with the impossible goal, he’ll cure more than just her PTSD, he’ll heal her heart.But when her fears collide with his passion, it drives Aurora away.Can she face her fears head on? Or is the damage irreparable?Duly Noted is a New Adult romance dealing with PTSD and drug addiction.

First Semester

Sarah Fischer - 2017
    Everything is as it should be, until one night out she crosses paths with a mysterious, sinfully attractive man. Not only does he manage to ignite a burning desire deep inside her, he also happens to be her new, off-limits college professor. Professor David Berneli is only visiting Elton Hall, but a lot can happen in a year… Everyone knows any personal relationship between professor and student is strictly prohibited. But somewhere in between lectures and after school events, Violet manages to dazzle him. She not only challenges David at every turn, but also tempts his every desire. No matter how hard they try to ignore the crackle of sexual tension between them, a few furtive glances quickly turn into clandestine meetings in his office. By giving in to temptation, Violet and David fall deeper down the rabbit hole… As the semester ticks on, Violet begins to question not only the whirlwind affair that threatens to consume them both, but David’s desires as well. If he’s not willing to risk everything for her, she’ll have no choice but to leave the comfort of his arms without looking back. Before any decision can be made, a looming threat comes out of the shadows, putting her and the passionate relationship she has with her professor in danger. Now Violet must fight for her own life, and for the one she wants to spend it with...

Mean Crush

K.L. Bryce - 2021
    My best friend’s gorgeous older brother.My former mean crush.A man I swore to loathe for all of eternity.And now I’m stuck with him in a secluded cabin…alone! It's fine. I can handle this.He will not ruin my plans to win back my ex.Mark is safe, predictable, and reliable… everything Reed isn’t.I don’t care if Reed gives me that hot guy side smile or those intense midnight blue stares that melt me in places he doesn’t belong.This time, I refuse to cave into him like some starry-eyed teenager in love.But Reed seems to have other plans:to take back what he thinks belongs to him…me.A love story spanning fifteen years, MEAN CRUSH is an unputdownable enemies to lovers romance with laugh out loud moments, passion and angst, and all the feels. Can be read as a standalone.

Freshmen Fifteen

Jasmine Nichole Harris Sheffield - 2013
    Although Laila was attracted to Chris, was he someone she wanted to be involved with? He's a senior and she's a freshman. Is she just naive, and should she ignore him at all cost? Or should she explore this thing with Chris? Freshmen Fifteen is the first book in the Love 101 series, by author J. Nichole. Each book tackles another year of Laila’s university adventures, important friendships, and romantic entanglements. This book is intended for mature audiences.

Crossing Stars

Nicole Williams - 2014
    While the public assumes organized crime is nothing more than a chapter torn out of America’s history, the Costa and Moran families battle for territory and domination.Caught up in the middle of this sinister world is Josette, the only child of Salvatore Costa, the ringleader and notorious godfather of Chicago’s Italian mafia. After the Irish Morans attempted to assassinate her when she was a child, Josette’s parents hid her behind the walls of their sprawling estate and kept her contact with outsiders to a minimum. But now Josette’s eighteen, and she’s questioning if a long life behind walls is worth trading for a potentially short one filled with excitement and adventure and all the things she’s only lived in her dreams.On the night she decides to risk becoming just an anonymous face in the crowd, Josette realizes that death isn’t only a possibility—it’s a certainty. Yet when a young man comes to her rescue, the turbulent waters between life and death are further muddied.

Before You: Standalone Contemporary Romance

Eve Cates - 2015
    Stay with me. Just until I don’t need you anymore…’ When Willa Henderson flew to Chicago, she was just supposed to pack up her brother’s apartment and ship everything inside it back to LA. That included packing up his roommate's things up as well. It was a big ask, but Dave was her big brother, so Willa agreed. The last thing she was expecting was to run into said roommate - the intense German named, André Bauer, a photojournalist who was supposed to be in Afghanistan working for the next few weeks - on her first night there. She also wasn’t expecting him to throw her out on her a** without even trying to let her explain who she was and why she was there. Let’s just say it was…hate at first sight. From the moment they met, they didn’t like each other, and neither of them really had any interest in changing that fact. But one thing they did know, was that they were unequivocally attracted, and it didn’t take too long for them to collide. With both of them screwed up by their pasts, neither of them could handle a relationship if they tried - André is a self-confessed a**hole. Willa is a self-confessed commitment-phone and gets angry whenever she feels. Then there's Willa’s brother, who could very well kill André if he found out he’d slept with his sister. But, when desires go unchecked, there’s little that can change the outcome, and eventually Willa and André agreed to give in – just until they got each other out of their system. They expected it would take a week, maybe two. Then they could walk away without anyone getting hurt. Before each other, that arrangement might have worked out, but there was something there - an intensity they couldn't explain. As layers are peeled back and secrets are revealed, they find themselves in a state of need that neither was prepared for... Before You is a standalone contemporary romance with no cliffhanger and its own HEA.